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  1. Hi Josh, Very informative and well written review! It is impressive how you measure the headphones, and then tie your listening impressions back to the measurements. I seem to learn something new each time you publish a review. As an owner of Vérité Closed, I can concur that the sound quality is superb. Regarding pads. It is completely understandable that you would limit your measurements to the default set of pads that came with the headphones. But as Zach encourages users to experiment with various pads, it would have been extremely informative to see how the different pads might have affected measurements. BTW, I was surprised how much the sound presentation changed with different pads. With the Vérité Closed / default Auteur pads, I found vocals a bit too recessed for my tastes, and eventually settled on the Vérité pads which give a more neutral presentation. Looking forward to your next review!
  2. Chris, Thanks for the intriguing review. And especially for your very interesting approach comparing the DACs to the Western Stars album versions! I had listened, and really tried to like the studio version of Western Stars, but somehow couldn't ever fully engage with it, and didn't really notice the live version when it was released. But to understand your review, I had to go listen to the Western Stars live version - wow, instant connection with the music! "Western Stars - Songs From The Film" has been part of my regular listening for the past week. And better yet, I'm listening to it through my QB-9 Twenty....
  3. Great idea, but maybe we should TP Superdad's house in Mariposa instead - he was down to two rolls in his house and might actually welcome it!
  4. John Prine passed away today due to Covid-19 complications. There was a simple humanity to his work that will be greatly missed.
  5. Wondering if we can move the politics discussions to the Politics-Fi sub forum?
  6. Head-Fi's Sound Science forum does keep most of these "issues" bottled up inside it. Unfortunately, the Head-Fi Sound Science forum doesn't seem to be a particularly friendly place for non "Science" folks to visit. Science threads can frequently be condescending (insulting?) to non "Science" folks, but the most egregious threads do tend to get locked relatively quickly. The result seems to be that Head-Fi has "locked" the objectivists inside, and it is understandable why objectivists wouldn't want a similar forum here. I would hope the Objective-Fi forum would be more inclusive than the Head-Fi version, and there is definitely an opportunity for the objectivists at AS to make it so. Less winning, more courtesy. We'll see - I'm not particularly optimistic that it will become so.
  7. Hi Ryan, A huge thanks for sending me the updated firmware and instructions. Updating the QB-9 last night was simple - took only a few minutes end to end. Everything has been rock solid since the update. Once again, Thank You! Paul
  8. Hi Ryan, Just got back home after 2 months in Tucson - now experiencing connectivity issues, including the usb cycling, that might be related to this. Received mine back in mid October, so guessing my unit be one of the affected ones. Weird that it was stable before I left town. I would be fine performing the update myself. I'll PM you with contact details. Paul
  9. This is curious. FYI - I have no problems using the ISO Regen with mine. Still think it makes a difference in my system.
  10. Picked mine up yesterday. Right out of the box it's clearly a significant upgrade. Was pleasantly surprised that Ayre would offer such an upgrade to the discontinued QB-9. A big shout-out to Ayre for offering it.
  11. Update received last week from Gary: "We do have QB-9 Twenty main Audio boards in now (they arrived late Tuesday) and are moving right along with the upgrades."
  12. Earlier, only individual “off-topic” posts had been removed from that thread. 🙂 Wonder what caused the whole thread to be gone? It appeared that the missing thread was an attempt to justify (continue?) attacks made earlier against suggestions by others in a different Mac Mini thread. The OPs posts weren’t well received by some on that second Mac mini thread. It is unfortunate that this particular thread has gone missing, however, as it received posts by many well respected AS (CA) members, and had actually become a pretty meaningful thread, in spite of the OPs apparent original intentions for it. Since the thread wasn’t turning out as apparently intended (supporting the OPs assertions), I wonder if it was requested to be removed, wasting mine, and other’s contributions to it. Just more reasons why this could be my last post at CA.
  13. I would have thought that the comments made by vortecjr and PeterSt earlier in this thread would have been enough to establish that, or at least enough to justify assessing changes by an LPS. Guess not. Good luck with your search.
  14. Not every one finds such changes to be "night and day." To understand what the reduction of noise might sound like, you might consider perusing some impression threads for devices that are intended to reduce "noise." The intended effects of those devices would be the same as the intended effect from switching to an LPS in the Mac Mini. The LPS1.x and ISO Regen threads in the Uptone section are a couple examples, or the Rendu threads on Sonore. There are many other such threads scattered throughout CA. You'll likely find some of the impressions "over the top", but some of the descriptions might click with you.
  15. I have no personal experience myself, but there are multiple reports of switches being upgraded to use an LPS, and that having an effect on the sound quality. The reports I've read are about the hardware residing in the home.
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