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  1. Heard a set of Kii Three speakers at the Gydotron showcase in Belgium this weekend. Regardless of price, the most accurate speaker I ever heard. The room was too big for the musical and articulate bass to be felt, but I guess the bigger, yet to be announced, brother will take care of that. An amazing achievement that will challenge everything you think you know about speakers...but please do not take my word for it...if you get the chance to audition them you really should.
  2. Excellent review and I agree with your findings. I have a Xeo Hub USB connected to my Weiss MAN301. It streams to a pair of Xeo 6 speakers in the guest room and to a Xeo Link connected to a Sugden Headphone amp at my desk. It works perfectly, although Dynaudio is a little optimistic regarding the range of the Hub. Anyway, a Xeo Extender is available. Expensive, but build quality is impeccable and it allowed me to let the MAN pull triple duty. So in the end I saved a lot of money. The DAC in the Link is decent, but one can always connect an external DAC to the digital out as an upgrade...someth
  3. Hi cjf. I ordered a Weiss MAN301. It marked the end of a long quest, discovering almost all products and solutions that are out there. Yes, it is expensive...however it meets my needs like no other offering. I did not want "a computer experience" from ripping to playing. The iPad app has a steep learning curve, but is very effective and not constraining like so many other apps. I did not want to spend any time tweaking or tracking updates. I experienced first hand the commitment, honnesty and drive of Daniel Weiss and the excellent customer support...and that in the long run is priceless. I h
  4. Chris, thank you for this thorough review. If all goes well, my dac less MAN 301 arrives tomorrow. I expect to end up with a 2 TB NAS based library and am curious if I will experience the same issues when populating views and performing searches. For reference, is it possible to provide the load times when performing the same actions on a comparable specced C.A.P.S and iPad app. I'm really curious how the two would compare. Thank you
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