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  1. Cool, do you have a preference for any particular digital format, hi-res etc?
  2. Maybe there is misunderstanding, you're free to tell me I am wrong any time.
  3. You have a turntable Paul so I also appreciate your opinion if not agree,
  4. Wrong. Good high end gear presents the low level details in the music, like piano keys being gently caressed that creates the emotional impact.
  5. Well yes, I even owned a high end audio store for a few years. Used to stock your Harbeth speakers which I do consider to be high end.
  6. Thats just not true, have you heard or owned a high end system?
  7. Isn't the conclusion that it depends on the mastering and if you want access to the best masters you need a turntable and digital source?
  8. Yes back OT, the number one job of a high-end system is to deliver the emotion in the music, something that mid-fi can't do. Now if you spend more you can get great imaging, tonal balance etc. So say you audiion a SOTA system and it does it all but you can't afford it, you can substitute lower cost speakers into that system and it will still deliver the emotion.
  9. What I particularly like about is the complete lack of digital glare. What software did you use?
  10. The upconverted version does sound better, why would that be?
  11. The mp4 sounds off, did you use this to exract the audio' https://www.onlinevideoconverter.com/ Maybe try aac instead.
  12. Yes please post a 24/96 and aac version of the audio from one your vids. Maybe in a new thread😬
  13. It is not about discernimg various sonic differences, it is about listening to two systems and finding one delivers the music and the other doesn't.
  14. You can't audition speakers via youtube, not sure why you're stating the obvious.
  15. So you personaly couldn't draw any worthwhile conclusions from the comparison. You don't need to advise others on what they hear.
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