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  1. The other day, weijore sent me the following message (all credits go to him, of course) - hope this is helpful to you: "You've probably tossed your subwoofer by now, but I have the same problem. But I was able to remove the outer nine screws to remove the box that holds the PCBs. I just used a screw driver to pop the box out. I removed the connections to the LED and woofer, then opened the box by removing the four outermost screws that remained. (There were still a bunch of screws left in the panel that are holding the PCBs and other components so I left those untouched.) Once inside the box I found that there was no fuse. I looked for popped caps but found none. Eventually I found a burnt resistor (R23) in front of the amp. It's a large 1W 100ohm 5% resistor that was discolored and the coating had flaked off. I removed the PCB from the front panel and removed the resistor. I'll be replacing it when I can get a replacement part. I suspect that you may have had a similar problem. Hopefully you've already figured this all out or resolved the problem some other way. Either way, I thought it might be interesting for you to know the solution I found."
  2. I absolutely share the same feeling, particularly since iTunes is ALREADY the main platform for movies, TV shows and iDevice sync actions - besides, it never crashes and deals well with my relatively large library (in fact, the only bugs seem to be related to A+'s integrated mode). Quite frankly, I will only move away from it if the alternatives are REALLY compelling.
  3. brlawyer

    Itunes 12.1

    Absolutely no performance difference - but the new tagging window is DEFINITELY better than before (and almost the same as the one used in previous versions) - kudos to Apple for listening to customers' comments..! Can't comment on A+ 2.0, since I still use 1.5.12 with integrated mode.
  4. I used to do the same, but simply decided for the ALAC format which, in the end, is lossless like the others.
  5. Tks a lot for this, but that is exactly my point: I do not feel like dispensing with the integrated mode just yet, UNLESS there is a compelling stability/quality reason to do so - but so far, everything I've read points to the main advantage being A+'s new iTunes-like window. That being the case, I will probably stick with 1.5.12 a little longer...
  6. Dear All, My apologies if this has already been addressed in the 70+ page thread on A+ 2.0 - but my question is really simple, as a current user of A+ 1.5.12: Is there ANY noticeable sound quality improvement in version 2.0 or is it just about the music management window? I do NOT want to stop using iTunes integrated mode, especially considering that I have more than 10000 songs properly tagged and artworked. However, I have seen a few bugs under Yosemite, particularly when it comes to re-activation of audio in other apps under Exclusive Mode and the odd crash here and there...any improvements under 2.0? In summary: Any stability or sound quality reasons for upgrading? Thanks a lot!
  7. Superdad, tks for your additional considerations - but just to be clear one more time: - I am a licensed user of A+ and am, so far, happy with it (even though I admit still having a hard time noticing the "wonders" that other people talk about when referring to vastly superior sound quality); - My concern here is that NOWHERE in the A+ manual is there a reference to improved SQ under the PL mode - besides, all representations made by Damien in the A+ documentation/white paper make absolutely no reference to that possibility - they simply say that, under IM, there is absolutely no audio interference from iTunes as the whole playback is captured by A+ under direct/integer modes; - I have no idea what Jud is talking about when he asserts that "the fact that not using iTunes integration improves sound quality is referenced in the UI itself." NOTHING under the UI or A+ Preferences says that, and I am already using all of the optimization settings recommended by Damien (including deactivating iTunes playback completely, which is NOT the same as Playback mode) - I am ready to stand corrected, of course; - My simple request: that Damien explain whether/why/how this SQ difference may be true, that's all; and that in future versions of the documentation, he CLEARLY indicate that. Because if he DOES so, I will be more than willing to try out PL mode just in case. Having said that, in my own testing with the B&W 685s, Icon HDP DAC and Denon amp, no SQ difference has been noticed so far; but my ears may be failing me anyway. Thanks again.
  8. I will try to keep a respectful tone here and avoid engaging in flame wars - I am talking about the Oxford definition of "advertisement" as follows: "anoticeorannouncement in a public mediumpromoting a product, service, orevent or publicizing a job vacancy" Its thesaurus also refers to it (and this is more in line with what I mean here) as "announcement, notice; commercial, infomercial,promotion, endorsement, blurb, write-up; poster, leaflet,pamphlet, flyer, bill, handbill, handout, fact sheet,circular, bulletin, brochure, sign, placard, junk mail" So your not-so-disguised irony or perhaps intended "correction" is not necessary here. In fact, it may be that you're not at all familiar with the concept of "misleading advertisement", especially if you come from the US where statutory consumer rights are not exactly the norm. In summary, I am simply saying that, whenever talking about IM, Damien has always stated that audio control remains completely with A+ (particularly under Direct/Integer modes, of course). In fact, nowhere in that manual does he state that Playlist improves sound quality, nor is this mentioned in its tips for improving quality such as SysOptimizer, iTunes and Setup. IF that is the case, he must clearly admit that possibility and stop telling its customers that IM refers only to library management...that's all. P.s.: by "related documentation" I meant his paper entitled "Beyond bit-perfect (...)", where he explains the advantages of Integer Mode (which, once more, is active in both IM and non-IM scenarios).
