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  1. Another reluctant sale due to rationalisation. Had in since new now no longer has any thing that needs it. Packed in original box. Probably 3 or 4 years old so no warranty left on it. Located in UK. Given perfect service. Comes with 2 of their own power leads, a third cable for use with the fan kit for a Mac mini and a UK plug. £675 plus shipping and insurance if you want the latter.
  2. Still available. Price drop to £2000 plus p&p
  3. Hey @SounJoy you not interested in this anymore?
  4. @Soundjoy Had a look at a couple of couriers and there appears to be some sort of cartel going on here. Whilst the delivery charge varies around the £40 mark the insurance always adds another £123 to the cost no matter which courier is used. So I'll say £160 for p&p plus insurance for the selling price of £2500. What say you? weedos123
  5. Hi Soundjoy Yep its still for sale. Will look into shipping and Insurance to the Netherlands tomorrow and will be in touch. weedos123
  6. Impending house move means downsizing and rationalisation of Hifi and AV gear. Sadly for me this means I have a few items to dispose of as 2 systems are merging into one. So up for reluctant sale is my exasound e28 mk2 multichannel dac. Had it since new. The serial no is 417 and it’s v1.5 it has mini xlr outputs on the rear and included are 6 mini xlr to phono cables along with a supra usb cable. All have given excellent reliable service and effortlessly handled everything thrown at it. I'm sure those looking for a multichannel DAC will know all about them already. So looking for around £2000, but will consider reasonably close offers. The DAC is in Scotland and so p&p will be at cost to wherever it goes, insurance can be added in as well also at cost. A new e38 currently retails for $3849 usd according to the web site.
  7. Hi its 128gb Samsung ssd and 4 go ram both of which are user replaceable Paul
  8. Modified 2012 Mac mini for sale. Originally an i5, but the main board died and so was replaced by a 2.3Ghz i7 board. At the same time the original power supply was replaced by the Uptone Audio MMK kit. So the mini now requires a 12V 5A supply of your own choice. I used an Uptone Audio JS2 LPS, which I'm keeping. I have the original apple internal power supply if you really want it. Originally used with JRiver for video and audio, then Plex Media Player and Roon bridge, until a 4K tele was bought, when it got relegated to being an ubuntu server running roon core. Now Roon have brought out multichannel dsd up conversions, it is slightly under powered and so needs a new home. Postage included to the UK, elsewhere at cost. £350 ono. PayPal is ok and I'll swallow the fees if I get the asking price.
  9. Ok I have an e28 and have just rearranged the set up of my stuff. Stupidly I pulled the interconnects out of the dac without writing down which of the dacs 1-8 channels was attached to which l,c,r,s etc channel on the amp. Now I'm not convinced I've got them right. Can anyone enlighten me as to how I should map 1-8 to l,c,r etc. USB from windows 10 pc running roon via e28 to power amp, if it matters. Thanks. I shan't do it again. Promise.
  10. Bayou I had exactly the same issue as you. Kal is right. See posts 2576 and 2579 above. Paul
  11. Ted This is the bit that is missing Section 2.16 If this did not work, you are likely already on stock version 3.55 NOTE: if you are already onstock version 3.55 follow these instructions (starting at line 43, to line 60) http://code.google.com/p/sacd-ripper/source/browse/trunk/readme The hyperlink took me to a page that has been moved. I assume its the bit that talks about what to do if you already have v3.55 Paul
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