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  1. AudioPhil thank for clarifying that I was not aware fully about this Thank you
  2. Hi there all I decided to beta test newest AudioPhill invention AO 2.0 This new AO is mainly aimed at Win10 I think I am Win server 2012 r2 user myself There is very slight improvement (even AO 1.40 seems same as AO 2.0) in Win server Noise floor,detail seems improved Since it is aimed at Win10 I installed latest to compared to stock windows vs AO 2.0b6 optimized Win10 comes bloated with stuff that won't believe it is not music oriented operating system at all (I dont think any of them are anyway) You will get decent sound without AO 2.0 not the sound I would enjoy it anyway Then I run AO.2.0b5 first and then beta6 what a huge difference that makes If you can't afford Win server 2012 r2 you have to get Win10 (easy to get it for free I think) you HAVE to optimize that platform with AudioPhil AO 2.0 It is an expanse but since you are saving bunch of money not paying premium price for Win server the improvement you will get it worth every penny I remember and AudioPhil for sure when he first introduced AO few years back how was difficult for some people including me to run that software without problems As he improves AO over the years to install it and run it ,optimizing ,switching modes,settings sound signatures and filters etc it is so easy and doesn't need experience at all in my opinion If you are aiming to have best windows based audio pc you also need AO There is couple of other software which you get at discounted price if you talk to AudioPhil I think (Process Lasso,Fidelizer Pro) I think AudioPhil even have free trial for AO just email him at [email protected] This is only beta testing I think release version will get even better Thank you AudioPhill for allowing me to be part of the group that can test your awesome piece of software
  3. Yes Core and Minimal server mode also If you run AO I think Bestway to find out is look up at top of cmd it should say as Administrator
  4. you mean the text I posted? if you are in core mode your cmd.exe runs as admin anyway
  5. cd C:/ next cd program files next cd hiroyuki yokota next cd rewritedata (notice one word) next rewritedata.exe (notice no cd in front) I hope it works
  6. Ben it was me you were talking to To me looks like it is either ram or PSU These mobo's are very finicky to power I have try many PSU myself and I was getting same "symptoms" Finally bought Intel PSU that this mobo support and booted no problem Even have no problem using 1.55V ram which this mobo not suppose to support according to Intel As you remember Intel even did not know what is the problem so they kept sending me 2 replacements for mobo that was no even faulty So try different ram and put them in right slots or use different PSU more power That is why I did not jump and buy Teradak yet cause I am afraid I will end up with problem you are having As far as video out goes you dont need any video card or anything like that just hook VGA out from that mobo to VGA in on your monitor and if everything boot OK you will see bios etc Keep Us and me posted Thanks
  7. Thank you all Any advice on rectifier tube for Melody WE2688 pre?? Thanks
  8. Cause his SSD drives (newest) are NOT very reliable
  9. ap2config Open above file by double clicking and you will some hidden settings play with them to get better sound Let me know Thanks
  10. Unfortunately he doesn't speak English Will try to get some settings and post here Thanks Enjoy this player
  11. Thank you I will try to contact developer and get some support It is indeed one of these top players
  12. Don't be afraid to try this player and post your thoughts It is Russian but wasn't made by Putin LOL Thanks
  13. Audio player Album Player 2.103 Hi anyone use this player? I have try it and seems it is very nice player Any thoughts ? Thanks
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