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  1. you, sir,have written an exemplary review. michele surdi from rome
  2. michelesurdi

    Pure Music headache

    can anyone tell me if i can use streamer 2 with pure music 1.6 and use pure music's dithered volume control?that would mean skipping a preamp in a basic rig.
  3. michelesurdi

    streamer 2

    i am so uncool i don't know how to post a link.actually i was asking for some comments on the streamer.still,it's nice to be read. michele
  4. michelesurdi

    streamer 2

    i've posted my impressions on the streamer 2 on 6moon reviews and i got flamed,once. any further comments, suggestions? michele surdi
  5. michelesurdi

    Article: Cambridge Audio DacMagic Review

    after two days testing I can confirm the initial result:dacmagic is not fully mac osx usb capable.output volume <br /> is extreme and can only be controlled,fractionally,by the application(e.g. itunes,aol radio) volume control,while main mac os volume and left right balance are completely bypassed. in my experience then cambridge dac matic is not suitable as a plug and play usb dac for mac users,and mine goes back to the dealer.smart marketing move though:who cares about mac users when the cambridge dac is magic for the xbox?<br /> michele
  6. michelesurdi

    Article: Cambridge Audio DacMagic Review

    hello there,and a happy new year to you<br /> here's the rub.I'm using the little bastard on the latest model macbook(4.1).dacmagic comes through as advertised,but using itunes 8.01 volume control is fractional even with the master(control bar) volume muted. using a teensy trends audio lite dac I keep itunes volume at max (no digital paring)and use the master volume as needed,which allows me to feed my amps direct.dac magic sounds wonderful from balanced to my nagra vpa amps,but it's way loud,even with itunes vol at minimum,as I said.by the way,my rig is all nagra throughout on tannoys,which means the dacmagic competes with the nagra cdc,which ain't chopped liver.seems to me the cambridge does not recognise mac osx 10.5.6.<br /> I really appreciate your taking the trouble to answer me.<br /> michele<br /> <br /> oops I goofed and anwered the mail.my bad
  7. michelesurdi

    Article: Cambridge Audio DacMagic Review

    the dac magic is recognized by macbook but volume can only be barely controlled from itunes.this not a true mac compatible device,it seems to me.any hope for a mac compatible version?<br /> michele from italy