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  1. I've spent hours and hours trying to get Audirvana running on Server XY. Sadly I had to give up, it seems not possible to me. I got no help from the developer as well, so there's not much I can do in this case. i wasn't even able to make a shell replacement for it.... 😞
  2. The licensing and pricing. But in terms of SQ, both are identical IF you use ServiceTool's "Prepare Essentials" Feature 👍🏼
  3. The "DriverHelper" as well as the "Install HD-Audio Drivers" features of ServiceTool might be of GREAT value for you!
  4. The server eval versions run for 180 days. This period can be "re-armed" five times in a row. So chances are high one will format and reinstall before the end of 5x180 days either way :) Essentials Edition is around 50% of the standard price, so also an option.
  5. Hi Yes, slmgr.vbs -dlv or slmgr.vbs -dli is the easiet and fastet way to get that information. Best, AudioPhil
  6. This question is about GUI and Core mode, not the AudiophileShell As far as I know only GUI mode can display those kind of messages. You can't see them in Core. (since you use the AudiophileShell I assume you are in Core....) Best, AudioPhil
  7. Sometimes its a bit of a hit and miss yes.. regarding the chipset, many components are not needed either way and can easiy be disabled. for the network cards it's almost always possible to use a driver which was made for a slightly different card/OS and it will install and work just fine. you need to google a bit and will find a way for sure! Best, AudioPhil
  8. For those interested, we have around 20 various Pachanko SATA cables in stock here in Switzerland. Will be shipped next day all around the world! Don't hesitate to shoot [email protected] a message if you are interested! Best, AudioPhil
  9. Hello Viktor Very glad to finally see these pictures from you also online! Best, AudioPhil
  10. What issues did you have on Server 2016 with the NVIDIA driver? Or where you on 2012 R2? I am using an 1050Ti on a Windows Server 2016 Hyper-V Server since quite some time. I use the same driver for it like i do for my 1080Ti SLI setup on my work machine. Windows 10 is by far the worst sounding OS which is supported by AO. Even Windows Server 2012 R2 will blow Windows 10 out of the water very easily. Chosing 2019 was the right decisino. You'll about get the sound quality of Windows Server 2016 in Core in Windows Server 2019 GUI mode! This means no hassle with core et all and still get absolutely astonishing sound quality incl. the ease of a GUI.
  11. Use as much features of AO as your constellation allows to! 👍🏼
  12. I'm not sure if I understand this question correctly. But the very short answer is better sound quality. depending on your constellation there are more or less advantages, but as said, not sure if I am understanding correctly...
  13. Hi I cannot comment on the driver since I use another DDC in front of the MC3+USB, but generally speaking I would use the latest one available. 60-80G would probably be enough for 3-4 times what you are planning for Best, AudioPhil
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