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  1. If you're ever bored, I would be interested in a comparison of Roon v Mosaic
  2. You lost me there, do 24/96 files sound the same as their 16/44 version to you, depending what filter you use in HQP?
  3. The Node analog out sucks, didn't bother trying the digital out.
  4. Maybe you'll get them in a day or two, if not send Mark an email. Look forward to your impessions.
  5. I'm trying to find one of these to demo, since it does Amazon: https://www.whathifi.com/reviews/audiolab-6000n-play
  6. Ok just got the files, listened in the car on my way to work. First files are BMS A v BMS B (assume BMS is the Bright Morning Star track). There is big difference! Anyone else tried?
  7. So you're an expert in the taste of salt? I mean in comparison to the average Joe who could care less?
  8. I'm a Brit on an extended visit, still lost in translation haha
  9. A connoisseur is an expert in matters of taste, and a wine snob presumably buys wine on the basis of the label or cost, not sure your point?
  10. Thanks, I'm in Malaysia, hopefully a temporary issue.
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