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  1. Elan Exciting... What is the reason that you use an 80v electrolyte that fills a lot, instead of, for example, 2x 2 mlytic 22000uf / 25v which fills less and isn’t two 22000uf electrolytes in parallel better than 1?
  2. Fantastic, the best review I've ever read. The Poweradd Pro battery banks you use are with their original switchmode psues? Asking because if it was me I would probably prefer that your internet Alcatel box is always connected to power (without having to take off the power bank's smps, when listening), so here I would probably try using a linear psu to power the powerbank, if possible?
  3. Thank you very much for the great answers to John and Alex ;0) The main reason I asked was because I fell over this old thread https://www.audioasylum.com/forums/pcaudio/messages/4/43048.html where John just mentions the symptoms when zj159 gets "stressed" and then I thought that the 7.2A sounded of a lot ;0) But it was written over 10 years ago and a lot has happened since and you have gained more experience and knowledge about many things that have helped you develop a JS-2 from then to now. I've never seen a psu with 3 rectifier diodes and have no idea how this rectifier works ;0)
  4. Hey. I'm not sure this is the right thread to write in, but couldn't find a technical JS-2 thread ; 0) The JS-2 is beautiful and would fit in my other aluminum cabinets, so I should have ordered one with my EtherRegen ... Well, to the question: If the JS-2 can deliver up to 7.2A at 12v, will the used choke 159ZJ not be “stressed” as its specs. is 10mh 5A? It wouldn´t have been better to use the 159ZL 2,5mh 10A?
  5. Hip-joints the Barry Diament's version of a roller-block is made by Ingress http://www.ingress-engineering.ca/products-and-services.php and the area the ball can move is very important, concave and large...
  6. elan120 wrote: OP did say the wiring connections are as follows. Yes I know, but according this: and this there is a mismatch where the wires are placed...
  7. Hi, thanks for this informative and terrific thread. Maybe I am wrong, but if I look at your picture at the atx 20-pin connector and you are wiring pin 8,9 and 10, then these have to be at the atx socket nearest the external regulator boards and not in the other end at the atx socket. I hope it is understandable, what I mean 😉
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