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  1. Caught this documentary on Netflix today, great sound compared to most of the dross served up on Tidal: https://www.netflix.com/title/80048477?s=a&trkid=13747225&t=cp
  2. What i would to see is a protocol similar to bluetooth that allows you to play 16/44 1411kbs on your phone wirelessly to a receiver.
  3. Crime of the Century is one of those lp's that is a great test for vinyl systems, it sounds much better as the system improves Abba not so much.
  4. While I agree the majority of digital mastering is diabolical, most members on this site seem quite happy so hard to see any appetite for major change.
  5. Does it do gapless playback via its own app? Thanks!
  6. Maybe start a new thread on Why CD Sucks
  7. Yes, do you prefer CD or ripped CD playback?
  8. Do files ripped from CD's have the same distortion?
  9. I don't think the percentage of folks, young or old, interested in good SQ has changed much. When I was at college in the 80's I was the only kid with a decent hifi system in my group. Blaming young kids today for the sins of the labels is just wrong.
  10. Any update on your player preference?
  11. Lets face it alot of digital recordings ain't worth buying, labels need to fix their product first. And even if a good recording is released most folks don't have a capable playback system.
  12. Obviously youtube will damage the original recording, this is the minimum approximation to live sound that can be achieved but many systems/recordings don't even reach this level.
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