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  1. I received my 10Mhz Afterdark external clock (Emperor Double Crown). Its noise phase is -118db at 1hz and -142db at 10hz. What is the contribution to the SDA-6 (with Roon, HQPlayer and Diretta) ? First of all, I started to burn it for a week 24 hours a day to see the benefits ... which are more air and material, more definition. It's not huge, but it's there. It must be said that the clocks of the pro version of this dac are of a very high level and that the bar is set very high. On the SU-2 interface the progress is more noticeable. In
  2. Pro version :there is a "p" in the serial number. Pierre
  3. Hello I ordered on March 18th an Emperor Double Crown with a cable and an impedance adapter and I hope to receive it this week. I keep you informed of the listening results. Pierre
  4. I am amazed that one can criticize material that one does not have, or that one has not listened to carefully, and that one can make negative judgments about it. Reducing the noise induced by the USB is a great thing, but that does not preclude another improvement with a high quality external clock. In addition, it is not only the precision of the clock which is important, but also the noise phase at 1hz and at 10hz in particular. I am in contact with audiophiles who own 10mhz external clocks and who say how much this brings to their very high level system. A priori I there
  5. Hi all, I have a little perspective now with the SDA-6. Its break-in is in progress (around a hundred hours completed), but at least 200 are needed for the Mundorf capacities of this Pro version. The orange display is pleasant, easy to read, but it is impossible to lower its intensity or turn it off. It is not dramatic, but rare. The device is well finished, and seems to be of good quality, like the SU-2 interface of the same brand. I listened very carefully, very targeted, in several sessions, with very varied files, some of which I use as a
  6. Hi etane I am using D70 with SU-2 and it works fine. I am also waiting for a SDA-6 and hope to receive this unit this week. I'll report how it sounds. Pierre
  7. Hi fmzip My motherboard is a Gigabyte Z390 Aorus Pro with 8 Go memory DDR4 3200 Mhz, Intel I9 9900K (8 cores, 3,6 Ghz up to 5 Ghz), Windows Server 2019 Standard, Roon and HQplayer. I decided to run this server at 4,2 Ghz. The ventirad is a Noctua I don't power with the motherboard but with an external power diy. This pc is powered with units from Sean Jacob and HDplex 400W. The transformer is a 450W Toroidy Supreme. Yes this pc is very silent because the ventirad run slowly. I recently added Diretta with a second pc (mini pc) for the targ
  8. Hello First of all, I would like to thank SwissBear for creating this discussion about the Singxer SDA-6. Indeed this dac was released about 9 months ago and there is no listening report on the net about it, apart from that of SwissBear here and on a French forum (forumhifi.fr). The information is very poor. Astonishing! I have been using a Singxer SU-2 for 5 months which gives me excellent results with a dac Topping D70. My source is a pc with an Intel I9 9900K microprocessor with Roon, HQPlayer and Diretta. Power supply is provided by Sean Jacob. The Singxer SU-2
  9. patatras

    HQ Player

    Hi I am using HQP with pcm conversion to DSD 512. My processeur is a xeon D1540 with 8 hearts at 2 ghz. They work at 75 - 80% with 25% of ram. With many filters and modulators as DSD7, DSDv2 256... I have drops of sound (2s) each about 30s. I set buffer time to 50 or 100ms and it's the same. What can I do else ? Thank's Pierre
  10. Engineered said The evaluation process for the implementation of Roon is underway. Pierre
  11. Which board did you use ? Pierre
  12. I asked Engeneered about NAA (I am also concerned) and they said no NAA for now. Pierre
  13. Thank's I'll contact Engineered Pierre
  14. Hi Giuseppe No ered-dock doesn't work with Hqplayer. It needs NAA. I don't know if roon works with ered-dock and I hope it's true. Regards Pierre
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