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  1. Any chance you could email me some photos [email protected]? And we talk about it there. Mind you I have not tried it for a while. I had heard it was to do with hdmi controller in the output connection.


  2. Cheers, I have printed it off and will have a good read of this!
  3. Yeah I have done that, unfortunately I think it maybe coming from the mini! Plugged in my Colorfly via coax and had no trouble, but struggling to find some 192/24 wav files to really test it.
  4. Right I have reset up my whole kit, cables sorted, external hdd removed. But I have not rotated the power cable. But now with some testing I can say that the tone is constant and there in the background the whole time for 192khz 172khz. 96khz is algood as well as all below. Has anyone had a similar problem that they have resolved? I will reverse the polarity of the power connector too.
  5. As per the other post, totally agree with the mess of the cables but this is intentional at the moment as I am building an elm unit for it all. It is connected the the Yamaha via HDMI video, optical audio, then it is also connected via Coax 6 via router as well as having an external hdd (which i think maybe the problem) with an ac power connector. At the moment I am talking to some people to build me a customised power grid but not getting very far. The NAD would be great but only 1 set of outputs, need two to run both amps. Whats your thoughts on the external hdd?? It spins loud and you can hear it through the speakers. Also when testing loads it was werse when I was using the ext hdd. Cheers
  6. I will definitely try these too! In my photo the setup is very messy as I am in the process of building and Elm unit for it all with four shelves. So I have it all over the place to measure the cable lengths and distances required for the shelves. I hope to have them finished this or maybe next week depending on how much I get done on my day off. All this info will help and I will let you know how I go! Thanks for that!
  7. Setup Source: Mac Mini i7 2.6ghz 2012 Decible 1.2.8 and Amarra 2.4.1 Dac: Via USB (old printer cable - new one in the post to try as I don't think this will cause this) Nad M51. Amps: Rotel RHA-10 Rotel RHB-10x2 Bi-amped Music: 96khz/24 bit flacs, 192khz/24 flacs, and standard rips. Problem: Playback at 96khz/24 bit is perfect but when I play or set the output to anything above, 176khz or 192khz I get a high pitch tone constantly in the back ground. It does not change with volume, just the frequency increasing. I am think it may also be there at 96khz but very quiet. My thoughts are that it could be a earthing issue? Doubt it would be cable interference? or poor quality of cable as it is from an old printer. Would it be safe in thinking that changing the frequency output, can alter the sound level of a earth loops noise?????? I tried different software, Amarra was hopeless at managing the outputs, but both made not difference to the "digital noise/earth hum???" Anyone had similar issues? Cheers Harley