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  1. 100base-T and V4.59 did not work for me : severe stuttering. V4.6 with 100base-T is now OK if I set auto-negotiation to ON! If auto-negotiation is OFF the stuttering comes back. Maybe my situation is special : the SOTM200 is connected to the 2nd ethernet port on my NUC, so is not part of my regular network. Jriver on my NUC does pick up the SOTM200 if it has a static IP-address.
  2. I had a similar experience with my SOTM200 (see my profile for my system) : V4.57 sounded great especially with the 100Base-T setting. 1000Base-T sounded a bit less (slightly harsher). After installing V4.59 I noticed severe stuttering with 100Base-T setting (using MPD/DLNA). Could only use 1000Base-T, which sounded not as good as V4.57 100Base. So I switched back to V4.57 as you did.
  3. I agree : I noticed a somewhat better SQ from my SOTM200 going from 4.22 to 4.50. Since that update no more increase in SQ
  4. I use Jriver with DLNA s server for my SOTM200. No problems with 4.56 except that I cannot reboot on the Eunhasu page.
  5. The easiest program I found to make USB-stick images or clone USB-sticks is the free "ImageUSB" : https://www.osforensics.com/tools/write-usb-images.html
  6. Network bridging is NOT possible either in W2012r2-core or W2016-core. I have tried hard and did not succeed. AO confrims this : see : I have not tried W2016-GUI with bridging. It would require a complete re-installation, because you can't switch from core to gui in W2016. But if I am going to change things, my next bet would be Audio-Linux.
  7. @lasker98 Yes : you do not need your PC if you have a LMS server running on your NAS. I have a very similar setup as you (see my profile). I struggled with stuttering when trying to bridge the 2 NICs on my NUC under W2012r2 using Jriver-Jremote and the SOTM200 as DLNA renderer. Stuttering disappeared after adding a Wifi-dongle to form a 3-way bridge as you can read in the beginning of this thread. I tried the Sqlite/LMS scenario also (without my NUC) but that only raised problems for me. LMS as a library server on my NAS was terribly slow and the control app on my Ipad is rudimentary compared to the Jriver-Jremote couple. Now I have W2016-core on my NUC and a NIC software bridge is not possible at all. My current solution is to attach the SOTM to NIC1 and use NIC2 to attach my NUC to the router. In this way the SOTM is isolated from the rest of the network and the SQ is better than having the SOTM on a network switch. You have to set the SOTM to a static IP-address. Jriver will (after a while) recognize the SOTM. If not, you can restart the SOTM or use Firefox (works under W2016-core) to open the eunhasu page and restart the DLNA renderer.
  8. Here are 2 pics how I connected my SOTM200 to my Chord eQute with with an USPCB. In Pic1 only the USPCB is used. It is a bit of a squeeze, but it does connect. Each unit is powered by a S-Booster. If you need a bit more distance you can attach an USB-A-USB-A extender to the USPCB as shown in pic2. Soundwise I preferred the USPCB to an Audioquest Coffee Cable. Especially the dynamics are better. If you need a (very) short flexible USB cable I can recommend www.elijahaudio.com : he can make one for you. I have used one with similar good effect as the USPCB for a previous DAC.
  9. @jrobbins50 If you don't feel comfortable using the command line only in W2016-core, I would advise you to keep using W2016-GUI, because it's sound quality is already better than W2012R2-core, as you can read in several posts in this forum. Updating W2016 in core-mode is not straightforward. Also installing Roon-server in core may give problems (see the post in this forum from frederick184).
  10. @jrobbins50 It is not possible to switch from W2016-GUI to W2016-core after installing W2016-GUI. You will have to choose for W2016-core at the start of the installation. See AO's manual for V2.2 page 13.
  11. Watch and listen to the The Hans Beekhuyzen Channel Published on 29 sep 2017. He thinks the SOTM200-Ultra is way better than the SOTM200.
  12. @antonyb If I look on my NAS (with DSM) what the name of the shared map is where I store my music then my Synology says \\synologynas\volume1\music. But seen from windows it should be \\synologynas\music. Start a command box and type : dir \\Nas\iso_volume\Audiophile Do you get to see the folder directory? If not try dir \\Nas\Audiophile Maybe it could be as simple as this? Also : your NAS should have a static IP-address.
  13. I remember having similar troubles with mapping NAS-server-shares to a windows drive letter. When doing this for windows 10, I always get at startup the error message that de drive(s) are not found due to what Audiophil said above. Under W10 the problem disappears if you click on the mapped drive letter (with a red cross on it). This is not possible for my audio computer under W2016-core where I use an automatic startup for the JRiver server. JRiver starts before the mapping is accomplished and does not recognize the NAS-share. The solution is : do not use windows drive mapped drives in JRiver : use the direct address like : \\NameOfNAS\NASfoldername\ for the import of single folders or the foldername to be watched by JRiver. In my case that is \\Synologynas\music\localmap. If the server's network name does not do it, you can use it's IP-Address.
  14. It is not possible to use network bridging in W2012 core & W2016 core. See:
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