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  1. Type "net start" in command prompt and press enter. When you see "WIndows Audio" and Audio EndpointBuilder" the services are running, if not then....
  2. Hello One you are familiar with would be ideal. But before, please also check if the Windows Audio Service is running. Best, AudioPhil
  3. Hey LewinskiH01 Did you run AO again and said also yes to "Install Kernel-Streaming support" after you switched into minimal-server mode? Can you play music with another player, let's say Foobar2000 or something similar which is easy to install just for a test? Best, AidioPhil
  4. Hello all I think this is somewhat a difficult question to answer. For me one thing is aboslutely for sure, Windows 10 is just not the best way to go. I do understand that it is much cheaper and also that it is misstakenly "easier" than the server grade OS. But, its just too bloated to really be an excellent plattform. The server grade OS, all of them, are by nature just much better suited for the job. Depending on what you want to achieve, there are a few pro's and con's to each one of them. 2012 & 2012 R2 hat a huge plus in my eyes with the Minimal-Server mode. I also appreciated to ability to switch between GUI, Core and Minimal-Server mode on the fly, even if it didn't work perfectly all the time (this beaing also the reason why removed it in 2016 and 2019). 2016 and 2019 do sound better to me, a lot to be honest. My personal favorite is 2019 in Core, i can't get me system any better than with 2019 in Core and AO 3.00 in ultimate mode using almost all options. But here the mileage may and will vary for others... One might like 2016 more, yet another 2012 R2 and yet another one will be in love with 2019. As often in this area, in the end it's a matter of 1) personal taste and 2) all components used in the chain and how they match and harmonize with each other. From a practical standpoint my recomendation always is Server 2019 in GUI. You get phenomenal sound quality together with the ease of a GUI installation. It's the easiest way to reach 95%+ of the possible sound quality with only very small effort and great stability. So in the end there is probably no definitve answer which will fit every case, but as a rule of thumb, which works more often than not, you could list it like this: Windows 10 < Server 2012 R2 GUI < Server 2012 R2 Core/Server 2016 GUI < Server 2016 Core/Server 2019 GUI < Server 2019 Core
  5. You are very welcome Glad I could open this new chapter for you! ENJOY IT! 👍🏼
  6. Enter "ipconfig /all" when in dhcp note. Write down the ip adress, subnet mask, gateway and dns server. the easiest way to do a fixed IP config is to just enter the identical data as noted above. but be aware, sooner or later your dhcp server will assign the same IP address to another DHCP client. This will lead to problems (ip address conflict) and potentially both clients no longer work properly at all. so the right way to do it is to use a free IP address which is outside of the scope of the dhcp server. So no ip address conflicts will occur and all will work as smooth as possible. You only need a fixed IP if you plan to use the "disable network related services" feature of AO but still want to retain basic network connectivity for like a dual pc setup. So in your case i think its absolutely fine to go with dhcp. best, AudioPhil
  7. this should give you a good starting point: Best, AudioPhil
  8. Hi @shahed99 No Windows 10 IoT sorry, but all other variants will work just fine. Very best, AudioPhil
  9. It is already supported by AO. Do you know the ServiceTool's "Strip down Windows 10" feature?
  10. I am not a very big fan of Windows 10 compared to any server grade OS to be honest. But that's just my ears/opinion.
  11. hi yes it does, we tested it completely and everything works as it should. We'll do tests for 2003 soon as well. Very best, AudioPhil
  12. Thanks for the input. A few on the list will lead to issues long term, but i'll have a closer look at it 👍🏼
  13. We just started the work on AO 3.10 beta so now is a very good time to list wishes and ideas. 👍🏼 so far fixed is to add support for HQPlayer 4 and a fix for french windows 10. rest is working fine and no issues with AO 3.00 since release. please keep the ideas coming!
  14. Very nice, glad to hear its working so well :-) ENJOY IT! 🙂👍🏼
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