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  1. Here you go https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=56485
  2. Hi Martin No worries, the information did not get lost. But the main guide (AO) had to get much smaller. It came down from about 65 pages to nearly half of that. The Main guide is now only about AO and nothing else. Therefore we created new, more specific guides. See page 4 in the AO guide, you will then find these infos What you are looking for is in the "Computer Audio Beset Practices" Guiude. Computer Audio Best Practices Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/computer_audio_best_practices_guide.pdf Windows Server 2019 Setup Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/windows_server_2019_setup_guide.pdf Windows Server 2016 Setup Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/windows_server_2016_setup_guide.pdf Windows Server 2012 R2 Setup Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/windows_server_2012R2_setup_guide.pdf Windows 10 Setup Guide: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/windows10_setup_guide.pdf Best, AudioPhil
  3. Rufus is most likely the problem, it is not suited for windows images as dar as I know. use the Windows Media Creation Tool or Windows 7 USB Tool to create your usb stick instead.
  4. Sorry, I have never seen this error before. You might try using the "change product key" button and just enter your retail key, this should work as well.
  5. This is a very old bug of sconfig, it just don‘t work with all network drivers
  6. You can just do a reset using ServiceTool should it not fit your needs.
  7. I think it is better you do not use this feature in this constellation, sorry. There seems to much of network knowledge missing to make this work. Please start a new thread for this toppic if you still want to try.
  8. Nope... it‘s actually around 10 different services and drivers which are disabled by this feature.
  9. Please only english in this thread, thank you. it is important that others can follow the discussion.
  10. Hello Of course RoonServer is available as shell replacement? Much more than that, see the entire list of Roon shell replacements here: Either way, for what you want you need to create your custom shell. See detailed steps here -> https://audiophilestyle.com/forums/topic/56327-how-to-customshell-as-shell-replacement/ A mapped network drive does still work even when you select to disable network related services. But you have to use static IP configuration and need to map the drive using an IP instead of a hostname. The password issue I have never heard of, sorry. Best, AudioPhil
  11. Hey it will be much more than a nice improvement. Use Server 2019 in GUI and you‘ll get about the sound quality of Server 2016 in core. And this is almost night and day compared to Windows 10. It‘s mich easier and faster to install and configure than Windows 10 as well. And no hassle related to Core and still around 95% of its sound quality in GUI, so Server 2019 GUI is clearly the way to go. Setup Guide for 2019: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/windows_server_2019_setup_guide.pdf Evaluation ISO Server 2019: https://www.highend-audiopc.com/iso/server-2019 5 CAL‘s are included with a Standard license, so no need to buy additional CAL‘s for Windows Server. Best, AudioPhil
  12. like it? I LOVE IT! The recommendation does not differ in general, i would definitely use Server 2019 for your AudioPC. You can go with the GUI version, very uasy, no hassle related to Core mode and fundamentally better sound quality out of the box compared to Windows 10. Put AO 3.00 on and there ya go! Best, AudioPhil
  13. Hello @Windows X Have you ever heard of an issue like that, any ideas? Best, AudioPhil
  14. Hi Yes, please see page 21 of our main pdf guide. Install your WiFi driver and either install the Wireless LAN feature by hand or use our ServiceTool to do so: Best, AudioPhil
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