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  1. You will have to try that out yourself : I only tested the situation with a Wifi dongle attached to the sms200 USB port, connecting it to my home network. I liked it less than the ethernet cable connection, but there were also reports by some who liked it more than cable. So it is probably system-dependent.
  2. Yes that should be possible. I have done it with a NUC and windows10. You should give the sms200 a static (fixed) ethernet address via the eunhasu webpage. The MAC should notice so that Roon can find it. If the MAC does not recognize the sms200 you could try to open the eunhasu webpage and restart the Roon app on the eunhasu page. If you have 2 ethernet ports on your MAC then you could attach the MAC also to your outside network and then you could try bridging as mentioned by Aggielaw.
  3. Hi Stefano, I had the same trouble before with V4.7 of eunhasu. I reported about that in dec 2019 : see : I tried it again with V8.1 recently : same experience as you reported above. Still does not work. You will have to use Mconnect (Ipad) or BubbleUpNp app (android). The problem lies with the Qobuz API. Qobuz promised me in Dec 2019 that they are still working on it, but apparently it has no priority for them. But I do not understand why SOTM wrote that it will work now with V8.1. Did did they really test it??
  4. See my question in Dec 2019 and follow the discussion. It does not work for Qobuz and I think also not for Tidal. You will have to use an App like Mconnect or BubbleUpnp : these have a working connection to Qobuz and Tidal, Sms200 does not.
  5. For DLNA/MPD Look at the discussion here : With LMS, you will have to set Qobuz ON (plus Id and pw) in one of its settings pages. Then you will see it in Squeezelight.
  6. Hi Stefano, Thanks for your advice : I was trying to see if the id/pw for Qobuz that one can enter into the settings of the SOTM200 DLNA section could work. It did not and still does not work even if you use BubbleUPNP openhome servers/renderer. What you show is that Lumiin has its own connection to Tidal and Qobuz, like some other control apps e.g. Mconnect. You use the SOTM here as openhome renderer only. But what I see is that the Lumiin app is better for Qobuz than the Mconnect app (Ipad). I emailed @May from SOTM about it and Qobuz. May confirmed that entering id/pw in the SOTM DLNA section does not work. She recommended Mconnect and Lumiin. But it might work in the future. @Cebolla is right : Qobuz stopped the beta version that used DLNA. But they said that they are still working on it. They have not abandoned it.
  7. Thank you for your answer, I also notified May from SOtM, maybe she has an update? Anyway : BubbleUpNp did not solve this question. Mconnect maybe working but it has a huge omission : for classical music it does not list the tag "composer" which is a persistent problem for us : the minority classical music listener. If you are lucky the composer is a few clicks away, but not in Mconnect. So one day I probably would have to embrace Roon, which is still bit expensive for me.
  8. Beste Peter,

    Ik herken het probleem met mijn SOtM. 200 met Lumin app welke  geweldig werkte tot vorig jaar.
    Ik ben over naar -roon- en will ook graag weten hoe -plan B- 

    Ik wil je vragen jouw vraag te stellen in de Facebook groep -streaming audio-.


    Bel gerust ...


    Met vriendelijke groet,

    Ieberich de Klein


    1. Peter_T


      Beste Ieberich,


      Ik heb het net ook op de Facebook groep gepost.  Uiteindelijk zal ik ook wel naar Roon toe moeten, maar dat is me nogal duur omdat het ook een nieuwe Ipad en mogelijk een nieuwe audio computer vereist.



  9. I am trying to use Qobuz with the MPD/DLNA section of my SMS-200 (v4.7). In it's config you can see : I fill this out with my Qobuz user/pw and save it. Because Qobuz itself does not communicate directly with DLNA streamers I had to use the controller app Kazoo on my Ipad. There I can see the SMS-200 as "server" : Going to Kazoo "rooms" or renderer page I see : Nice : This might work, but if I click on Qobuz I get an error message : Apparently the Qobuz login data stored in the SMS-200 are not reaching Qobuz. Has anybody used this method with success? What does work is the control app MConnectHD (7 €) on my Ipad which has a special Qobuz login procedure. But it would be nice if I could use the SMS-200 DLNA directly, then the choice of control apps would be much broader.
  10. 100base-T and V4.59 did not work for me : severe stuttering. V4.6 with 100base-T is now OK if I set auto-negotiation to ON! If auto-negotiation is OFF the stuttering comes back. Maybe my situation is special : the SOTM200 is connected to the 2nd ethernet port on my NUC, so is not part of my regular network. Jriver on my NUC does pick up the SOTM200 if it has a static IP-address.
  11. I had a similar experience with my SOTM200 (see my profile for my system) : V4.57 sounded great especially with the 100Base-T setting. 1000Base-T sounded a bit less (slightly harsher). After installing V4.59 I noticed severe stuttering with 100Base-T setting (using MPD/DLNA). Could only use 1000Base-T, which sounded not as good as V4.57 100Base. So I switched back to V4.57 as you did.
  12. I agree : I noticed a somewhat better SQ from my SOTM200 going from 4.22 to 4.50. Since that update no more increase in SQ
  13. I use Jriver with DLNA s server for my SOTM200. No problems with 4.56 except that I cannot reboot on the Eunhasu page.
  14. The easiest program I found to make USB-stick images or clone USB-sticks is the free "ImageUSB" : https://www.osforensics.com/tools/write-usb-images.html
  15. Network bridging is NOT possible either in W2012r2-core or W2016-core. I have tried hard and did not succeed. AO confrims this : see : I have not tried W2016-GUI with bridging. It would require a complete re-installation, because you can't switch from core to gui in W2016. But if I am going to change things, my next bet would be Audio-Linux.
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