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  1. Possible that other forum participants will know of alternative options...
  2. Hi What this is about is Tidal favorites... how do I save my favorites and for extra credit how do I transfer my Tidal favorites to Qobuz? Thanks and best S
  3. rapp

    Aurender N100H

    Well, this seems like a retirement project, assuming I live long enough. It's puzzling because other servers seem to work fine on the basis of my iTunes library. It's really just Aurender that doesn't (in my experience). Anyway thanks for your help, I'll give this a try with a few albums and see what happens. Perhaps other Computeraudiophiles with hands-on Aurender experience will additional advice. Best S
  4. rapp

    Aurender N100H

    So, in Finder, you went into each album's folder, located the artwork file and renamed it "Folder"? Thanks S
  5. Hi all, I have one of these. SQ is fine and the Conductor app is user friendly. My problem with it is that it doesn't, for the most part, display the album artwork I've painstakingly entered over the years. I have had somewhat unsatisfactory exchanges with Aurender about this, but time zones and language differences (I think) have gotten in the way. As I understand it, all the album artwork needs to be renamed "front" or "back" -- I have tried this only selectively as I have about 1800 AIFF album files in my iTunes library. Anyway, it hasn't worked. I used a third party softwar
  6. Hi I would like to get a handle using an iPad for streaming while connected to ethernet. I thought the review was great, really informative, but got a bit lost on this point. What sort of dongle is required to link the iPad to the router via ethernet bypassing the wifi network and at the same time link the iPad to the Aurender USB dongle for streaming? Sorry for my confusion. Best S
  7. Thanks very much, Miguelito. Is this true of only the latest firmware version of the Microrendu, or all versions? If just the latest, is it possible to upgrade via the web? BTW you have an amazing playback system. Best S
  8. Hi all i currently use audirvana and am happy with it. I’m aware that the microrendu is recognized by the Roon app (and vice versa) — but will the microrendu work the same with the Audirvana+ app? If so, do I just activate the microrendu and expect the Audirvana+ app to find it and lock on to it? apologies for my obvious ignorance! thanks s
  9. Well, it's funny I had come to this conclusion last night, for the same reasons: I thought I'd skip the wireless and force recognition via ethernet from the router, but lo and behold, no ethernet port on the Luxman. Then I took another look at the connection diagram in the manual, saw the laptop picture, and realized that this is not meant to be on a network. Mystery solved. Many thanks. -- Allium Computensis Musicalis
  10. Process of elimination... makes sense. Will give it a shot.
  11. OK, neat trick. I see all the connected devices and the quality of the connection to each, I just have no idea which, if any, represent the Luxman. And as far as I have been able to tell, there's no Luxman command that will display the MAC address or IP address (whichever is relevant) to assist with troubleshooting.
  12. AirPort Extreme. Airport utility doesn't show the Luxman, however nor does it reveal my Aurender server, which interacts with the iPad app wirelessly and flawlessly.
  13. Hi All I have a Luxman D-06u, which is a combined DAC and SACD. (Sounds great.) The unit is allegedly controllable via a Mac desktop app. Thing is, the app, which installs correctly and appears to be up-to-date, doesn't recognize the Luxman. They are on the same wireless network. The dealer just threw up his hands and said, "well, don't use the app." The manual doesn't address this issue at all, either in the main text or the troubleshooting appendix. And the site is disseminated by Luxman Japan, whose website, unsurprisingly, is in Japanese. Anybody out there have any practica
  14. Hi Folks, I realize I should clarify what I'm looking for so that I don't waste forum members' time. Ideally, I'd like a quad core, 2.6GHZ i7 CPU. Memory is not so much of any issue since I can max it out myself, but if the unit for sale already includes 16GB RAM, all the better. Thanks, S
  15. Hi All, I'm looking for a Mac Mini -- modded or stock -- for use as a server. Please keep me in my mind if you've got one for sale or are considering selling one. Many thanks S
  16. rapp

    Wyrd Schiit

    Hi All, I just read a fascinating "shoot out" on this site, which compared a range of USB devices (Regen, iUSB, etc); I learned a lot. I am curious though about one device that wasn't covered: the Schiit "Wyrd." Anybody out there have experience with this computer USB device? All best S
  17. Music files stored on Glyph HDD (1.6 TB of AIFF in iTunes library) 17” MacBook Pro, El Capitan, 256 GB SSD, 8GB memory McIntosh DAC (D-150) Please let me know whatever else you need. One other thing – HQplayer only gives Mac users 30 mins to try out their software. To me this is absurd. All Best S
  18. Hi All Am thinking of getting HQ Player (I have used Pure Music for a long time). My confession is that having just read through the manual, I didn't really follow it very well. It's obviously immensely powerful software. And judging from the manual it's not meant to be set-and-forget. Are there folks out there, like me, who aren't really versed in this stuff who successfully use HQplayer? Is there a friendlier manual out there somewhere to help users like me get the most out of the software? Many thanks Steven
  19. PhilR — where were you a month ago!!! Tough decision…. S
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