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  1. In this case the 24/96 sound better than the upsampled 16/44 but the quality of the recordings isn't good enough for me to buy them.
  2. Was hoping its not needle drops, how would we tell, with a scope I guess, anyone curious to try? You can download individual tracks on Qobuz for less than a dollar: https://www.qobuz.com/gb-en/label/black-barn-music/download-streaming-albums
  3. Nope, no affiliation, couldn't find much info on them.
  4. Searching Tidal for good remasters of old analog recordings is rather like looking for needles in haystacks. But I just came accross an obscure record label called Black Barn Music who seem to specialise in compilation albums, two examples below. Please take a listen, especially analog fans @AudioDoctor @GUTB and see if you agree these digital albums sound analog! https://tidal.com/album/128719187 https://tidal.com/album/123552745 Ps if you haven't got Tidal hifi subscription, you can download from their store cheaply.
  5. Had a casual listen and these sound v good! Can you re do Dreams the same way?
  6. I prefer the rip but I'm interested in seeing if you can improve your version. Your solution is for older analog recordings, do you think modern digital recordings can be improved?
  7. Do you mind posting Dreams here, thanks
  8. Yes, plenty of bad mastering around, also plenty of bad playback hardware. I predict things will improve with the help of our techy/scientist friends.
  9. Not optional, scientists haven't discovered why most digital sounds bad
  10. Now, if you'd just kept your turntable..
  11. Have you got the vinyl? Would be interested in a comparison.
  12. This is the issue, some 'digital men' can't tell the difference so they just don't get it.
  13. Luckily there are still some smart people (not flat-earther bits is bits fools) trying to fix digital: https://www.diyaudio.com/forums/digital-line-level/79452-building-ultimate-nos-dac-using-tda1541a-744.html#post6031506
  14. Some folks like CD, you're one of them. The last two I tried were by Audio Research and Nagra, do they get any better?
  15. I only heard the Oppo as a disc player, inc the Modwright version, and never been satisfied with the SQ. Are you saying using it as a network attached DAC via roon transforms it? Thanks!
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