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  1. Is DSD incorporated? I didn't hear that mentioned but Roon users will be happy to hear about this product. Since I'm favorable to Audirvana, I'm awaiting to learn more.
  2. +1. I had seen an occasional stall where the next song wouldn't advance. Thought it was my internet connection. Turned out that killing some open applications on an Penryn MacBook Pro, early 2008 was the solution. (6 GB RAM) Boy is Audirvana 3.5 great on my big rig.
  3. Also, Michael Powers was available on UK but nothing coming up in US. He has two tremendous albums. http://www.bluesart.at/NeueSeiten/MichaelPOWERS2006.html
  4. The brilliant album Charles Lloyd & the Marvels & Lucinda Williams was available in the UK. Here in the US, there are only three separate cuts available from their album. Hope that gap can be filled.
  5. Thanks for the question. Yes, I've tried that trick a few times with various releases. Unfortunately, the size parameters don't match a TV screen size and you can't login or navigate. I've tried on several releases. I have Qobuz running on Kodi and that works well. I'd imagine a native app would work and sound better on my big tube rig.
  6. Just checking in to ask if an Android app for Amazon Fire is in the works? Beta release going well and nice to see lots of albums not available in the UK, now up. Thanks Qobuz!!
  7. Congratulations this Valentine's Day to everyone on the Qobuz team! Thank you and welcome to America! May success find you today and in all the succeeding days forward. On my wishlist; I hope to see the release of a compatible Amazon Fire app and then see it listed among their featured "music" listings. Again, thank you Qobuz!!
  8. I owned Jingle Bell Jazz but can never find it anywhere. Now it turned up on Qobuz with "We Three Kings of Orient Are" - Paul Horn and the Miles Davis classic "Blue Xmas." So amazing. Joyeux Noël to all our friends at Qobuz!
  9. Wonder if they changed it. It was showing as 5.1.1 but I see they've changed the history notations.
  10. It's out and about, Qobuz APK for Android 5.1.1 that is. Doesn't work as a sideload on Amazon Fire but should for other applications. Good luck: https://www.apkmonk.com/app/com.qobuz.music/
  11. No doubt. In the interim, I've been able to connect on the Firestick with Qobuz via Kodi and it sounds excellent. The sonics on the first listen through of Mark Knopfler's new album, "Down the Road Wherever" are simply stunning. Qobuz should find a lot of customers in America at launch soon.
  12. Currently, the Android device I'm running is the Amazon Firestick. I was going to sideload the APK as there's not an official update of an Amazon app yet. Can't run the older Qobuz version as I did try that and it's not able to load landscape and sign in. The firestick actually connects via TV optical audio out to my big tube monoblock rig and makes for a far better quality connection than most any computer connection. So, I'll be awaiting the opportunity. Thanks for your kind reply.
  13. Not to be pushy but does anyone know where Qobuz 5.1 version can be downloaded. Alternatively, I'd like to download an Amazon app for Android but the above would work too. Thanks to all.
  14. Plus one on the surprising superiority of Qobuz to Tidal. On my high-end tube monoblock system, Qobuz surprised out of the gate with soundstage, dynamics and overall detail quality. Being that both Qobuz and Tidal are touted as CD quality, this was not a small difference. Qobuz has a smaller overall library than Tidal, (which millions matter to you is an individual issue) at least for the moment but there's a very deep catalog of jazz and classical probably not found elsewhere. I'm running Qobuz streaming optical to Allen Organ AO75 monoblock amps completely rebuilt with McIntosh LS340s tower speakers. It's simply great and I'd second the opinion this is on par or very comparable with local sourced material. More on the rebuilt tube amps here: http://audiokarma.org/forums/index.php?threads/the-mighty-allen-organ-75.840989/
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