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  1. Hi Rossb, Are you using the Yellowtec PUC2 as a DAC? Does it still sound edgy? Does it still have a background hiss? Are you hearing the hiss because your speakers are highly efficient? Thanks.
  2. hsitas

    Yellowtec PUC2

    Thank you Yucca06. What is the sonic difference between: PC->usb->Yellowtec PUC lite->AES->Dac and PC->usb->Yellowtec PUC lite->AES->clock (Mutec MC3+ in my case)->Dac Does the Mutec MC3+ have lower jitter? How does it sound?
  3. hsitas

    Yellowtec PUC2

    I am interested in buying a Yellowtec PUC2 Lite for my NAD M51 DAC. What is the use of the AES input in the Yellowtec PUC2 Lite? Can I connect a master clock using the AES input of Yellowtec PUC2 Lite? or Can I connect the AES output from my Source to AES input of Yellowtec PUC2 Lite (for reclocking) and AES output of Yellowtec PUC2 Lite to NAD M51?
  4. I will be listening to the M50 next week. This week I tried the BADA Alpha USB with M51 and it took M51 to a different level. I have auditioned Musical Fidelity and the new Bel Canto USB/sPDIF converters; BADA Alpha USB is in a different league. I hope that I can achieve a similar sound with M50.
  5. I am looking for an extremely low jitter source (under USD 2000) to stream digital output over sPDIF or AES/EBU to my NAD M51 DAC. Colorfly Pocket HiFi C4 Pro seems to be a good option because of it 2ps jitter at its sPDIF output. Has anyone used Colorfly C4 Pro as a digital source in their audio system? NAD M50 seems to be a good option. What is the jitter on the NAD M50 Digital Streamer? Please let me know your experiences.
  6. Thank you, Bill. How important is a power supply in a converter?
  7. Thank you for yor response. I use JRiver on my latop computer as a source. I am aware that the NAD M51 has Asynchronous USB connection and I have not tried the AES/EBU or SPDIF connectors. I am trying to get the best quality sound out of this DAC by using a quality converter. I will check with the dealers on MA and try to get the Bel Canto RefLink for a demo. I am currently using a dual mono Musical Fidelity power amplifier (not balanced) and I am planning to change my power amplifier to a fully balanced power amplifier. I use the NAD M51 as the preamp. It is difficult to try all the converters and connectors, so I am looking for advice from experienced computer audiophiles like you and NAD M51 owners.
  8. I am considering the following converters for the NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC: (1) Audiophilleo 2 +PurePower (2) Bel Canto uLink + ifi iUSB Power (3) Bel Canto RefLink (4) JKSPDIF MK3 Which is the best ‘USB to SPDIF converter’ for the NAD M51 Direct Digital DAC? Does the XLR-AES/EBU digital audio input sound better than the SPDIF-Coaxial digital audio input on NAD M51? Does the Balanced (XLR) output sound better than the Unbalanced (RCA) output in NAD M51?