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  1. Hi I cannot comment on the driver since I use another DDC in front of the MC3+USB, but generally speaking I would use the latest one available. 60-80G would probably be enough for 3-4 times what you are planning for Best, AudioPhil
  2. Hello The easist way is to just use our ServiceTool for this Task (as you are still on 2012 R2 ). Launch the ServiceTool, select "A" and then choose "Switch to GUI mode". Best, AudioPhil
  3. Thirst thing i would try is to install the latest driver from the original vendor of the NIC. 👍🏼
  4. For those who did not yet upgrade to AO 3.00... Did you know you will not only get the update to AO 3.00 but also FIVE NEW ACTIVATION-KEYS? As comparison two additional keys for AO 2.20 are around the same price, so it makes more sense to upgrade to AO 3.00 instead of ordering two more keys for AO 2.20. You can get your AO 3.00 upgrade immediately, all you need to do is to log in to our download portal over here https://www.highend-audiopc.com/download, this will show your the correct upgrade option for your current version. Very best, AudioPhil
  5. Yes, thats the correct approach for maintenance tasks like windows updates.
  6. To change sound signatures and filters in loop mode for example.
  7. Please do not ask for forgiveness, there is no reason to I always try to help as good as I can, also if things are not directly related to the AudiophileOptimizer but rather general Windows questions. But in this case it seems I am just not good enough to help out. Happily you found another solution! Would you mind sharing the script you are now using? Very best, AudioPhil
  8. Yes you are correct! 🙂 n the older versions this only worked for some usage type but not all (SinglePC, AudioPC, etc.). A bug... It's fixed now with 3.00 and working exactly the same on all usage types 👍🏼
  9. Yes it has to be like that if you do a reset using ServiceTool, working as designed! just run AO again without a reset (as intended for "normal" operation) then you will see what you have chosen the last time. or alternatively just have a look at your settings log...
  10. It does, no worries. But in the upgrade scenario from an older version it won't.
  11. There is no specific process, just update Windows Server.
  12. Hi Of course this combo will work fine yes Best, AudioPhil
  13. If you have 2012 (not 2012 R2) you need to use a later server version to use AO 3.00. it works with 2012 R2, 2016, 2019 and all versions of Windows 10. but a fresh install of Server 2019 would be highly recommended, especially if Fidelizer is all there is on the old machine. Best, AudioPhil
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