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  1. Fm540i Me too more details please when you have time. thanks
  2. Hi everyone I just recently purchased a N100H. Has anyone changed the hard drive inside the N100H to a larger capacity? Is this simple to do? I suppose it would void the warranty. Are there any particular NAS drives (recommendations) that work well with the Aurender N100H?
  3. Sorry for the super late reply star i have tried both with the lehmann linear - I personally really didn't like this combination with the HD800. However since I wrote my initial impressions I purchased an HD800 March 2015 and have tried it with my Grace m903 - fantastic pairing- no sibilence at all TH900 is also great with this amp (HD800 is better now IMO with this pairing). I have listened to both headphones on my Japanese Bakoon 5210mk3 - In initial tests I preferred the TH900, however I did not extensively test the HD800 - no sibilence problems here either. I have listened to both
  4. Hi all I have in my main system Zu Soul Superflys (towers) - with new nanotech drivers - I have only just installed the drivers. 2nd system used occasionally is Audioengine B5 actives bookshelf's on speaker stands.
  5. David did an awesome job with this guide, as he said it's his opinion, I for one would rank the Fostex TH900 much higher up around with the HD800. I tried the HD600 HD650 HD 700 and HD 800 last year - the HD800 in balanced configuration was my favorite Sennheiser. however on some amps & some songs there was a nasty sibilant treble. when I tried the TH900 there was no sibilance at all and music was so much more enjoyable - the HD800 had a larger sound stage (it's an open h/p) than the TH900 (a closed h/p). The HD800 has more of an analytical sound with the TH900 having a more euphonic signa
  6. I have recently purchased the Fostex TH900 absolutely awesome headphone - I much prefer the sound signature (more euphonic no nasty treble siblance) over the HD800 which IMO only bests the TH900 in the sound staging area. I used to own the Grado RS2 and had to sell them due to comfort issues despite purchasing new foam cups. I did like the Grado's and thought they were good value sound wise.
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