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  1. This is a most helpful thread for me as well. I just received my Synology 213+ and am trying to thoughtfully integrate into my exiting system. Up to now all my music - both Redbook and Hi Rez are parked on my Mac Mini. I have moved a couple of HDTracks audio files over to the NAS using the directory structure John has presented. A couple of questions had surfaced and let me say in advance I am very much a newbee is much of the music side but an IT Grunt (although no Mac stuff professionally), so with some IT knowledge. Question 1 I have and Airport Extreme in one part of the house and a AP Express in another with the NAS physically connected. The AP Express is configured as "Extend a wireless mode". I have noticed if I am connected to my wireless network in my NAS area the data flows in a snappy fashion. Otherwise there is significant latency. The question surrounds the setup of the SP Extream/Express - What is the best configuration - Extend or Join? The second question relates to JRemote - do I have to keep my Mac Mini running JRiver in order to allow JRemote function? I suspect so but really hoped to eliminate the middleman in all this. I also wanted to thank the whole Computer Audiophile gang. I have been a member for close to a year and have consistently enjoyed reading and learning from the posts and articles. In my experience on the web this is a place of civility and reflects genuine desire to educate all about this great hobby. Regards, Craig
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