  9. If you are a fellow attorney, you should at least think before posting such careless remarks. Just read the damn A+ manual as well as any other related documentation on it which says, and has ALWAYS said, that audio treatment under IM is exactly the same as PL mode, with the only exception being library management access - in other words, audio is completely taken over by A+ even under IM. If the above (same quality in both modes) is NOT true, then we are simply talking about misleading advertisement. I look forward to hearing Damien's explanation in this regard. Edit: Just to be clear, I am talking about Integer Mode in both cases.
  10. This has absolutely nothing to do with one of my own posts - what shocks me (and reeks of misleading advertisement) is that what has always been said about Integrated Mode is simply untrue, then. I look forward to hearing Damien's own explanation if there is, indeed, any difference in sound quality between IM and non-IM. The thread you linked to is NOT conclusive about that - in fact, people seem to report different results based on different software versions. P.s.: I have just tested both modes and can't hear any difference for now - perhaps the issue is NOT that non-IM is sonically better. It may simply be that Macs with relatively lower processing power may struggle to deliver the expected quality under IM if subjected to some processor stress...since my iMac has an i7/16GB of RAM and never goes beyond 3% of processor usage under A+, I may not be able to hear any difference at all.
  11. How is that even possible? A+ has ALWAYS advertised that Integrated Mode simply uses iTunes for library management, but that the sound playback is totally done outside iTunes. I call this BS.
  12. Another bug that I've noticed - when trying to play a physical CD, A+ displays the following message: "Error: Unable to grab exclusive access OSError=!goh" This has never happened before - what gives?
  13. Salut Damien, Any fix to iTunes DJ mode with A+? The song selected under iTunes DJ is never the same actually being played by A+ in Integrated Mode.
  14. It's funny that you said that, because I thought about exactly the same point before posting - and I am positive that the logic contained in my message still stands. Damien's white paper is clear in defending a very simple principle: that of non-adulteration of the source/music. The quote above further confirms this fact: A+ is supposed to make sure that whatever you play is subject to the least possible amount of interference, be it on a "bit-perfect" level or a "source" level. Unless he is able to explain further, the use of AUnits DOES defeat that purpose. Nothing that causes me a headache of course, since I won't be using them anyway - I am sure many people appreciate the option; I just prefer to stick to the premise that moved me away from ordinary players in the first place.
  15. Sure; let me just summarize what I said above - my beef is with the "preaching one approach now and another later", that's all. Of course what ultimately matters is the pleasure you get from the listening experience - let's just try to be more consistent when advertising certain "bit-perfect advantages" next time.
  16. Yes; we are on the same page, Roch. I don't mind if the option is there for anyone to use it; but I just find it odd that, after years of preaching the opposite, we see a new "equalizer" in A+ (or other audiophile players for that matter). From Damien's own white paper: "The computer is a great music server but also asource of jitter and other RF interferences thatare detrimental the sound quality, even whenbit-perfect reproduction is ensured. The player software needs to optimize andstreamline the audio path to minimize theseadverse effects essentially linked to theprocessing load synchronous to the audiostreaming. Achieving “source direct” in additionto “bit-perfect” is key. " You can obviously conclude from the above that the main if not only purpose of an audiophile-grade player like A+ has always been to ensure the most unadulterated reproduction of sound possible, i.e., "bit-perfect+source-direct". Unless Damien can explain further, the use of AUnits defeats that principle completely, as it adds to the "User Space" the same distortions that "usual audio players" have when using Core Audio units. Sorry for being too dogmatic here - it's just my lawyer's "consistent logic" mind working again. p.s: On a totally unrelated note, does anyone know if my Nuforce Icon HDP is USB-asynchronous? I cannot find this information anywhere.
  17. I am fine with my choices, and that's why I won't use AUnits - however, we should all stick to some intellectual honesty here. Once more, the MAIN argument for buying A+ and related software has ALWAYS been towards playing bitperfect/untainted music. So either you admit that this essential premise means nothing and we should all go back to iTunes, or you accept the fact that these so-called audiophile players stick to what they are meant to do.
  18. Sorry, but you're mixing two very different things. It's obvious that perfect listening SCENARIOS are virtually impossible; but the WHOLE premise of using such software is EXACTLY to have as close to a pure/unadulterated SOURCE of music as possible, i.e., the next best thing to being at the musician's studio - in fact, the very first thing every hi-fi/bitperfect software preaches to users is to TURN OFF EQs, sound enhancers and the like. That's why we buy DACs, amps, stop using iTunes and employ low distortion physical connections. For me, any use of Audio Units goes against that core principle - in other words, it would just be another player for Little Joe out there.
  19. Sorry, but what is the purpose of using Audio Units with a software like Audirvana? Don't we all use it EXACTLY so we can listen to bit-perfect/unadulterated music? Otherwise we can all return to iTunes...or not?
  20. And which of those is better? The blue gauge set for 0dB, or the green one at the same level? I am also using the Nuforce Icon HDP, and I have never seen it enable the red knob.
  21. brlawyer

