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  1. I Like the internal volume in JRMC as we'll. I have always use it and felt that it sounded really good in my setup. and now that I have inserted a AQ jitterbug into one of the USB port and from the jitterbug into the uptone regen amber and into my meridian explorer my headphone listening has taking on another level. I'm know longer searching for the best sounding tracks to become engage in the music now all I do is open JRMC enable shuffle mod and let the music work its magic for hours. When I wont to take it to a even higher level with the Jitterbug/regen combo HQPLAYER gets the call.
  2. good to hear that you got it enjoy the music
  3. the way I do it is I make new playlist inside Audirvana I drag tracks or albums to the Play Queue at the bottom of the side panel there is a plus sign that enable you to name your playlist just drag the file's to that list.
  4. Are you using the latest build A+ 2.2 ? and if so have you imported all your files into A+?
  5. It plays both ways. When you enable itunes integrated A+ automatically will see it and will play what ever mode you select in itunes be it shuffle mode, play list mode ect etc. To make a playlist in stand alone mode drag a track or album into Play Queue which is in the side panel under Sources.
  6. Are you trying to make a playlist in stand alone mode or itunes integrated?
  7. I'm running a mac book pro with the meridian explorer dac my question is can I disable the exclusive / hog mode with in Hq player to be able to use the volume control on the MBP key board when monitoring out of the meridian headphone jack as I'm able to do with other software players ?
  8. I personally know that there are a lot of brotha's oh excuse me "African American" who are member's on this forum who like rap music. When you apply to rap music as lacking intelligence or common sense you are taking a personal stab at those who understand rap. Maybe you should of said rap is not your taste that is more acceptable to those who live and understand that life style. There is one thing you need to know rap makes perfectly good sense to all the riders out there.
  9. Here is the way I import hirez files to my A+ library. I keep all of my files on a external hard drive in specific folders and map A+ to that folder.
  10. In audirvana all you do is click on and off on the x to enable and disable shuffle mode. Also here is a screen shot of where shuffle mode is in Itunes
  11. It's the little x to the right of the song counter bar .
  12. All of the music players you mention above will do just fine with 4 gigs of ram. I would recommend going with the latest build from Audirvana.
  13. The new amarra SQ+ 2.2 does not sound good. I was very happy with the sound of the 2.1 version does any know how I can go back to get the last version. never mind guy's I was smart enough to of save version SQ+ 2.1
  14. I agree there should be a better color combination it feels like I'm looking at Itunes. The sound quality is stellar.
  15. j dub

    HQ Player

    Thanks Miska for clearing that up for me. also I have another question for you can you help me get my artwork to show in the album view page.
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