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  1. Hi everyone, My main music server is Aurender N10. Does Aurender, in general, cache the Tidal & Qobuz streams into its SSD before playing? Or does it stream live from Tidal & Qobuz server without caching into its SSD? I have experienced intermittent of streaming music once in a while. My N10 is about 4 years old. Thank you, Tommy (Bangkok, THAILAND)
  2. Hi all, not sure anyone has noticed. For a small purchase via the Conductor app via Apple App Store, the MQA Core Decoder are now available on the Aurender (except S10). It can now perform the first unfold of Tidal Master and send out to DAC at the maximum of 24/96. (For those of you who do not own any MQA DAC, the upgrade is worthwhile.)
  3. Hi, I’m a regular reader. Not very active at posting. Anyway, MConnect app is recommended by Weiss for use with its new DAC501/502. Another app to try later is Fidata Music App.
  4. For those who use iOS to control DLNA/UPnP, I use MConnect Player (for iPhone) and MConnect HD (for iPad) to play the files from NAS and stream from Tidal/Qobuz. In Tidal, MConnect shows “M” if the album is Tidal Master.
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