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  1. Agreed, I think many vinyl fans go out and buy a digital version of their favourite recordings and are bitterly disappointed. The problem is the mastering or the A to D, not digital per say.
  2. I haven't had the chance to test a class D amp with a high-end all analog front end (source and source material). Have you done this, any conclusions? Thanks!
  3. When I checked the site this morning all my ignored topics came back to haunt me. I then reaslised I wasn't logged in. If I wanted to un ignore a topic how would I do that @The Computer Audiophile?
  4. I'm far too lazy for that but assuming the recording is good: 1. Source 2. Amp 3. Speakers
  5. CCA sounds bad, even your phone headphone out might sound better.
  6. I think the reason ASR is popular is that many believe most digital tweaks/high priced sources are snake oil. I do too but measuements can't tell us, we can only trust our ears. Best to ignore measurements.
  7. I'd be delighted if there was a measurement or way to veryify whether stuff sounds good/high fidelity- but it doesn't exist.
  8. If you rely on meaningless measurements, your are lost.
  9. The issue is Amir relies on his measuring equipment to tell him if a product should sound good or not, unfortunately no measuring equipment is currently good enough to do this.
  10. Yes and unlike Amazon, Spotify is available on many devices.
  11. Awsome! Puts you right there in the club.
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