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  1. No problems for me streaming from the Tidal app on my CAPS server to my Auralic Vega DAC. Very rare to hear any hiccups for me.
  2. ejn1

    Auralic Merak

    I've moved to KEF LS-50's and really like them. Not my Audio Physic Virgo 25's but for the price, they are giant killers. I decided to go a different path than the Meraks and built a pair of NCore400 monoblocks. I really like them so far and they are proving to be a good match for the KEF's. The only drawback when paired with the higher output of the Auralic Taurus pre, the usable volume control range is very small on the dial.
  3. Thanks Allan. MC20 has a bit more convoluted way to address the DoP setting versus prior versions, imo. Glad all sorted now!
  4. Well, I was able to figure it out from another DAC mfg's DSD setup guide for MC19/20 that I found on the web.... The Driver was ASIO, DSD via DoP selected, All DSP/Encoding set to off, and under bitstreaming, DSD was checked. So both DSD bitstream and DSD via DoP has to be selected.
  5. The Auralic won't do DSD Bitstream but I actually did try this... it converts the signal to something like 176 if memory is correct and it has mild distortion coming out so not able to play at all. Thanks for the thought though. I'm thinking something is going on with the Media Center 20 version prior versions. Either something with settings or something else.
  6. Hi All, Appreciate any help on this one... I have always had no issues running DSD through my Auralic Vega and my Caps using Jriver. Sometime recently and possibly associated with a recent Jriver update, I cant seem to play DSD via DoP without it being converted to PCM at 352. I'm now using MC 20 latest version and have the latest Auralic Driver update (V2.16). Does anyone have this setup working and if so, can you suggest the exact Jriver settings. I have an Auralic ASIO and Wasapi driver showing up in Jriver... I leave DSD Bitstreaming off and only one of the drivers even shows a selection to check off the box DSD over DoP. In the latter case, it plays by converting to PCM 352. Thanks in advance! Ejn1
  7. Hi, I'm really liking the KEF's and overall setup. At first I thought it would be a bit close but at a normal distance to my desk, the vocals are right at the center of my computer monitor with just a slight toe in of the KEF's. What's really fun about this setup is I feel that I'm hearing much less of the room dynamics sitting near field. Im sure Im getting reflections and echo but the pinpoint clarity is there and the speakers have plenty of bass with the ports open. Holographic imaging is not as good as my Audio Physics Virgo 25's but the KEF's are still amazing in their own right. Also, the Auralic / Ncore / LS50 combination is extremely detailed yet smooth on the ear.
  8. Happy Holidays CA! I recently moved continents and had to do away with my floor standers. I decided to move my serious 2 channel listening room to my study and picked up a pair of KEF LS50's to match with my Auralic DAC and PRE, CAPS V3. I also built a pair of Hypex NCore400 monoblocks for amplification as they were small, run cool and enables me to hide away in my desk. Really happy with the near field set up and sound. ejn1 Pic below.
  9. I can't seem to get my MC19 windows 8 working (understand I may need mc20), but I can't get the tidal app to see my auralic vega day in the drop down menu. It only shows remote audio as a option. Any thoughts? Thx
  10. ejn1

    Auralic Merak

    Agree on not conventional Class D but apparently there is a stigma here in the US still. I would really like a pair of the Merak's to audition for sure. The MBL that I was referring to is the C21 which is closer in price to the Merak's but still a tad more expensive. I saw one on Ebay in the UK for around 2800 GBP was seemed like a decent price. I think I prefer the Merak's personally from a design and value standpoint depending on the listening of course!
  11. ejn1

    Auralic Merak

    Hi Engvet, im back in the US now and still trying to locate a pair of demos. I do recall Gary telling me that the Meraks were a step up from the Trigons and a step below the MBL corona 2 channel class D amp. Class D has a bad rep in the US so not easy to find a demo.
  12. I thought the discussion on hot outputs was more related to when you connect your vega straight to an amp. There was potential for too much attenuation at low volumes with some amp pairings. On preamps, wang made a comment on what was the ideal volume control type for the vega but don't recall the details. Good luck.
  13. I use the Vega with a preamp it integrates nicely. You just set the volume level on the DAC to 100% and use your i32 for volume control.
  14. Jriver on the caps... Jremote on iPadiPad
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