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  1. If single ended sounds best, it is best. Plenty of high end valve pre amplifier manufactures seem to agree.
  2. The valve options from CAT, Conrad Johnson, Cary etc I like are not balanced.
  3. If you're going solid state, Gryphon are better than Pass labs.
  4. Kinda off-topic, we're discussing reproduction of the recording not the live performance.
  5. Dont like them either, suffice to say im sure fans with decent systems can provide you with the correct answers.
  6. Dad had an eight track, sounded great!
  7. Many people who swapped their analogue sources for CD have been living without music since the 1980's.
  8. So its objective and not a matter of taste. Case closed.
  9. I thought we dropped the 'accuracy' thing a while back... Whether you can judge an audio systems playback objectively or not is the question.
  10. Are you saying a system that reveals the physical integrity of the istrument is objectively more resolving than one that doesnt?
  11. Its bleeding obvious its an acoustic guitar!
  12. Which produces the more realistic soundstage, the well set up 3A's or poorly set up?
  13. Strong augument you have there, 😂
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