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  1. Thank you everyone. Another thought. I own a SBT and although I read Logitech discontinued device and updates are unlikely - could it be a cheap alternative? I could connect my SBT analog connections directly to my integrated amplifier (maybe use an affordable Dac, or not) and rip my CD's to FLAC on a new affordable notebook (Lenovo, etc.). I've read best with SBT as streamer to have wired ethernet connection, but since I have no way to install my modem in my audio room - maybe I can use an extender device to my modem? How this works I do not know, but surely can't be to difficult? As for flattering anyone - I'm sorry that may be the perception. I am almost through my chemo 'treatments' (stupid word for poisons that kill good cells along with the bad) and I walk on eggshells these days being more sensitive myself and to the feelings of others. My late wife when in the midst of her serious illness was even more kind to others than in healthy days. Perhaps I am displaying behaviors I learned inadvertently through her? Thanks again!
  2. Sherwood, Thank you so much for having the kindness to respond as I had about given up on getting a response. Your information was most helpful and it's nice to know out of hundreds who ignored my asking for help - one forum member took the time to reply.
  3. I ordered and paid for six SACD's at Music Direct back in June 2012 and two of the titles have been TBA status since then. Music Direct will not ship the four SACD's that are available now because I placed my order during free shipping promotion. During inquiry was told any change will cancel my free shipping and I'll still have to wait for the two SACD's on TBA status. This will be my last Music Direct order.
  4. Anyone? I must say I'm intrigued by Stew's post about: 6th generation of Genesis Absolute Fidelity Music Server (employing budget Toshiba notebook + SSD + Mytek Stereo 192 Dac).
  5. I am not computer savvy. I have 400+ CD's to rip to hard drive. My old Presario V3000 (with Win XP O/S) finally needs replacing. Am looking for suggestions for notebook to buy at around $1000-$1200 that would be excellent choice (ease of use, improved O/S, etc.) for ripping CD's to notebook hard drive (until I can sort out acquiring a NAS to transfer ripped files to). Need a network music file player to incorporate into my two-channel audio system that plays well with a NAS. Of course I do not want to bring any extra noise into my listening room with a Network music file player or NAS. Currently use a Vacuum State upgraded Sony XA5400ES which I plan to retain just for playing my SACD discs (I have around 350 of these). My goal is all CD's ripped and files moved from notebook to NAS for play with Network music file player controlled by iPad + app. Would like to put my SACD files on NAS as well but the PS3 + software + DSD Dac workaround I've explored is beyond my patience at my age (and poor eyesight).Thanks in advance for replies and apologies if my first post is in wrong area of forum.
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