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  1. Already tried that. I have a Meraki firewall/router that handles my FIOS feed and I plugged directly into one of the ports.
  2. But I initially tried both units in the same switch. One worked and the other got the orange light. I tried the one that isn't working on two different switches, but will try a few more. I moved the one that is working upstairs where it is on another switch and it works fine there too. I can power cycle my router but I have over 100 devices on my network, so I not going to power cycle all of them.
  3. I took the SD card from the uR that is working and tried it in the other one. Got the same orange LED after rebooting. I checked the switch and it's getting an IP address, so it's talking to the router. I can also ping it. But the http server is not working as I can connect to it directly via the IP address.
  4. I replaced the two SD cards in my two failed ultraRendus. The first one booted up fine with the new card. The second one didn't. The LED goes from red to orange but never goes green. Device is not seen by mysonicorbiter.com. Any other ideas?+
  5. Thanks, I ordered two cards earlier today, anticipating that might be the answer. Weird that two would go bad at the same time, while the microRendu soldiers on.
  6. I have two ultraRendus and one micro. I just got back from being away 10 days. Before I left, all 3 devices were working fine and running 2.7. When I came back, only the microRendu is recognized by mySonicOrbiter and Roon. I removed both ultras from where they were installed and took to my workbench in the basement. I tried them both using a different network switch and using an LPS 1.2 to power them (9v). On one of them the LED goes from red to orange but the other one stays red. The one that goes orange is recognized by the Meraki managed switch but I can't connect to the http interface using the IP address. The other one doesn't even show up on my network. These were used to two different rooms and two different systems. No thunder storms this time of year, here. Not much I can do since I can't access the web interface on either of them. Any trouble-shooting tips?
  7. Very cool. This will include both the micro- and ultraRendu series?
  8. Supported by Sonore or not, I can tell you it works. I have this exact configuration in my home. I have no idea whether SoTM uses a Linux distribution or not, but I suppose they do, since their devices do not require any type of driver install for USB.
  9. I have no experience with the Linux endpoint you are using but I can tell you that the Sonare UltraDigital works fine with USB fed from SoTM 200Ultra endpoint and feeding a PS Audio DS DAC via i2S. So, whoever said it was designed only to work with Sonore products clearly is wrong.
  10. Unless Singxer has added a capacitor to their i2S output, it isn't compatible with the W4S DAC. I have one, I know from experience.
  11. I moved one of my microRendu’s today and now Sonicorbiter.com shows it but at the wrong IP address. I tried the refresh button on the web page but it does nothing. Even when I completely powered down and disconnected the microRendu, it still shows in the sonicorbiter web page with the old IP address. Is the some way to to force the web page to refresh its cache?
  12. Kal, have you heard any SQ difference between a PS3 rip and an Oppo rip? I have my PS3 at my desktop workstation, so it is more convenient to use. My Oppo is in an equipment rack in another room but I'm willing to get a little exercise if there is a good reason :-)
  13. My 3.5.5 fw PS3 has been connected to my home network since I got it and its never been a problem in terms of auto updating.
  14. My fallback was to use ISO2DSD to rip from an Oppo 105 but I still wondering my sacd_extract isn't working on my Windows PC. Can you use ISO2DSD to rip from a PS3?
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