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    @WMW Why don't you tell us how you really feel?
  2. I'm not particularly enamored with subscriptions, but I have a few and I'm quite content to sign up for them when they make sense. I've been for the most part quite satisfied with Audirvana and it has been well worth it's cost to me. If a subscription is the cost of keeping Audirvana available to me, I'll happily subscribe. That said, with Audirvana Studio being in it's current state, I won't be jumping to immediately try it. For me to do so, Audirvana Studio would need: A working remote app the analyze that determines the MUSICBRAINZ_TRACKID defaulted to off, and
  3. You just need to use chicken wire like they do in Canada! Then you would be all good! 😉 https://westkootenayhiking.ca/porcupine-proof-vehicles/
  4. I also can confirm, and that it works as a blind test. A long time ago I had borrowed a USB cable from a dealer to test. The spousal unit knew I was playing with the system, but didn't know any of the specifics. The spousal unit had already gone to bed when I took the borrowed cable out of the system, as I had to return it to the dealer the next day. She could still hear the system from the bedroom. When I came to bed a bit later she asked: "What did you just do to the stereo? It doesn't sound as good as it did earlier...." 🤔
  5. I don't want to completely derail this thread with talk about USB improvements, but at least this is mostly with regard to the QB-9. Some folks find the changes from the ISO Regen to be subtle, and others find them to be quite significant. I'm probably somewhere in between. Mostly a blacker background, resulting in a more relaxed sound and the other expected changes due to the darker background. Some find the change to make the music less exciting - noise can make music artificially "sound" brighter. I simply found music with the ISO Regen to be noticeably more natural, which i
  6. @beetlemania, agree with you regarding isolation. Ayre designed the QB-9 with galvanic isolation on the USB input, starting with the first generation QB-9, which may have been the first time this was done with any DAC. Ayre redesigned it again on the DSD version, and again on the Twenty version. But even with galvanic isolation, I have never found any version of the QB-9 to be immune to changes to the source. I performed most of my structured testing / listening with the DSD version. To my ears, even the original Regen made subtle improvements to the sound of the QB-9. The ISO
  7. I pretty much agree with everything @beatlemania wrote. For me, initially right out of the box it didn't sound that great. But after 48 hours it was clearly better than the DSD version in every way. Any changes since then have only solidified that view. I too would be surprised if the upgrade could be botched, as it is a complete board replacement. Not much to go wrong there. The most striking change to me was the transparency, with the much darker backgrounds. Stepping out on a limb here, but I wonder if there is something about your digital source th
  8. The ZMF Vérité would also be one to consider. The open version might be better for you based on your listening tastes. I'll let JoshM do the convincing - see his review of them. https://audiophilestyle.com/ca/reviews/review-measurements-zmf-verite-verite-closed-r916/
  9. Nice looking and sounding system. Why am I not surprised with the Pearl Jam comment? 😉 "The Portland Cello Project has covers of Jay-Z and Radiohead that I really like. But, it's the Brooklyn Duo's cover of Pearl Jam's Better Man that I really love." And it is great that your daughter appreciates it. You do know though that your daughter will be taking this system with her when she goes off to college....
  10. Joan Shelley - Live at the Bomhard Great collaborators and acoustics make this a wonderful live recording.
  11. Hi Josh, Very informative and well written review! It is impressive how you measure the headphones, and then tie your listening impressions back to the measurements. I seem to learn something new each time you publish a review. As an owner of Vérité Closed, I can concur that the sound quality is superb. Regarding pads. It is completely understandable that you would limit your measurements to the default set of pads that came with the headphones. But as Zach encourages users to experiment with various pads, it would have been extremely informative to see
  12. Chris, Thanks for the intriguing review. And especially for your very interesting approach comparing the DACs to the Western Stars album versions! I had listened, and really tried to like the studio version of Western Stars, but somehow couldn't ever fully engage with it, and didn't really notice the live version when it was released. But to understand your review, I had to go listen to the Western Stars live version - wow, instant connection with the music! "Western Stars - Songs From The Film" has been part of my regular listening for the past week. And better yet
  13. Great idea, but maybe we should TP Superdad's house in Mariposa instead - he was down to two rolls in his house and might actually welcome it!
  14. John Prine passed away today due to Covid-19 complications. There was a simple humanity to his work that will be greatly missed.
  15. Wondering if we can move the politics discussions to the Politics-Fi sub forum?
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