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  1. A laptop (on battery) with foobar/wasapi does this. Sounds better than a rip to me.
  2. 'The only difference between analog and digital is the size of the sample rate. In the case of analog it is infinite, and for digital it is finite.' Andreas Koch
  3. Yes but the signal is off or on which is a definition of a digital signal. Analog signals are continuous.
  4. His definition of a digital signal is one with discrete values.
  5. There is nothing stupid about wanting the Analog forum to only feature 100% analog products. It is a point of view, as is yours.
  6. There is no room for your foul language on this forum, I suggest you apologise.
  7. Sure it has an analog output, so what, so does a CD player. Analog in this context means analog in, analog out with no digital conversion in the middle.
  8. Thanks for the clarification, I wonder how the Vega would compare..
  9. Since Chris went to the trouble of adding a section for Analog components, I bet he was delighted to see this thread.
  10. Do you have the Auralic Aries 2.1 or the Vega 2.1, I'm assuming the latter since that has a DAC?
  11. Came across this on Tidal, sounds quite analog:
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