    Audirvana 1.4

    Tks, Damien - two questions: 1 - Does downloading/using the beta affect our A+ licenses in any way? I mean, are they taken into account when using the new version? 2 - Is the Nuforce Icon HDP only limited to 96 kHz with A+? Thanks!
  22. brlawyer

    Audirvana 1.4

    I already bought Audirvana Plus, so the trial ship has sailed for me... Tks for the clarification on integrated mode, though - this is exactly what I thought. but to the fair, I never really did any blind test between normal iTunes playback and Audirvana; I lack the time/patience for that, so I end up relying on third-party reviews for my purchases (which indicated that A+ was the best audiophile player in 2012). Not to mention that I really like its stability so far - I just wish its technical support options were better. p.s.: One other thing that is SERIOUSLY pissing me off - why do I often have to go back to Sound preferences and re-select my Nuforce as the output device instead of the Internal Speakers? My "solution" was to simply mute them (permanently, I believe) via Audio MIDI Setup. Do you also have this problem with your DAC + A+?
  23. brlawyer

    Audirvana 1.4

    One thing is still not clear to me - I have heard elsewhere that Audirvana using the iTunes integrated mode does NOT really improve audio, i.e., that any real difference only appears when you use Audirvana in stand-alone mode. Is this true? Because in such a case, Integer Mode wouldn't really improve much if the iTunes integrated mode is active. My setup is: iMac 2011, Nuforce HDP, B&W 685 and Audirvana Plus. Another question: why doesn't Audirvana Plus play Audio CDs directly as well?
  24. I can't find any screw holes and am not sure whether rubber pads will suffice. I bought the official B&W stands, which are widely reported to be the best ones for the 685s...but after assembling the stands, I see that there are NO screw holes in the 685s. So how do I mount them on the stands? Sorry if this question is stupid, but I just can't see how..!
  25. Quick question: is Integer Mode supported by Audirvana and the Nuforce HDP when the latter is connected VIA THE iMac's OPTICAL OUT (instead of USB)? Thank you!
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