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  1. Hello Mike All remote tools (RDP, VNC, SplastTop, it does not matter which...) will work as expected, as long as you do not disable the network related services. Best, AudioPhil
  2. A custom shell replacement would be great for this i think. AO 3.00 brings all needed for it: https://shop.highend-audiopc.com/blogs/audiophils-blog/customshell-as-shell-replacement Best, AudioPhil
  3. Hi Yes, 32 Bit works fine as well. Best, AudioPhil
  4. Hi Because a shell replacement is not possible for Audirvana, otherwise we would have created one. Best, AudioPhil
  5. Did you chang the path into the HQplayer directory before you enter the exe name? You need to either manually change the path to be in the right directory, or you need to add that path the env variables. Then you can just type the exe name no matter what path you are in.
  6. Windows can be a beast sometimes.... Very glad you have all working now!
  7. Exaclty, and this is all documented in the AO manual! i think its 5 times, not 6 by the way. indeed, after so much time there is most likely a new OS either way
  8. Hello Lukaslius There are no download links. You just need to log in the download portal and the upgrade will be ready for you https://www.highend-audiopc.com/download Best, AudioPhil
  9. Hi You can use everything excecpt "disable network related services" in AO Best, AudioPhil
  10. Hi There is no specific feature or function for that Software. But after more than 7 years we did not came accross a Software which did not work well together with AO. This depends much more on your player of choice, the OS itself, etc. AO is format agnostic. In other words AO is compatible with every existing and every future format available, as long as you have a Player which works with Windows. This also applies to the connection, it does not matter for AO if you use USB, Network, HDMI, or whatever else. Hope this helps to clarify. Best, AudioPhil
  11. Hello AO does significantly reduce latency, not the other way round. If you are on the same hardware and followed the instructions carefully, you can use the same Activation-Key for unlimited time. Via PN you told me that the reset via ServiceTool does not help, this is a very clear sign that the latency issues are generated from "outside". To analyze latency issues we can hihly recommend LatencyMon from Resplendence, it will show you which driver is causing your trouble. https://www.resplendence.com/latencymon Very best, AudioPhil
  12. Yes indeed, that is all very correct! @hilpertti, "Shared Mode" is not advisable for serious audio playback. You should avoid the windows mixer like the devil does so with holy water....
  13. 2012 is "outdated", 2012 R2 is still good to go with AO 3.00!
  14. Hi Dave There are plenty around, no worries! I'd suggest you just start with the Eval version of windwos, you can find the direct DL ISO links here under "supported operating systems": https://www.highend-audiopc.com/ao-order Best, AudioPhil
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