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  1. Curiosity got the better of me, I bought a BT Receiver with optical out: https://www.aliexpress.com/item/CRDC-Bluetooth-5-0-Audio-Transmitter-Receiver-CSR8675-Aptx-HD-Adapter-Optical-Toslink-3-5mm-AUX/32878549408.html So far with aptx HD, the digital out sounds good and comparable to the Chromecast but with the added bonus of gapless playback. The analog out is not good though so try other options.
  2. So it was recorded in analog and digital, simultaneously?
  3. Good luck. One thing you could do is experiment with different player apps as they do sound different, mconnect on android sounds better than the Tidal app for example.
  4. Agree, change the name to Digital Audiophile and leave be.
  5. Rexp

    Bits is bits?

    In a system where chain is phone>upnp streamer>dac. Why does Tidal app sound inferior to mconnect app, given same bits?
  6. Not sure whether its my new phone or mConnect has been improved but it now sounds fundementally better than the Tidal app, usb player pro or bubble.
  7. Don't let the bastards grind you down. All true Audiophiles have both digital and vinyl, some like John Darko have both but much prefer digital because they only listen to modern pop/rock, which makes sense.
  8. Talking of compressed, does it sound as good as this?
  9. Can you recommend a Coltrane CD? Thanks!
  10. I did buy a couple of jazz XRCD's ages ago and they were not good, classical sounds better on CD to me, no idea why.
  11. No but have you listened to the proms?
  12. I'd take live AAC streaming over CD playback anyday. How about you?
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