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  1. Recent design, look at the Atoll DAC 200, ST 100 and 200. No Opamp Discrete output: CONVERTISSEUR / DAC - Atoll Electronique PREAMPLIFICATEURS - Atoll Electronique
  2. The UI could be customize, the feature set is quite close to streamunlimited, all formats support, vtuner, android and IOS support...I may be wrong, a picture of the inside should reveal it. But StreamUnlimited don't mention that they support DSD, but so far they provide what their clients are asking for. Most of their features are licensed, DSD Playback may just be available. I doubt that Sony develop the player technology behind this product.
  3. To me it`s look like as SONY used the Streamunlimited technology. As other manufacturer as Chord, Simaudio, Atoll, Musical Fidelity...
  4. Beta Tester for Emotion

  5. BTW Simaudio MiND and Atoll Electronique ST-100 & 200 works well with Vortexbox DLNA service.
  6. Thanks you Mitch for this excellent article. I found this VST tool (for experimentation in realtime (pc only), it`s free, other excellent audio tools avaible on this website : blogohl: Distorder
  7. I agree the title is not that great but overall the article is good at least for people that want to understand or learn about Flac.
  8. What is FLAC? The high-def MP3 explained | TV and Home Theater - CNET Reviews
  9. Just to confirm that MiND is working fine when connected to a Vortexbox Server (with flac files). I never test AIFF or Apple Lossless.
  10. Audio pioneer Stefan Kudelski dies | News | CED Magazine - Communications, Engineering and Design Magazine-C'est un Nagra. C'est Suisse, et très, très précis- (dixit Diva-the movie)
  11. Here`s the ST200 streamer/Dac proposed by Atoll Electronique: -In short: -Streamer + DAC (BB PCM 1792) -Gapless playback -DLNA support -Control via front panel or Ipad -2 X USB in for Storage -Wi-Fi or Wired -SPDIF in & Out -Discrete analogue output More details and photos here : (in french) PREAMPLIFICATEURS - Atoll Electronique Lecteur réseau Atoll ST200 : le banc d'essai Qobuz en exclusivité mondiale ! - HI-FI BANCS D'ESSAI - Actualités The technology behind the ST200 Stream700
  12. John Abercrombie _Timeless Good Choice, one of my favourites album. Jan Hammer on Hammond B3.... http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Timeless_%28John_Abercrombie_album%29
  13. Hi Mike48, I got the chance to test the Simaudio MiND Renderer during the last SSI 2012 and lately this fall when the product was released. (with the Moon 380D equipped with MiND module) Here's my observations: -Build quality is top noch, I like the AES XLR output, it could be useful if you're DAC is far away from the MiND -The MiND Streamer must be connected to LAN if you need to stream files over 44.1kHz -The MiND provide support for DLNA, during my test and demonstration we used a NAS Vortexbox Server V2.0 (homebrew) -The MiND app is developed for the Ipad, the application is stable but still in development. -Not tested but several MiND could be synchronized together with minimal audio delay (or none) - The MinD app provide volume control (in the analog domain) of other Moon products as DAC or Integrated amplifier via a SimLink connection between the MiND and the other devices. -Sound quality is par with the Moon product line, excellent engineering combined with musicality. Hope this help
  14. I just get my new Emotion license today. One big change the card is now using MassCore instead of Asio (one dedicated cpu for audio processing). Not that much changes on the interface.
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