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  1. Brian, what room are you showing in for Axpona?
  2. Cool. I was at CanJam this weekend with a friend who owns 2 of the M1SE's and he is a huge fan. I would expect better results vs the DAC2 DSDse (Which I own) given the price difference. It is nice to see some specific measurable evidence of one aspect of its performance.
  3. Interesting measurements RFP. Assuming they should be reasonably accurate it certainly illustrates the benefits of the M1.
  4. I have enjoyed the W4s for some time now. How would you compare it to the M1? I am curious as to the differences given their respective costs. I am not averse to an upgrade, just want to know where it may take the sound. Thanks!
  5. Richard, I am doing well. Since the DAC2 DSDse works so flawlessly, I have not had much to say around here. It was great to see EJ and Tony again. They are close to releasing their new headphone amp too. Good times are coming!
  6. I was able to see the new amp at RMAF and have a nice talk with EJ and Tony. Very exciting times at W4S!
  7. I will spend some time with the Aries at RMAF in a couple of weeks. I do have everything backed up on a NAS so it would be no big deal to switch over. Auralic is supposed to have a good App for the Aires too.
  8. Interesting. I do not have any special drivers loaded for My Mac with the W4S...It has been plug and play via USB since I got it a couple of years ago. Same for every upgrade. (It started out as the DAC2 then I sent it in for the DSDse then Femto clock upgrades) I am currently pairing it with a MBPro and the ALO Audio Studio Six SET headphone amp. Spectacular with the HD800's.
  9. Very informative! Thanks for that. I am researching non-PC sources like Aurender and Auralic to get the PC out of the chain.
  10. I have found subtle differences between Amarra and Audirvana. I certainly cannot explain it. It is not so much that it makes or breaks my software of choice. JRiver does a nice job too and it is an iTunes replacement as well. I know there are more out there but unless something comes along that is offering a significantly improved experience I will use one of these. They all have specific functional benefits that make them useful to me.
  11. Thanks for the updates Richard. Terminology is a challenging aspect to any technical topic. I always appreciate EJ's patient reply's He can make the unclear very clear in a simple way. Still loving the DAC2 DSDse. One of my best ever audio purchases now going on two years of enjoyment. Cheers, Eric
  12. So far I have been happy with Standard for all recordings. I will spend some time with the Bit Perfect and see how that goes.
  13. DM, have you had a chance to check out the Aurender Flow? I have the ifi iDSD Micro and I am using the Flow now and I am finding it smoother up top than the Micro.
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