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  1. Thanks, It‘s just a sample file to show the idea about what to do. Will adjust it to avoid confusion. For working path‘s you can use all other cmd files in the tools directory.
  2. Exactly! Otherwise ServiceTool would not find the custom shell
  3. Please NEVER try to edit anything that comes with AO, expect it‘s meant to be edited! AO 3.00 offers a custom shell (custom_shell.cmd) which can be set as shell replacement using ServiceTool. This is the one and only part of AO that is meant to be edited. Edit the custom_shell.cmd to suit your needs. Test it very well so it does exactly what you need it to do. After verifying it works as you need it, set it as shell replacement. Voilà
  4. It‘s the default behavior of JPLAYSettings. When there is something wrong with the DAC or its connection, you will just get a black screen. js.cmd cannot change this. when you set roon as shell it occupies the device, therefore jplaysettings can no longer connect to it = black screen.
  5. FYI: js.cmd can only launch JPLAYSettings when it actually does work. When it does not work, js.cmd can‘t launch it JPLAYSettings does not launch when it has a (physical) connection issue with the DAC/DDC. This is default behavior of JPLAYSettings.
  6. Hi Sound Signatures and Digital-Filters are reset by ServiceTool at the end of the update process. It‘s intended to work like that. Happy easter everyone!
  7. The power of the two is always hard to beat... indeed.
  8. Hello Yes i think i can help AO does a few things regarding WASAPI. In core systems (2016/2019) it enables WASAPI, not possible without AO. For ALL windows systems there is a feature called „WASAPI Optimization“. It contains over a dozen specific tweaks for WASAPI! ...thats why it sounds so frikkin good 😎
  9. Exactly thats the reason why in the future I will recommend Server 2019 in GUI to everyone who asks me. absolutely hassle free GUI experience paired with jaw dropping sound quality on the level of 2016 Core. What a no brainer!
  10. Of Course Worst to best: - Windows 10 - Server 2012 R2 GUI - Server 2012 R2 Core/Windows Server 2016 GUI - Server 2016 Core/Windows Server 2019 GUI - Windows Server 2019 Core So my recommendation for almost all scenarios is Windows Server 2019 in GUI with the soon coming AO 3.00. For those seeking absolute maximum 2019 Core with AO 3.00.
  11. The amount of used activations of the old version is irrelevant and it would not be technically possible to offer an automated upgrade path if we would take that into account. There are two upgrades available, a more expensive one for users still on AO 1.xx and a significantly cheaper one for users on AO 2.xx.
  12. Hi No official (or precise) statement yet but it will be in the same ballpark as the AO 2.00 upgrade was nearly three years ago. Best, AudioPhil
  13. I will be at High-End Friday to Sunday and mainly be at the booth of SOtM Audio as well as Hifistatement.net. Looking forward to see as many of you as possible! 🙂
  14. Thanks for all the reports. Yes, sconfig does not work with all network drivers. It has been like that ever since, out of the box. Only Microsoft could fix this. But they never will, its been like that since years. As long as it starts we‘re fine and all good! 👍🏼
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