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  1. Chis I’m not looking down from any high horse, but the primary purpose of music is to listen to and enjoy it and that’s my focus. I fully understand people use music as various forms of a hobby, be that collecting, reading lp covers, upgrading equipment etc etc. And getting it as close as possible to what’s on the recording is pure perception unless you have the memory to compare it against the actual recording, people will hear different things based on the quality of the persons hearing and perceptions. People shouldn’t discount a service if they haven’t listened to it, because who knows they might actually enjoy what they listen to, if they don’t they don’t. But you will only ever know if you listen no matter what the equipment.
  2. I have a Bluesound node 2i directly connected to a AustinTrew power amp and Focal speakers. Really simple to navigate and sounds great, no interest in bit perfect, exclusive mode etc, etc, I listen to and enjoy the music not chase numbers and technical details that don’t prove that you will enjoy what you are listening to, isn’t that the whole point of music?
  3. Guess you could VNC into a PC. Its going backward though, its a PC to maintain plus the user interface might not be that great. I use a Sonos Connect which is not hi-def, if i want to use hi-def think I'm just going to plug my mac into the DAC. Sonos is OK for general listening , how many times do you really want to try and hear every detail?
  4. Subscription Renewal On 16 December 2019, your Individual Plan HD subscription will renew at £14.99/month. in the UK I’ve payed nothing as per the above
  5. I’m the same, I’m not technically bothered about the numbers, but I like the interface, seems to sound better than Apple Music , good playlist , if I want to make the most of it I’ll plug my Mac directly into my dac. For everyday use via iPhone, Sonos and CarPlay I’m quite impressed. I know all my music is in iTunes but in these modern days the only time I need local content is on my phone while I’m on holiday. My music file collection is largely unused but sits on a nas being constantly back up.
  6. The point is in your paragraph below, normal people want it to sound great and better than what they have, the majority of the comments here are chasing numbers and bit perfect. I’ve just been listening and seeing if I think it sounds better than what I’ve got, that’s the point of music to listen too. “It seems like they are just tossing something out there to check off a box. Their expectation appears to be that mass market consumers have maybe heard about “hi-res” music and now they can have it on their ear buds and Echo speakers and be amazed at how much more fantastic it sounds and tell all their friends so Amazon can get an extra $5 per month from them.”
  7. Sorry long time since I looked at streamers. ive got a Sonos connect but guess that won’t stream the higher definition files, what would be a good option to stream and feed this into my dac or change to an integrated amp/dac/streamer? cheers
  8. Lots of technical detail, however the whole point of music is to listen and enjoy what you hear. Technical details aside how do people think it sounds from an enjoyment factor? A day in I think I prefer the outputted sound to Apple Music.
  9. I once installed this on my NAS and it worked well http://www.subsonic.org/pages/index.jsp
  10. These days I have Media on my NAS that also serves as a backup server for Mac and PC, I mostly just use Apple Music via the Sonos, everyone in the house knows how to use the non technical app. This also works well with CarPlay where I stream playlist from AM. As you say it just works, might not support high def but I find the quality fine without spending thousands on the endless quantity chase.
  11. I use Amazon to back up my Synology althoughI only back up 1.2 Tb of media. If you go this route for an offsite backup I would create multiple backups, I do separate backups for music, movies, books, files etc one running on each day. This way if one fails or the initial fails you not relient on one huge back up and you can start off backing up a section at a time. Mine is also small enough that I can also have a local back up running. I could do it all and offsite to work but then I have to manage that and have the costs of the disk etc, so although Amazon has a cost its trouble free.
  12. I really like it and its now all i use use, i did wonder about the need for my mac mini as i stream all my content now, in the car I use Apple CarPlay to stream.
  13. Had an LE for a while, got fed up of living in an never ending eco system where the sound changed on every upgrade. Ditched it after a year and moved to a SONOS driven system with full integration with Apple Music and my Mac Mini and have never looked back.
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