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  1. NuForce STA-200 power amp is without a doubt the biggest bargain I can think of. I've have owned quite a few different amps costing up to 3k USD new, the STA-200 beats all of them easily. It's extremely good sounding even on absolute level. If you need a new power amp, grab one if you can find it!
  2. George, I've seen you also ordered a Yggy. I am really curious how that one compares to the Onyx.
  3. Can they compete with Yggy? I will look into them, there is a version with pre-amp too, isn't it? Or Audio GD R2R 7. I've read it smashes the Holo Spring Level 3. But I didn't find comparison to the Yggy... I am after a DAC which can reproduce the emotion of a recording. Something which can draw me into the music and can give me goosebumbs. ?Transparancy and deep soundstage is also a must. I don't like the soundstage to be upfront.
  4. Nobody? Chris has tested both for CA, perhaps he can give his comment?
  5. I've read stellar reviews about both of those DAC's. Anyone who was able to compare them? (not necesarrily at the same moment) If there is another DAC which I should add to my list, please let me know. (PCM only is fine, no Sabre please) Thanks in advance, Mark
  6. Is there a choice to have it setup as Roon Bridge or Roon Ready End Point? What's the difference?
  7. Thanks k-man, I am already searching for hours to find how to do it... :-( Perhaps someone here can help... I do have a Velop Mesh Wifi network connected via LAN to the Internet Router. I would like to use a 2nd Router, which will be located in my listening room, which I connect with LAN cables to my Mac Mini and USBridge (and my streaming module within my NAD M12). This 2nd Router should connect to the excisting Velop Wifi network, to be able to have access to the internet. However, I don't want to 2nd Router to interfere with my excisting Mesh Wifi network. So: I want to use the wireless section of the 2nd Router ONLY for communication from this Router with the Velop Mesh, it shouldn't connect via WLAN to other clients. (like Smart Phone, etc.)
  8. Unfortunately there is no (easy) possibility to wire my mac mini or USBridge to my excisting router.... So in this case the solution as suggested by k-man is perhaps the best for me. I should have a (wifi) router around somewhere. What I would like to avoid is to create problems with my excisting mesh (Velop) Wifi network, as I managed to have this working trouble free.
  9. I am trying to understand, this way you are making a small network within a network? You are saying more simple, that means there are different possibilities to achieve my goal?
  10. O.K. but is it possible to have the USBridge connected via LAN to the Mac Mini while Roon and Remote for Roon running on Android phone are connected to Wifi network?
  11. I have ordered a USBridge with DietPi as today. I have Roon running on my Mac Mini and would like to use the USBridge as Roon end point. My Mac Mini is connected to my internet router via Wifi (no other possibility), but I would like to connect the Mac Mini to the USBridge via LAN as I think that gives the best sound. Is that possible? Or shouldn't I bother and connect everyting via Wifi? Thanks for advise.
  12. I was really interested in the Vidar initially, but this cable issue turns me off, as I experienced similar behavior with another amp. One other issue is that my loudspeakers impedance minimum is approx. 3.5 ohms and I do need the power of the dual mono setup....
  13. Could also be the case that the amp is overly sensitive to capacitance in the speaker cable. I had this once with a diy amp module. That was no fun... I would like to use the LS cables I own, which worked fine with lots of other amps.
  14. Really amazing what this cable can do for (good) sound! Stunning difference! I just started listening to music and I didn't want to stop. Before this cable there was always something in the sound which I didn't like. My system wasn't playing REAL music... Now it does! It's by far the best bargain I can think of for improving the sq of my system. So it really works well with NAD M12! I use the Lush cable after a Ifi iusb 3.0 nano which I already had in my system. I gave it a try without the Iusb, just the Lush, the sound stage wasn't as "stable" anymore, a bit diffuse. This is where the Iusb really needed and really helps. Really nice imaging and clean sound. The Lush replaced a Wireworld Starlight cable.
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