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  1. The short answer is no, not without another roon endpoint in the mix. The newer USB SSR II will work with Roon.
  2. JRiver for ripping to my NAS. MediaMonkey for tag consolidation and some organization (I listen to a lot of metal JRiver hasn't a clue about) and Lumin for playback on my iPad. Lumin works great. I see a lot of people using Roon, but I am not sure why the added expense, particularly as one who doesn't subscribe to Tidal, doesn't listen to audiophile music. Tidal has very little overlap with my tastes I do subscribe to Spotify premium cause Spotify has a killer selection of metal for checking out new bands. I buy if I listen more than a few times.
  3. I made a listing, actually two by accident, wasn't used to the posting. Wasn't sure how to delete the second one. https://superphonica.com/all-products/components-digital/streamers/sonore-signature-rendu-2/
  4. This seems like the natural analog of the original Signature Rendu which I own. I am using it with my Directstream DAC via the i2s (HDMI cable). It's also nice because at this moment I am using the SR via HDMI into my Anthem pre/pro with very good results. This though seems like it is made for the more ubiquitous USB connector that all audiophile dacs these days have, whereas not too many of said DACs provide an I2S connection. Mildly curious how the old and new Signatures would compare on the Directstream DAC that can do either.
  5. Ok, I am not sure what exactly happened but I eventually got it to work. I shut it down and restarted, then went back into my router's system and updated the port for port forwarding and that seemed to work. Wished these things were so darn confusing
  6. So I had finally gotten everything setup to use Lumin on my Android tablet to control music playback from my Synology NAS to the SSR. It worked for one day and I've been trying to figure out ever since how to get it to work again. Lumin definitely sees the miminServer on the NAS and shows my music. It lets me choose the SSR OH as the Lumin device, but it won't play anything and my AVP shows no signal from the SSR. So I opened up BubbleUPnP and under media renderers, there is no SSR, only my ShieldTV and some other devices like my laptop. I turned the SSR off and on again, rebooted the Bubble server, still nothing. When I type the IP address into a browser, I can bring up the renderer page, but bubble doesn't see it. Any suggestions?
  7. I understand. I was just hoping to try out Roon without adding two more physical servers into the system. For now I will continue to work on getting Lumin to work right for me.
  8. Any chance that this bridge will be able to run on NUC ROCK server?
  9. Based on this thread, I got a new tablet and loaded Lumin. I tried it out briefly on my Samsung S4 first to make sure it was good. I have a Synology DS1815+ NAS > Sonore Signature Rendu and was intrigued by Roon but didn't want to add another server for the Roon interface and also I like to KISS, so I thought I'd try another interface. So far I'm really likely Lumin. It doesn't do AI associations, but I'm ok with being my own for now. What I like is that is has a nice slick interface that isn't too laggy with 5.5K albums loaded on my NAS as of right now.
  10. By the way, I have a Synology DS1815+ NAS. I don't really want another server.
  11. Ok, cool, somehow I thought this was software based rather than an extra component. Will investigate further. Not worried about the cost per se, was just somehow expecting a software plug. The first post suggest the SSR is on the compatible device list, so I am bit confused. If I were to get one of those, what is the point of the SSR then?
  12. Where can one acquire said software? I have a Signature Series Rendu and would like to try out Roon.
  13. You are probably right on the memory, but it is one of those things where it was easy, cost ~40 iirc and overkill never hurt anyone in memory. I plan to run a couple different servers in parallel even if I don't use them all at the same time. I have squeezeboxes in 3 rooms in my house and I have a Sonore Sig Rendu in the main system plus my movies serving up to my HT. I also want to experiment with interfaces.
  14. Just an update in case anyone reads this thread for advice. I got my Synology up and running. Currently creating a SHR2 volume (essentially RAID6). I prefer to use a bit more caution with drives as I have even lost a RAID5 once years back. I chose the DS1815+ as I think having more drive bays is a very good thing. I used WD Red 5TB drives as I already had 4 of them, so I ordered 6 more with the diskstation as I think it is good to have two spares ready to go if needed. I came across a youtube video showing the exact type of memory you can use to upgrade to 16gb (cheap upgrade compared the everything else). I followed suite and it was easy to do except the inside one is a pain in the ass to seat if you have fat fingers like mine. So far I found the setup and software fairly straight forward. I think the Synology software feels more like made for the average consumer whereas the QNAP software was written for nerds and IT people.
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