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  1. Windows Server 2019 in GUI does (also) offer KS by itself, no need for AO. So if it does not work then its an Audirvana issue.
  2. I gave up on Audirvana long time ago... Does it offer KS and ASIO at all? Did you try that on Windows 10? And what do you use, Server 2019 GUI or Core?
  3. Hello As in the older days too the client side of operating systems isn't exactly my top priority. But i'll certainly have a look at it, of course yes. Best, AudioPhil
  4. Good Morning I'll check and get back to you asap. Best, AudioPhil
  5. Dear bbosler The Cortana issue is known. It was introduced due to one of the windows upgrades which came out quite some time after AO 3.00 was released. Sadly it's not possible to avoid things like that, but it will be adressed in the next update of AO. Please send me a DM with your order number so I can check what happend. Best, AudioPhil
  6. Hello @Evo-No-Revo I have checked what you told about with Claudia today and was assured that your upgrade license was activated in our system about 30h after your purchase in the web shop. As described in red and bold letters, the purchases of AO and or upgrade licenses using the webshop is a manual process on our side which can take up to 24h (and sometimes even longer). To furhter explain a bit, regarding AO licensens the webshop is offered as alternative to our website. It is thought for these customers who don't have a PayPal account, the webshop can also offer cr
  7. Exactly yes, only the booted partition on which you have AO installed/running will be affected.
  8. Hi Yes that will be all fine, no worries :) Best, AudioPhil
  9. With a custom shell you can create exactly what you need and define all yourself. Please check our PDF manual and also give this a read here: https://shop.highend-audiopc.com/blogs/audiophils-blog/customshell-as-shell-replacement
  10. Very well done! AO3.00 natively supports JRiver 17-27. For the moment a custom shell is the best way.
  11. Can you set them to automatic start manually?
  12. hm, this all sounds just like a config issue to me? While running AO, did you also say no to disable Remote Desktop? Did you make sure the RDP services are starting automatically? And did you check that your user actually has the rights to access the machine using RDP? Best, AudioPhil
  13. Hi Lukasluis OK, in this case please run setup.exe from AO 3.00 one more time. The system will reboot in the end, after that please check your services again. Best, AudioPhil
  14. 100% sure you did a reset using the ServiceTool?
  15. Dear Ben We definitely want to come up with a new AO version alongside with Windows Server 2022. It's not yet sure if it will be a 3.10 or 4.00 version and I can't say an exact time frame yet, but a new version is planned for sure. Very best, AudioPhil
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