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  1. Glad to hear. It's been bothering me these last few months. I found HA to be an unpleasant site and I won't be back. But while it's being discussed, I will say that I regret what's happening to the, formerly (mostly) admirable, USA at the moment a lot more though.
  2. Thanks. What I really want to do is to separate the converted ALAC files from the AIFF so that I don't have to search around for them. Is there a way I can get iTunes ( or XLD or anything else ) to convert the files to ALAC then export them to a location of my choice?
  3. Hi all I had been toying with Apple Music as I read AAC sounds better from an iPhone through Bluetooth as it's AAC and MP3 and the Spotify Org thing are both mangled by non Aptx bluetooth. Anyway following advice on an Apple forum I decided AM wasn't for me as it seems to jeopardise sound quality on files ripped from CDs on eg, ALAF format on any Apple device using icloud music storage. I also was told AAC had no advantage for me as I only use B/T for connecting to my car audio and that it was almost certainly not equipped to deal with AAC receiving over B/T so I decide
  4. Resurrecting this I'm afraid. I now have musixmatch on my phone and it works well if I use it to play Spotify. I know I can control Spotify on my Mac remotely from my iPhone Spotify App but I'd really like to be able to do this via Musixmatch so that I can sit reading lyrics from my phone while playing the music via my mac. Is this possible? Thanks
  5. That's an interesting idea. I will look into it. Thank you
  6. Thanks chaps. I am grateful. I will probably hold onto the current hardware for a while then and see what develops in the coming year or so
  7. Hi guys. I haven't been very clear. I'm plugging my mac into an external DAC ( on a Hegel 160 to be precise ) but I thought the jitter from PCs was much higher than from a mac mini and this would necessitate the use of an intermediate box of tricks to help with this or something. Maybe I'm wrong.
  8. Hi guys, I'm not very techie and for years I've used Macs for work as a photographer and also as a music player. I've used a mini mainly but also, more recently, a MBP and I've been happy with these. As retirement looms and money is tight I'm considering moving away from the mac ( maybe to a windows PC ) but IIRC the macs were very good for sound output and when I first got into it, they scored higher than PCs unless you added various bits and pieces. Is the Mac still a better source without adding anything or can I get just as good sound quality straight from a less expensive windows
  9. Good point. I have 4 HDDs with the files on them because it took me months to rip the CDs and I doubt I'd go through it all again
  10. Thanks Paul. So just to be clear I can consolidate the files and then delete from the main music. I'm guessing I can just click a button, let iTunes mull over the copy for a few hours, come back and then empty the Main music folder so fairly easy?
  11. Thanks. So if I copy everything to the media folder I can then delete everything from the main music library without fear?
  12. Hi I have a very basic question here. I have around 765 albums in iTunes on an external HDD and I have been backing up these using SuperDuper. I have also switched the HDD I've used for my library in playback on a couple of computers. Anyway, I have noticed a small number of albums don't appear on my "Main Music" folder but are in my "iTunes Media" folder. This doesn't make any difference when I play music through iTunes but some albums didn't appear in Roon, thought a bit of fiddling around and selecting both folders for Roon to use solved this. I've always found iTunes fil
  13. Thank you maelob and ecwl. I listen to mainly classical and I'm expecting these to do the job nicely I was undecided between the HD600 and HD650 but in the end was attracted to the prospect of listening to choral music etc with some warm sounding gear
  14. Yes. I decided I liked the Sennheiser sound and I've ordered a pair of HD650s from Amazon. I am fairly optimistic
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