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  1. Hello Yes it will if you set it as Shell Replacement using our ServiceTool. It will look and behave like in GUI mode. The most complex part is the installation of JRiver itself since its installer does not work in Core mode. You'll need to install JRiver on a GUI machine, copy eveything over to the core machine and then do the activation. You can also still access Task Manager. Running proccess vary greatly from your setup and chosen options. Also the sum of all running proccesses ist not what really makes your audio sounding good, it's just good practice to have it as low as possi
  2. Hey This is because that servcice is disabled by AO. You can either do a reset using ServiceTool or just manuelly enable it again using services.msc. The have everything working as intended (from an OS perspective), i recommend doing the reset via ServiceTool. Best, AudioPhil
  3. Hello You can do so by using power shell commands. But it's reather complicated if you are not already familiar with it. Best, AudioPhil
  4. Hello How is documented in detail at the beginning of this thread and also in our PDF manuels. For your setup I think you can just use a the built in shell replacement for fidelizer and let it launch HQplayer. I don't think you need to create a custom one. Very best, AudioPhil
  5. Hello The best way to do that would be a dual boot system, one without and with AO installed. The "light" way to revert a part of its changes is the so called "reset via ServiceTool". Alternatively you can also uninstall it which will revert the system to the stat prio to the optimization. Everything (installation of AO, the OS, usage in detail etc) is describted, explained and documented very well in our PDF guides. For your setup i highly recommend you to read through the follwing PDF's before you start: https://www.highend-audiopc.com/PDF/audi
  6. Dear @Rsbrsvp Glad to hear you succeeded with WS2019 and Amazon Music, very nice! :) Unfortunately we do not offer the service your are requesting, but feel free to shot a message to @highend-pcdoctor he does offer exactly what you are looking for. Very best, AudioPhil
  7. Hello I'd recommend to start with the basics, there is enough to learn. Later on you can build up on that. Personally I like JPLAY a lot in the loop, but or course it adds another layer or complexity. Be sure the check ou all our PDF guide's in detail! Start with this one: https://pdf.highend-audiopc.com/audiophile-optimizer-setup-guide.pdf Then also read the dedicated guides about the OS installation as well as the computer audio best practices guide. Best, AudioPhil
  8. Hi yea that's correct. In most of the cases if it works fine on Windows 10 it will also do so on Server 2016/2019. But if you're not too technical I definitely recommend to skip Core and use GUI mode (desktop experience) on server OSes. Very best, AudioPhil
  9. Hello I tried to sign up for Amazon Music today but it is not available for Switzerland (yet). Best, AudioPhil
  10. Hello You could use use the trial of Windows Server to see if it all works. It's free for 180 days. Direct download links for the ISO are on our homepage. Best, AudioPhil
  11. Hello If it does work without AO it definitely will as well with AO. Yes 2019 GUI is second best option. Considering efforts and conplexity on top of sound qualit it is the best option. best, AudioPhil
  12. Unfortunately I have not yet made any experience with Amazon Music. You'll need to try out. It will of course work in GUI if it does without AO.
  13. 2019 in GUI mode in my opinion. 2012 R2 would be the last i would use as of today. But at all of them knock out Windows 10! but i'm sure you'll find people finding any one of these "their" best.
  14. For me 2019 in Core mode is KING. But that's just me :)
  15. Dear Mark My personal opinion is 2012 R2 -> 2016 - 2019, but you'll find different opinions on that topic for sure! :) Best, AudioPhil
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