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  1. Thank you Marcin, I just messaged you a copy of my order. Sorry this didn't work out, best of luck to you.
  2. Any update on shipping? I ordered on June 26, 2020 it is now August 14, 2020, at this point I'd rather have a refund.
  3. This video made me go listen to my headphone set up 😃
  4. If ASR thinks their so called "review" is going to stop people from buying eR, they are wrong, too many people singing the praises of this device. The real reviews of the eR are in this thread, this many positive reviews can't be wrong.
  5. How long are the umbilical cords that come with the Statement? I am thinking about purchasing one, and would like to separate them with a shelf.
  6. Well I just updated my eR, piece of cake, took me 10 minutes tops, and it sounds great, more clarity and air, in my opinion. 😎
  7. I just connected to my SonicTransporter from the eR then from there to the SonicTransporter to the ultraRendu, (bridged) if you can't hear a difference there, maybe an ear doctor visit is in order. switch>etherRegen _>SonicTransporter_>ultraRendu>Blu/Dave Dac
  8. What a blast last night was, listening to the EtherRegen in my system for the first time, it was fantastic. I was using the UltraRendu with the inakustic usb cable, my dac was the Chord Blu mkII/Dave combo, and I was using, I believe a cat 7 flat ethernet cable, nothing fancy. The sound was glourious as everyone is describing, deeper sound stage, separation of voices and instruments, inner details galore. I’m looking forward to more break in as these impressions are the EtherRegen right out of the box. I am going to hook up the OpticalRendu later today and see how that sounds, see if it
  9. Schiit Audio is very interested in this idea.
  10. I guess their bankers cant read a financial statement.
  11. What's really troublesome to me, is the fact that these customers have no recourse, that doesn't seem right to me.
  12. Imploded like a cheap usb cable.
  13. Sonic77

    Fidelizer 8.0

    Just downloaded and listened to Fidelizer 8.5 and whoa it sounds great! I can see about five miles deep into the music, and the separation of voices and instruments' is awesome. Thank you Keetakawee
  14. I installed it on my Win 10 computer it skips to the point of unlistenable. I maxed out the memory allocated for tracks preload, still didn't help, went back to 1.3.8 and that worked fine, guess I'll just wait some more.
  15. My Hqplayer version 4.0.4 works, I had to pick client then pick desk top, then it worked, weird.
  16. Just received the opticalmodule and my first impressions are very good. I have the opticalRendu and opticalModule paired using Sonore signature power supply for the opticalRendu and uptone Ultracap Lps 1.2 powering the opticalModule. I think I'm done upgrading for awhile, from what I'm hearing. Ok I'm going back to listen some more. 😎
  17. That's what I'm using, oR barely gets warm, and sounds fantastic.
  18. Magnepan 3.7i with synergistic blue fuses 😀
  19. Finally got some time to listen to the opticalRendu last night, even though I received my oR on Thursday. I thought it did sound different when I first hooked it up then when I listened on Saturday night, so maybe some break in happened there. I am using hqplayer desktop 4.0.3 as the software playback which I purchased earlier this week. The sound is extraordinary, I'm hearing lots more detail then before, the songs almost sound like different songs because of all the new detail, where sounds blurred together I'm getting more separation of instruments and clarity of voices. I am using the star
  20. I'm using Sonore signature Power Supply.
  21. My opticalRendu is hardly warm. 🙄
  22. Just hooked up the oR, very straight forward, I am using the starter kit until I receive the opticalModule. Everything went perfect.
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