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  1. I should have said 'I'm guessing' as I don't know for sure but all the duller sounding versions I think are the downsampled versions.
  2. Rexp

    The Quest

    Congrats! Are you saying, given a good recording, your system sounds equally good with vinyl, streaming and file playback (whether hi-res or redbook)?
  3. In this case I preferred the hi-res but it doesn't mean hi-res is better, degradation is caused by poor downsampling IMO.
  4. I was ispired to try CD again by Schiit who are about to release a new CD transport with USB out. Figured a tweaked laptop could do the same thing. I'm listening to the analog out now, why this sounds better than any high end CD Player I've heard I have no idea.
  5. I've got 3 hdmi dacs (inc the one in my tv) all cheapo chinese jobs, so no brands. The laptop is HP, i am running Fidelizer (purist mode, highly recommended), CD player software is Foobar (no dsp). I use Tidal HiFi and Spotify. This is just a cheap system to keep me going while I'm marooned abroad (long story) but I am enjoying CD, which I usually don't.
  6. Im using a stand alone dac that has hdmi input, rca output
  7. No sorry to confuse two issues. Firstly I prefer the rca in, secondly, my new source PC>HDMI dac, reveals CD to be better than streaming.
  8. The problem I have now is my streaming services sound poor compared to CD, the complete opposite of my previous experience.
  9. I tried the optical input via a couple of sources, couldn't get it to sound unfatiguing, ended up with PC>HDMI DAC>rca in.
  10. Your DOSTM master is better, simples... Are you using a streaming service, rips or downloads?
  11. I'd try a different digital source first, a CD player/laptop/tv. Also try an analog source if poss. If no improvement, your amp/speaker combo is the problem.
  12. I also connect to a streamer via DLNA which should ameliorate the inherent power supply issues of the laptop.
  13. Best not to dismiss things you haven't heard. Audio is not that predictable.
  14. Yes that used to be the case for me but now CD beats wav. The only thing I changed was the power setting on the laptop.
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