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  1. My other thought is a set of KEF Q series towers, but I sort of like the idea of a sealed speaker for my test case.
  2. I'm thinking of maybe picking up some Vandersteens 2Ces or 3As as mules for this project. I've had Vandy's before, and liked them, so I could use them normally untill I was ready to modify them. The drivers are supposed to be capable well beyond their crossover points, based on their use in 1st order crossovers. But they are 4 ways - meaning 8 channels of amplification!
  3. Looked at that, and the NCORE plate amps, but kind of don't want to build cabinets.
  4. Chris, Maybe you could schedule a future article on your network, or networking in general. I'm considering a future network upgrade, which will include POE for security cams (Nest et al. do not cut it, and the security issues bother me). Running Pi + Dragonfly to the bedrooms seems like a good idea for my future update, and fiber to the listening room seems like it would make sense as part of the project. An in depth overview of your network, with discussion of the whys and hows, might be a nice little feature.
  5. Bryston's approach to active speakers seems to be wasteful and completely behind the times - big metal boxes with expensive heat sinking and A/D/A processing (meaning D/A/D/A for those of us who are primarily focused digitally stored music. However, the approach the preamp/crossover/amp combos outside of the speaker boxes offers great flexibility and opens up myriad potential upgrade paths. One could start with a simple 2 or three way system, with a capable multichannel digital crossover/preamp, and over time, independently upgrade: 1) speakers ; 2) crossovers; 3) digital filters; 4) D/A conv
  6. Picturing a Sonic Orbiter Pi in every room! Kids can have it getting Spotify and I can run Roon + Tidal on others.
  7. Curious as to why care needs to be taken with motherboard? Is if because of the limitations of the case (i.e., heat pipe routing), or the power supply? I currently have this case and PS, so am wondering. Gigabyte Aorus seems good, as do ASRock Z390 and Asus ROG STRIX (with that one heatsink removed).
  8. John J, drop a Sonos Connect into your system. It would extend the Sonos universe to your system and you could run something else for quality listening. Or buy a modded Connect by Wyred 4 Sound and maybe it would be good enough.
  9. If this works with MicroRendu, I think I've found my next system - for several thousand less than I anticipated!
  10. I haven't used that. Perhaps a miniDSP unit might fit the bill for a car install?
  11. Just wanted to give Jesus a shout out! He remoted in to my micro Rendu and fixed the problem. The same day I sent the email. On a Sunday. Amazing customer service!
  12. I'm experiencing a strange problem - I am getting very low output volume output from MicroRendu through Audioquest Dragonfly, almost as if the software volume control in MPD is set down at 10. I just moved, so most of my audio equipment in storage, and other DAC at hand is not seen by MicroRendu (Schiit Modi). Plugged MicroRendu into Dragonfly, volume out to both a Schiit Asgard 2 and a set of powered speakers. Using Kazoo, set volume at 100 and still barely get any sound. Have checked the powered speakers and Asgard - all is functioning normally. Was thinking there's a miscommunication with
  13. No Tidal in JRMC. No Tidal Music Service in MC I can't speak to the business decision without knowing what was objectionable to JRiver, but I'm moving on to another platform . . .
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