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  1. Euphony
    Euphony OS w/Stylus player setup and issues thread

    Good morning everyone. After much delay, I finally decided to try Linux which is the new "darling" around the world: the Euphony Stylus. Having tried the massive majority of free and paid Linux (Daphile, Archphile, Runeaudio, Volumio, Jaguar Audio Design, AudioLinux, among others, including even the most basic ones like KODIbuntu), and failed to try programming since from begining a Linux that was superior to Windows in music playback, I bowed to the testing of the internationally commented Euphony Stylus as the best available. It costs nonsense €249.00 (I find it ridiculous to be a Linux), but for all I heard, who calls it "best of the day" is, in fact, right.


    After much reading to verify the best method of tuning, I used the setting indicated by most users as being superior in sound quality. To do this, (i) loaded the operating system into RAM, (ii) set the buffering of songs to RAM, and (iii) used Stylus mode, which, among others available, has apparently outperformed Roon in native mode and Roon combined with HQPlayer. The Stylus interface is extremely simple, but, because I already passed Roon's free trial, I opted to try Euphony exclusively in Stylus mode.


    It's the best "finished and ready operating system" I've ever experienced. It's far superior to AudioLinux and any other because it doesn't have that overly clean, polished "tinny sound" that is typical of Linux, which "stageophiles" and "bassophiles" love. Euphony may be the only Linux I've known since I learned how to properly configure a Windows which I really liked. Still loses, by a good margin, to Windows Server 2019 Datacenter Core Mode (17763.593) with Audiophile Optimizer v. 3.00, JPLAY FEMTO and Minority Clean X installed. In direct comparison, Euphony still denotes some dryness and harmonic poverty, while Windows Server 2019 delivers much richer, fuller sound. It's a much more beautiful and organic sound. The voices are correct, which doesn't exist with Linux. So while it's less exhibitionistic than the others and doesn't appeal to excessive clarity to create a false sense of detail and definition, it still has the same timeless inaccuracy that is common to Linux. It's amazing how explicit it is.


    To hear “audiophile music” sound doesn't easily denote many deficiencies without instant and direct comparison. However, to hear “ordinary music”, which doesn't always have a great deal of attention in recording or (re)mastering, Euphony makes things a little less comfortable but still easily audible.


    But what struck me most, and I haven't noticed in any other tests I've done, either with free or paid operating systems, is that Euphony limits the music dynamics. The system loses articulation and cannot reach high levels of sound intensity, as required, for example, in Hugh Masekela's Stimela songs and Harry Belafonte's Mama Look a Boo Boo. It sets a clear limit, as if the amplifier clipped, which doesn't exist with Windows and even with AudioLinux. I was intrigued, because never, in an operating system test, did this feature catch my ears. I can't vouch because I don't know the specifics of the project and intend to use the 30 day free trial to exhaust any possibility of improvement of Euphony, but the feeling I got after hours of listening was that in an attempt to "tame" the typical Linux sound that I critique, reducing glare and highlighting in the early harmonics, the developers eventually inserted some algorithm or hit that, while making the overall sound more palpable, limited the articulation, the dynamics.


    I believe the transport has favored the performance of this Linux, but it's a fact that, for those who don't have the opportunity to draw a direct comparison between a well-tuned Windows and Euphony Stylus, it performs very well. What's more, for those who don't know how to tweak Windows with a deep degree and/or want something that is simple to install, configure (takes less than 10 minutes), play and forget, it's the best I've ever had opportunity to meet. It plays well and needs very few adjustments. Just not cheap.


    By the way, any other tips for improving the playback level? Thanks.

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