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  1. Here are the DR Values from the HighResAudio Files in 24/96.
  2. Thanks for the info, firedog. Will download it...
  3. Remix or Original Mix, that's the first question... As far for the Remix the MFSL would be hard to beat. For the Original Mix I see a chance that it can be better sounding than my old Japan CP32 (the one without Noise Reduction applied).
  4. Sorry, but this is just senseless... When the source file (from which they mastered) is only 24/96, 24/192 upsampling for mastering is just plain silly....
  5. If I remember correctly I have read it on the SH Forum (on which Bill Levenson is a member). It is very unlike, that the Blu-Ray only have the 24-96 and only High-Res Seller the 24-192. If the 24-192 is correct, why they don't have make it like the CSN&Y Set.
  6. The 24/192 version looks fishy to me. As I know this was remixed in 24/96.
  7. I can confirm, that the HDTracks Mastering (which is none in this case) is the same as the Platinum SHM-SACD. The only difference is that the SACD also contains the Monomix. So, I can recommend this download... Best stereo version for sure.
  8. +2 This will never sound better. What you hear on the SHM SACD are the pure unfutzed mastertapes...
  9. If @Robert Hutton have no second account, this would be difficult. Look what is standing: Banned
  10. Thanks. Hhm, I love the new Wilson Record... OK, tastes differ.
  11. Yep, this is really very good. I think it is more consistent than the album before The Archandroid (which I love).
  12. 10% off the new releases (not store wide) with this Code: HDKING10 (expires 1/27/14). Black Sabbath Boxset, the new Elvis Presley, the new Stones and so on...
  13. I interpret the following: Legit High-res Transfer, 30kHz Pilot Ton, and the graph looks dynamic... But I think, there are here many people who can write this in much better english...
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