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  1. I'd recommend folks go for the 24/96, much better IMO.
  2. I think it makes no sense. Their 24/96 files are also 'lossless'. Would have been off calling them 'hifi' and 'high res' tiers.
  3. I had a hunch the Klipsche wouldn't suit, not linear enough. Hope you like the Proacs!
  4. No LP's were harmed in the making of this recording.
  5. Thanks, was hoping more folks would compare the sound. Will leave it up for a bit longer before the reveal.
  6. I prefer one over the other, wanted to see if others agree.
  7. ? The difference in db has been measured at 0.0004432 dB, see above
  8. @pkane2001 @March Audio any thoughts? Anyone else care to offer an opinion?
  9. Thanks for the feedback! I'll take that meaning the difference in measurements is so small it won't affect the sound.
  10. https://www.dropbox.com/s/mnmd47b4fekosmo/Melle - Running out of Time1.wav?dl=0 https://www.dropbox.com/s/0v4uctdwxaxbdyy/Melle - Running out of Time2.wav?dl=0
  11. Yeah, guy uses a Tascam DA3000 @24/96, gives you a feel of that wonderful analogue sound, YT doesn't engage like the real thing though sadly. Would be great to get hold of the lossless files.
  12. Yeah it might not be the recorder, certainly shouldn't be so rolled off.
  13. Unfortunately if an analogue recording has been poorly converted to digital, as is the case here, there is nothing you can do about it. This is why serious music lovers have both analogue and digital sources.
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