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  1. Hey Ruben ...thanks a lot for the flowers! AO disables IPv6 since its first version from 2013, this never changed since then. But obviously HQPlayer seems now to be relying on IPv6 while it didn't in the past. will integrate this somehow for AO 3.10 including support for HQPlayer 4 👍🏼 very best, AudioPhil
  2. I subscribed to your post because I am also interested in the topic
  3. Hi Ruben Sorry for the late reply, but very glad you alread found the solution! btw, the change which caused this issue must have been within HQPlayer, not AO. Very best, AudioPhil
  4. Hello Yes indeed! actually I am still enjoying my (rather unusally long) christmas/new year vacations. Back to duty mid week... David, always remember, everything regarding purchasing AO or AO uprades is fully automated on our homepage. Also, we never just send out any licenses, this is because our Activation system is based on an ID the customer first has to generate itself. Everything works without us, no one shall need to wait for anything! The only exception to this is the AO Key pack, there we need to do some manualy checks first for eligibility so this can take from a few up to 24h until we send out the confirmation. But everything as said is fully automated and there are no waiting times. Very best, Phil
  5. You can also directly type "st" in the launch menu from the task manager to start ServiceTool
  6. Hi Simply press Ctrl-Alt-Del to either load the task manager or ServiceTool directly. Then you can choose to revert back to default shell. Best, AudioPhil
  7. Hello The winodws update has mangeld around with your user. You need to creat a completely new user, do not user any special characters. Then log in using the new user an run AO setup.exe again. Best, AudioPhil
  8. Hello Alex May I ask, did you study our PDF manual before you tried all this? Especially the ServiceTool, the DriverHelper and the HD Audio Feature it comes with? There are several errors and also unnecessary steps in your write-up, which rather generate problems than they solve them. That is why I am asking. Best, AudioPhil
  9. Hello Folks We are running a small last minute Black Friday promotion for our Audiophile Optimizer including the Upgrade to AO 3.00 and the Key-Packages, as well as for some selected products in our shop. Those discounts are valid from now until Monday the 2nd of December 12pm CET. To get AO 3.00 please directly use the order form on our Homepage found here: https://www.highend-audiopc.com/ao-order Only if you wish to use Credit Card directly instead of PayPal, use the link in our Shop: https://shop.highend-audiopc.com/en/audiophileoptimizer To get the AO 3.00 upgrade, including 5 new activation keys and many new features, compatibility with Server 2019 and a further improvement of sound quality, just log in to our download portal and follow the instructions: https://www.highend-audiopc.com/download If you would like to order 2 additional Activation-Keys, you can do this here: https://www.highend-audiopc.com/AOUPG/aokey-order IMPORTANT: In case you have not already upgraded to AO 3.00 but wish to have additional keys, we highly recommend getting AO 3.00 instead of the Key-Package, as you have 5 new activation keys included in the upgrade either way. For our online shop we can offer you these promotions: Our Swiss based Partner VOVOX launched complete new lines of Cables, excelsus & sonorus. They are renewed and improved versions of the "old" textura & vocalis lines and now available in our Shop. Y ou can have a look at the whole VOVOX selection here: https://shop.highend-audiopc.com/en/vovox. Pachanko Labs has 2 brand new cables, the Aphelion SATA and Aphelion LAN cable, you can take a closer look here: https://shop.highend-audiopc.com/en/sata-cables/pachanko-aphelion-sata-cable With the coupon code FRIDAY19 entered at the end of the checkout process you'll get 15% discount on all new VOVOX products, all Pachanko SATA cables including the new Aphelion SATA and the MUTEC MC3+USB. Other new products worth mentioning are the absolute High-End Music Servers, DACs & DDC's from Core Audio, as well as the new Ether Stream Switch from Fidelizer. Happy Thanksgiving for those who celebrate! 🙂 Warmest greetings, Highend-AudioPC
  10. It's actually a myriad of technical issues and potential disruptions of allready beautifully working things. It does really really look bad for this feature
  11. Sorry, i missunderstood.. We are still working on the trial working with Server 2019, it should be available by the end of this year. The currently available trial (based on AO 2.20) is only working for Server 2012 up to 2016 and Windows 10, but not yet for 2019. We'll send out a newsletter shortly with all informations regarding our Black Friday deals. Yes of course Upgrades and Key-Packs are also available at a discounted price. For the upgrade you can simply log on our download area (https://www.highend-audiopc.com/download) and you will be displayed the correct (and discounted) uprade path based on what AO version you currently are. Very best, AudioPhil
  12. Hi David Yes indeed, many times of course. We are aware that this is a feature that many people are waiting for. Sadly it will not be possible to offer this feature in the near future, we are very sorry Best, AudioPhil
  13. The 2019 ISO is listed here? https://www.highend-audiopc.com/ao-order
  14. Hello There is NO trial available of AO 3.00. Sadly all we can currently offer is a trial for AO 2.20. -> You bought the full version and not the trial. Furthermore you decided to ignore all our emails to help you, you insulted and threatened us heavily and directly started a PayPal claim which made it impossible for us to give you a refund even if we wanted to since PayPal takes over the case once you file a claim... We have and always will respect our 14-days refund policy for customer who actually ordered the trial and also used the trial version with its deticated trial activation portal. You did not order the trial, you ordered and activated the retail version several times, hence no refund. No software vendor will give you a refund for a full version software. Very best, AudioPhil
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