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  1. Hi, is the bandwidth of Umik not 20Hz-20kHz?
  2. I installed it all as per your recommendation - all works and plays nice! Thanks again!
  3. Willing to try debian since non of the latest hqp naa bootable images seem to support solarflare. Which distro do you mean would be enough only for naa usage? Live-SD/USB? Aiming for minimal installation, only naa>sfp. Also need advise to install/enable the drivers if any? Not very competent in linux though... Thanks in advance
  4. Actually using daphile which is gentoo, working well with solarflare "out of the box", not tried hqplayer naa on debian or ubuntu yet...but thanks for suggest anyway.
  5. You mean static IP, of course it has. Enabling hotspot means daphile maintains it's own wi-fi sid (daphile) which I can connect to to control player, i.e. no need to connect to local network, or in case when there's not a local net. My phone actually can see daphile hotspot but cannot connect to using the the right password (secret1234 by default or any other one). So I can't get why?🤔
  6. Hi guys! Is there someone using the Hotspot in Daphile to help me out please? I cannot connect to Daphile Hotspot trying to fill in the default password in smartphone which sees the Hotspot but refuse to connect saying that maybe there's wrong password... Tried it many times with always the same result. Is there something wrong that I do? Thanks in advance!
  7. Well thanks, guess I'll wait 'till mine arrives here, then dare to second this my request, or would it to ask you to enable both be too much?😔
  8. The "sfc" stands for net driver for the Linux kernel provided by Solarflare. Assuming that SFC6000 is for SNF6xxx series NICs, they may be applicable, so they should be enabled in Linux kernel?
  9. Can I kindly ask to check or enable such a support for Solarflare SFN6122F. Can't check myself for it's not delivered yet.
  10. Hi Miska, Can you please tell if HQPlayer OS working as NAA supports optical NICs like Solarflare? Thanks
  11. Nothing weird here, just thoughts on testing the good stuff😁👍, which is really great! And not complaining too. You hadn't started this topic, but Kimmo did, so I post it him here Toodeloo
  12. I just realized that automatic update in Settings> Update installs ordinary (non -rt) new beta version instead of one with real time kernel, which I used, so I manually reinstalled it through /cgi-bin/Devel option from https://www.daphile.com/firmware/beta/ choosing the link for the right -rt one... Not noticed such a behaviour in the past.
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