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  1. Anyone knows the minimum sensitivity required for headphones to be used with the DA96 (+SVC24) and produce sufficient volume level?
  2. so I finally made an adapter cable for my mini-xlr to 4pin xlr headphone wire: Alas, the Hifiman is much too demanding: directly from the DA96 the sound is much too soft. Ah well, it was worth trying.
  3. Same problem: the U192 is not recognized with NUC => SBooster Vbus2 => usb cable => usb hub separately powered => usb cable => U192 It is only recognized when I remove the Vbus2, i.e. when it receives power from the NUC (with or without separate power). So this was not successful. I think @hopkins did manage to do it this way? Am I doing something wrong? In the mean time I am waiting for the Ghent cable recommended by @Ben75; so will be continued...
  4. Just received the Paul Hynes SR4T so I tried out powering the UPL as per screenshot. Without the (red) SBooster Vbus2, i.e. when the UPL receives power from the NUC, it works fine. However, when adding the Vbus2 and powering the usb hub separately with 5VDC from the SR4T, the Silicon Labs CP2010x device (which is needed for the UPL) is not recognized. I will try whether it works with the U192 later...
  5. Indeed, so this is my plan, with the UPL in the middle as it emits less noise. And the UPL and U will never be active at the same time. SVC24 UPL96 U192 DA96 (Good to see we also found a tweaking playground in the parallel ECD mini-universe.)
  6. Looks neat! I would be interested to know how ECD owners place their devices. Stacking? Weights? Keeping distance between certain devices? I was thinking to stack my U192+UPL96+SVC24 together using something like sugru for added weight and keep them at some distance from the DA96. Is that a good idea?
  7. Thanks @hopkins for being so creative in enlarging the possibilities of the UPL, this brilliant but constrained device! Happy to function as a sounding board and to try out betas...
  8. Would the UPL also benefit from separate clean power, like the U?
  9. This thread inspired me to try just that. As I have this cable for my TakeT H2 and Hifiman HE-6 headphones (both really hard to drive) , with two 4 pin mini-XLR for the cans and one 4 pin male XLR on the other end, I ordered a 4 pin female XLR to be able to convert to 2 RCA's for the SVC24. I guess this will not work with the Taket (which needs its own special box), but it may well work with the Hifiman.
  10. I love this cable: https://nl.aliexpress.com/item/4000730036117.html?spm=a2g0s.9042311.0.0.4b8a4c4dD2MUbe You can choose your length (the shorter the better for SQ they say although I heard no difference between 20 and 30 cm versions) and terminations (right angle -- mind the orientation! -- or straight).
  11. Any android player will do. When set to DLNA the HX500 should be recognized by it. There is also a HX500 specific app for remote control. As it is in Chinese out of the box I used the Google Translate camera to find out where to find the language button, and then switched to English. To my ears SD card sounds best, but it is nice that the HX500 offers so many possibilities.
  12. Thanks. Kid3 shows that the wav files are properly tagged. I think the problem was with the wav encoding. Until I get Xrecode3 to work I will work with dBPoweramp.
  13. Had some problems making a usb stick for the UPL. Now it appears that the wav files (24/96 at most and below) I created with Xrecode3 cannot be read by the upl_remote app. When using EZ CD Audio Converter or dBPoweramp, it goes well. If anyone has an idea what I could be doing wrong with Xrecode3, I would be obliged as this is now my preferred conversion app.
  14. I am afraid I also had problems with Linux (probably due my own impatience) and have now switched to Windows. I think Gordon Brown of ECdesigns will be able to help you.
  15. The evening also once more showed that SQ is an evasive thing and that it is almost impossible -- however much we would like to -- to attribute it to discrete components. It is all about holistic synergy, and this not only between the devices and connectors we invested in, but also with external influences such as the quality of the power, which fluctuates throughout the day. Yesterday was a fine example: when we started out, after listening to the ECD combo (UPL+DA), the SDTrans384 + Terminator sounded decidedly less musical than the ECD combo, and also significantly worse than wh
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