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  1. Thanks a lot for the feedback. Very glad everything is working as expected now :) Best, AudioPhil
  2. Please send me your email via DM so we can set up a TeamViewer Session.
  3. And when you run AO you get the "OS is not supported" Message?
  4. Good. Please open up a command porompt and enter this: "WMIC OS GET CAPTION", then press enter and show me the result please Should look similar to this:
  5. Very good. What language is your Windows 10 installation?
  6. Hello Please be aware that PIN and password are not the same. What version of AO are you using, 3.0 right? Best, AudioPhil
  7. Hi Kee This is no good advice sorry. Fidelizer is using a similar to "autostart" function while the shell replacement is a completely different approach with a big effect on sound quality. Therefore it's not really advisable to just stick to the built in autostart feature, but to rather disable this and use the shell replacement with all it's advantages. Best, AudioPihl
  8. I'm wondering a bit about @Windows X answer because the combination of Fidelizer and the shell replacement feature has been working well for years now. As far as I remember there is a setting within Fidelizer which does not cause itself to start after login. Very best, AudioPhil
  9. Hello everyone Yes it is a difficult time for everyone, thats true. Our company exists since 2013 and we've been through windy economical times before. But thanks to the support from our partners, friends and customers we are confident that also this crisis will pass and better times are ahead of us. So to answer this threads title. No, we are not bancrupt and certainly not a scam. Currently both delivery services as well as local customs worldwide are (still) under heavy load, most likely due to the COVID pandemic and a variety of their consequences. This can and unfor
  10. Hello beajuju Thanks a lot for the feedback and the questions 1. No, not needed. But a nice additional step to have a cleaner windows installation with a lot less of bloat. 2. Please see here: https://shop.highend-audiopc.com/blogs/audiophils-blog/how-and-why-to-configure-a-shell-replacement 3. No. There are various ways to achieve that goal after using a shell replacement. One of them would be this one (page 28 of the PDF guide): Instead of launching ServiceTool like in the example above you would simply start "explorer.exe". This will launc
  11. Do AO first. Then launch the ServiceTool to configure the shell replacement as you need it. This might also be interesting for you: https://shop.highend-audiopc.com/blogs/audiophils-blog/how-and-why-to-configure-a-shell-replacement https://shop.highend-audiopc.com/blogs/audiophils-blog/customshell-as-shell-replacement Best, AudioPhil
  12. @Windows X, do you have an idea? Best, AudioPhil
  13. Hello Mike All remote tools (RDP, VNC, SplastTop, it does not matter which...) will work as expected, as long as you do not disable the network related services. Best, AudioPhil
  14. A custom shell replacement would be great for this i think. AO 3.00 brings all needed for it: https://shop.highend-audiopc.com/blogs/audiophils-blog/customshell-as-shell-replacement Best, AudioPhil
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