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  1. HelloI’ve just started on a retirement upgrade path to create a system for when I have more free time, hoping to have components I'll be happy with for a good while, I’m happy with my Facal speakers and have just upgraded my amp to a Roksan Blak.I want a 2 box set up without loads of cables so it streamer into amp.The node 2i is OK, i wouldn’t call it warm and musical I guess you could describe it as clinical and does the job.Price and quality wise it a good way behind the amp and it make we wonder if the D2 would bring rewards of a more balances warmer sounding system.Anyone performed this upgrade or have a view if its a marginal, good, no brainer upgrade?I’ve downloaded the app to my iPad and its reading my library off the NAS and I do like the interface, streaming wisei’ll be adding my Tidal account.Cheers
  2. I thought people just used words based on what others had used without actually having a definition for that word?
  3. My trial is due to end so I’ve switched to Tidal and will see how we get along. For the Sonos casual system I can also access Apple Music for its playlist on a 6 month trial, wife is more used to selecting from AM. The endless river is sounding better on Tidal.
  4. I don’t mind paying for Qobuz, but for casual listening I mainly use the Amazon playlist and I just can’t find the same quality on Qobuz, maybe I should learn to create my own.
  5. @Gus141 cheers gives me something to think about.....
  6. I also have the Node2i How much of an improvement would you say the Lumin has provided, I’m wondering if I should get a higher quality streamer for local music files.
  7. Speakers, currently Focal 806V
  8. I’d like to update parts of my system but it’s an itch I’m not sure where to focus. Source is a bluesound node 2i fed into a zodiac gold dac and Austin threw power amp. Now I could just use the internal dac, but that’s probably not to the same standard of the Zodiac. Im currently thinking of new dac and power amp, what do people think is the most important element of a streaming system?
  9. The thIng that puts me off the service is playlists and stations. Amazon and Apple for a general music listening just seem to do this so much better. Every time I try it it just seems very french and I just exit the door very quickly.
  10. I really enjoyed the review especially the lack of buzz words to describe the music, must admit I got a shock when I looked at the price of the headphones........
  11. Chis I’m not looking down from any high horse, but the primary purpose of music is to listen to and enjoy it and that’s my focus. I fully understand people use music as various forms of a hobby, be that collecting, reading lp covers, upgrading equipment etc etc. And getting it as close as possible to what’s on the recording is pure perception unless you have the memory to compare it against the actual recording, people will hear different things based on the quality of the persons hearing and perceptions. People shouldn’t discount a service if they haven’t listened to it, because who knows they might actually enjoy what they listen to, if they don’t they don’t. But you will only ever know if you listen no matter what the equipment.
  12. I have a Bluesound node 2i directly connected to a AustinTrew power amp and Focal speakers. Really simple to navigate and sounds great, no interest in bit perfect, exclusive mode etc, etc, I listen to and enjoy the music not chase numbers and technical details that don’t prove that you will enjoy what you are listening to, isn’t that the whole point of music?
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