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  1. Thanks Alex, We oldies are very bad at admitting we are getting older, especially to ourselves, until we are forced to. I'll check, next time I feel strong enough, with the USB stick as drive- I'm just a bit nervous about what the result might be! At the moment I'm comforting myself with having tried a demo of a famous name one-box unit, to see if that might be possible as part of downsizing. Although it was playing back 96K versions of tracks I know at 44.1K, it still had the 'throw-up" effect. Cheers Bob
  2. Thanks for this, Freann, and apologies to anybody who might have wasted time trying to replicate what I wrote above. In fact, it is just a problem with my hearing loss. I have now tried the right experiment, comparing the sound of A+ calling the file directly from my HDD with the same file via Ramdisk. They sound the same to me now, though this was certainly not true a couple of years ago. A pity I didn't think of trying this earlier...
  3. My thanks for this also, Alex! Also for developing the Regen and MMK, which have also made an enormous difference to my system, particularly when the cascaded Regens are run from my LPS (Sorry, but still Paul Hynes!) However, as you said many posts ago, Ramdisk is not very convenient. Nevertheless, I had got quite used to calling up Ramdisk Creator every time I started up, choosing music files from my external HDD via iTunes, loading these into a 5G Ramdisk, and then moving these to Audirvana’s PlayQueue. Very clunky, and it’s a bit annoying to have to plan the listening in advance; i
  4. Alex. I’m sure I’m not the only one who has been looking at this with a lot of interest, but a bit nervously. Thanks for taking it on- good luck, and keep us posted, especially if you agree with Pascal!
  5. Some of us have found an LPS transforms the Regen from a "Hm, if you say so" sevice to one whixh shouts from the rooftops" YOU NEED ME!!"
  6. Moi aussi, on both counts, if a bit late for the second one! I can't be certain that this is the best improvement Alex and John have made to my system, because they are all so interconnected. Without the Regens, I might not be able to hear how good this one is, etc., etc. A elated query, to Alex and anybody else with information: A while back, when the 2014 Mini appeared, you suggested that the PCIe card version could be used in place of the SDHD card. Has anybody done this? I accepted the idea at the time, but thinking it over, I'm not sure what goes where, OS or music files?
  7. Thanks for reminding me of this. It suggests to me that those of us lucky enough to have a powered Green Regen might want tohave it permanently in the line to the drive which has the main Library, since most of us are probably are working with less than ideal rips, and we may need to re-do them.
  8. Jawohl!. Not just the Regens but all the other tweaks along the line. My problem is with the implication that any copy is by definition worse. Maybe the point is that at the time, a 'copy' meant burning a new disc, on a rig that could not hope to match the quality of theproduction machinery used for the CD.
  9. Rob, your quote has been rammed in ront of me by the problem above: "If you can't hear the difference between an original CD and a copy of your CD, you might as well give up your career as a tester. The difference between a reconstituted FLAC and full size WAV is much less than that, but it does exist. - Cookie Marenco" Especially in theRegen context, what does it mean?/````````/ `excuse the ( I hope) temporary dyslexia. a rip is a cd copy. If, with Mini+LPS, +mmk+2x Regens. I play it bckthere is an almighty difference,but not in the direction meant!!!!!!
  10. astrostar59;507265] The Uptone Audio MMK is the last I will probably make in a series of hifi tweaks to my system (never say never!). /QUOTE] I entirely agree with all your comments about what the MMK + a good LPS will do: with these you have removed the noise from the SMPS and the fan,and they are probably the biggest improvements you can make. However onere are some further tweaks I would recommend, particularly the Uptone Regen. Also worth trying is putting your OS and Audirvana on to a 'good' SDHD card, and running some tracks from RAMdisk. This makes such a difference for
  11. +1! Here is what I wrote in a totally different context, where I thought that an effect I was seeing might be due to having Regens (I have two) in the line, so I took them out, and: "Ugh! Now I remember why I was so pleased when I found what these would do.." Quadman describes more precisely what I meant about the sound. It might also be relevant that Regen(s) allow you to hear more of the music, but also are very good at showing up other changes in the system. I could only hear a significant improvement from changing a power supply because the Regens were in the line. Just one wa
  12. You do ask difficult questions (!), and I'm not sure there is an answer to either; certainly I have not seen many (maybe one, not sure where) reports of a direct comparison of the sort you are looking for. However, if I read your equipment spec correctly, you are working with an unmodified Mini. If so, there is no way that can begin to approach the rest of your high-end gear. A few years ago, with a system way below yours, I found that a decent CD transport was well ahead of what a Mac (Power PC or Mini) could do, despite various tweaks popular at the time. However, once I put in a good L
  13. For anybody I have misled, apologies! My earlier contribution is not true: I have now carried out the obvious (or not obvious, see below) experiment of sticky tape on the 5v pin in the USB connector. If that is all that I do, all the data goes through, music plays, and the Mini sees the DAC and reports back exactly what it did when all 4 wires were connected. My earlier report was with the ground wire also disconnected; although that works on some systems (see contributions from Karin on the S-Booster thread), I had forgotten that I also have a ground isolator in the USB line! "Not o
  14. Join the club! I was a bit surprised by your earlier "Between the computer and Regen the power should always be cut off even if the DAC is self-powered or USB-powered." According to my Mini, my DAC draws exactly 0mA on the 5v line, but to transmit to the DAC (Audiolab M-DAC) that 5v connection must be there. There may be several other systems out there where disconnecting the 5v line is not a good idea, though with the S-Booster Isolator it's not an expensive mistake.
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