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  1. You can use a mac mini and it will be fine. Or if you have a TV with audio optical out, you can piggyback off of an Amazon Fire and it will carry the signal just fine using wireless. You can control it from Audirvana and listen up to 96K for all your music. I do this with a high end tube mono block system and it's very underrated and sadly not known. All it requires is that you keep the TV "on" and it will also project the album cover to it while the music signal goes from your computer via wireless to the Amazon Fire out to your input via tousling. An Amazon Firestick goes for about $30. Can tell you the quality will be there. I upgraded my tube monoblocks recently and the quality of the upgrade is carried right along with it. (I'm listening right now as I type this.) It's also nice to be able to manage volume control from Audirvana while streaming.
  2. It's always a moving list but was wondering if the Qobuz Amazon app is slated for an update? While one of the most unheralded "streamers" is actually the Amazon Fire & Firestick using Audirvana, it would be great to have a stand alone app to go up against (cough, cough) you know who. 🥶
  3. Qobuz delivers great quality in their streaming and now at a great competitive price. I had noted a great NYC based Blues artist I wanted to access, Michael Powers. He has some great albums and they were added to the catalogue. The sound is really great too especially since I'm using Audirvana 3.5 to upsample the PCM to a DSD DAC. Tried Amazon and had to see what it's like. It's not bad but the multi-tiered pricing with its service and catalog is weird and I didn't find the quality all that great overall. I'm okay with 44K or 48K routing through an optical out into big monoblock tube amps in a pinch. Since I have Qobuz, I don't want to. Unlike Tidal, with Qobuz, you don't get force-fed MQA. While MQA can sound really nice, it's a closed ecosystem trying to take over the world and I'm not having it. Qobuz is the audiophile future!
  4. Not seeing any issue with Qobuz last few hours. I'm playing albums so maybe you have some issue there.
  5. Hope Qobuz does get out an Amazon Fire app. There's a new Fire hardware release. More and more people are using these tools for music. 96K works great with the current Fire and Firestick. Crossing my fingers it's in the works. Even a 44K app will have big benefits with some of us happy to plug it into our big rigs.
  6. Another angle in all this is that a MacBook Pro puts you in charge with everything in front of you. Using Audirvana, the song played is saved in memory and the qualitative improvement is major. The better the system, the more enjoyable the benefits. The cost for Audirvana is $80. The cost for an endpoint like Amazon Firestick is $40. Most of the good streamers cost in the $800 or more area with some around $500. That doesn't automatically give you a wireless DLNA option for what may in the end be the same audio quality (if you're lucky) with only a streamer. Just for additional background.
  7. What I'm going to say isn't meant to upset you or anyone as no doubt it will. Your question is a good one, no doubt many of us weigh very similar ones as I've pondered over recent months. I'm running some old tube monoblocks, Allen Organ 75s, completely rebuilt by my friend who has done a stellar job. I have an old MacBook Pro, it's over a decade old and rigged to run Mojave which it does perfectly fine and Audirvana 3.5.20. Before you throw $500 or more on a streamer, for your consideration, please consider. With my amp monoblocks, running McIntosh LS340 floor standers, the crossovers were completed redone and a Schiit Modi 3. (Prior I had lots of other stuff and some high end solid state amps. I've learned a bit along the way.) So for the punchline, with all that, you'd think a streamer would be a good revelation to add into the chain. Well, I'm not so sure. I use Audirvana streaming wirelessly to an Amazon Firestick II. The signal up to 96K then runs to the DAC, to a Schiit Sys. (People who think they can enjoy higher res than this may be doing a lot of wishful thinking. It's more what goes in not out the other end of a recording which most any Mark Knopfler recording at 44K can attest.) Why spend a ton on a preamp when you will be cutting the volume back all the time? Also have the Schiit Loki and they both handle everything thrown at them with aplomb, no loss of quality. I've discovered some big improvements with NOS tubes as my monoblocks are very sensitive. My guess is that a good streamer will cost some decent coin and maybe gets a little return in improvement. It probably isn't and won't be as substantial as when I change a NOS tube. So, fwiw, that's my perspective. If you can route your signal through an Amazon Firestick II using DLNA with Audirvana, you may be surprised how good it is. (I have an option to go hard wired with toslink too.) For me, it's producing the best sound in my twenty years in this hobby. That says a lot about what is possible with good matching. I've let go some good components on the way but now don't regret any of it. Best on your hunt!
  8. ===== Went back to page one and verified backup and new install procedures. Started from scratch and reinstalled a clean version of 3.5.20 after removing the Audirvana system files. Thankfully, everything is working fine now. Not sure what occurred but the oddities are gone. Really love the quality of Audirvana 3.5. Thank you Damien.
  9. No, I did not use it at that time. This is an oddity I've not seen or heard about before. There is a connection to Qobuz and you can search and play an album. But the listings for all of Qobuz are completely missing on the left. Thanks for the question and reference.
  10. A search in the Audirvana menu bar allows you to find an artist or album and play it and like it. After that it's thee end. No idea what is happening. Can't get back the screen loading Qobuz. (Also couldn't edit the above post again.)
  11. Problem with Audirvana 3.5.20 not connecting to Qobuz. Saw this problem for the first time a few days ago but it logged in to Qobuz fine after a restart. Now nothing. A song loaded locally plays perfectly fine. Just nothing from Qobuz, no lists on the left, nada. Running Mojave on an old MacBook Pro laptop. Not sure what can be done to get Audirvana connecting again. None of Qobuz is loading. The Qobuz app is working on the computer. Previously both Qobuz and Tidal worked just fine. Now at startup of Audirvana, Qobuz says its connected but logging out and back in produces nothing. What to do?
  12. Is DSD incorporated? I didn't hear that mentioned but Roon users will be happy to hear about this product. Since I'm favorable to Audirvana, I'm awaiting to learn more.
  13. +1. I had seen an occasional stall where the next song wouldn't advance. Thought it was my internet connection. Turned out that killing some open applications on an Penryn MacBook Pro, early 2008 was the solution. (6 GB RAM) Boy is Audirvana 3.5 great on my big rig.
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