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  1. If a more plug-and-play option is preferable, then please consider LUMIN L1 - it behaves as a USB hard disk when plugged into a computer and then automatically becomes a music server when on the network - it is obviously optimised for LUMIN tag browsing. When moving to Tag Browsing, it's important to ensure that your music is tagged correctly - MP3Tag can do this automatically.
  2. This is normal when just connecting a Hard Disk Drive directly to LUMIN via USB. To gain the 'Tag Browsing', please use a Computer or NAS running a good server such as Minimserver.
  3. I take it you're using a phone version of the app? The link between the browsing and playlist isn't as clear as with a tablet version, so maybe borrow one for a bit if you can until you get used to it - just because the effect that your choices have between browse and playlist are much more instantly visible. Basically, LUMIN only plays the LUMIN playlist. All you can do in browse is add things to the LUMIN playlist. Swipe right to view the playlist in the phone version. If you want to add the whole 'Blues' TIDAL playlist to your LUMIN playlist, you have to find the playlis
  4. The screen is OLED and can have image burn under extreme circumstances. I went through a period (maybe a year) of switching off a load of electronics at night (including my network switch but not LUMIN) and I can now see a negative "Network error" text on the screen. Unfortunately, I never noticed it was showing that message as the switch to turn everything off at night (and on again in the morning) was in a different room. Also, because I had been taking photos of the LUMIN screen, it was set to 'bright'. Oops.
  5. Hi Liam Just to confirm - in App > Settings > LUMIN name > Options you have Internet Radio Setting TuneIn Radio Sign In set to the same name as the URL you've got above. i.e. obrianmailtunein. Then hit enter. And then you've tapped Update Radio Channels? I'm in the UK and I'm seeing Classic FM and Jazz FM for example (sadly BBC are no longer showing). Edit: I just entered your username and can see The UK 1940s OTR, The UK 1940s Radio Station and 1940's Radio Big Band
  6. In that case there are no technical problems. It should sound great. However, most of the criteria involved when choosing a power amplifier are to do with matching to your speakers. Making sure they are a good match for each other would be my priority.
  7. Ah right, I understand. What you're seeing is a list of servers. It's not that it's under MinimServer as such. It's that Minimserver was the currently selected server and when you click it, you can change the server. In this case 'LUMIN T1 USB Music Server' is what you want to be browsing in order to see the contents of the drive. Once you have a server selected, the 'Options' menu item under it is just for that particular server. I think we got confused when you said you could see the thumb drive, so we assumed you'd gone through this same process in order to view the music on that.
  8. stefano_mbp is correct above - we've actually just changed the layout of this area and updated our instructions page: See here: http://www.luminmusic.com/support-app.html#playlist I'll paste it below - but it might not read as well: Save and Load: The 'Playlist' button (highlighted) is used to both Save and Load Playlists. Save new: Type in your new Playlist Name in the text box and then tap the 'Save' button. Overwrite: Tap the Playlist Name in the list that you wish to overwrite and then tap the 'Save' button. Load: Tap your chosen Playlist N
  9. Hi DrNikonian First, you need to have the MinimStreamer package installed on MinimServer. This may require updating MinimServer to the latest version: https://minimstreamer.com/installing.html Then in MinimServer > Properties > System Tab you should see some new fields (highlighted below): The green highlighted field is where these transcoding strings should be entered. (although on the latest MinimServer and MinimStreamer, I can't get the strings listed above to be accepted) More help here: https://minimstreamer.com/userguide.html#Transcoding
  10. You need a really long screwdriver to reach from the back to the front along the extrusion to the top 2 screws to let the top slide off. It's pozidrive.
  11. Roon isn't really an app - it's a whole system of server, processor and app. If features dsp processing, upsampling/downsampling and other features, so it definitely has the possibility of sounding different. You are right that UPnP apps shouldn't sound different from one another though.
  12. The figures of 128 and 320 that are mentioned are in kbps and are Lossy. AAC is Apple's lossy equivalent of lossy MP3. The lossless FLAC should in theory be the same as AirPlay (and CD), but the fact it mentions 320kbps confuses things as that would refer to a lossy bitrate and is not usually associated with FLAC. In all these cases, AirPlay should be capable of sending them without further compression to LUMIN. I don't know of any high res radio stations that AirPlay couldn't handle. TuneIn bitrates vary by station up to 320kbps afaik
  13. It's purely down to the processing power of the chip used. Multi-Room is still supported on S1, but you would have to have X1 / T2 / D2 / U1 / U1 MINI / M1 in the system to do the sending.
  14. Obviously this voids warranty and has electric shock risks associated with it. But I think you just need an extra long pozi screwdriver - like this: I'm not 100% sure, but I think Pz2.
  15. Yes, many LUMIN owners use a variety of apps such as BubbleUPnP to control LUMIN. LUMIN is fully Openhome compliant. Of course, many owners of other hardware also use the LUMIN App too. For the actual LUMIN Settings (things like logins for subscription services, upsampling settings, display brightness, etc) you will have to use the LUMIN App for either iOS or Android, but not necessarily for playback. I use another brand of App to occasionally control LUMIN from my PC for example.
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