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  1. Thanks very much for the good advice. I must admit, I'm feeling as if iTunes might be the way to go. My main problem now is being able to listen to the library in another room. The main Mac is in one room, where I will connect the NAS, but I want to listen in another room to music from the library. Now, should the NEW library be showing on my Apple Remote (it isn't at the moment), or do I need to configure something on Audirvana? I did contact them, and they actually suggested NOT to employ the integrated iTunes facility. That didn't work either, so more confusion now!
  2. Just one last thing: now that I have a few titles in the library and they are showing in Audirvana, how am I able to make sure that Audirvana can be streamed to my Airplay (Airport Express) in another room?
  3. Thanks, it worked. Once again, thanks for all your info. Greatly appreciated.
  4. Thanks again. I've practiced with one, and it's ripped ok. Next question is: how do I actually transfer that to Audirvana? It doesn't appear to work with a 'drag and drop'...
  5. Thanks very much for the quick reply. I actually have XLD on my Mac; oddly enough, I've only ever used it to convert FLAC to AIFF for iTunes. It will show how little I know about all this; I never knew that XLD could also be used to rip cd's! What you have described, all looks easy enough. I assume that after ripping them, they will appear as a library (similar to iTunes, is that correct?)
  6. Hi, I am new to this, so hoping someone can please assist. I am not at all tech-savvy, so I might need helpful, EASY info.!I want to set-up a computer-based music library (preferably NOT iTunes). I have a NAS drive, Mac computer and interested in downloading Audirvana (perhaps - based on the reviews, etc.) I also have a CA DAC. I've done plenty of ripping cd's via iTunes and familiar with that one. Are there other more successful alternatives out there, and if so, what might they be? I suppose most of my confusion is how I eventually manage to transfer the library to the 2TB NAS and once transferred, how I make the link with Audirvana, so that I can listen to the library streamed to something like AirPlay. Any advice would be greatly appreciated.Thanks.
  7. Many thanks for all the great suggestions. I'm still battling through all this but everyone's been fantastically helpful. I'll certainly give it all a try and see where it takes me. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks again, John. You've certainly given me a few things to look into and I'll try that today. I have in fact been able set-up some kind of library through your ideas but it obviously needs refining and they're going to help. I'm also considering ripping them on a notebook I have in the house which would mean that I could use EAC. I understand it's quite good. I'll keep you posted on my progress.
  9. John, Just to update you on the last reply. You are such a great teacher, thank you! I've actually managed to fix that problem and all is showing up beautifully on the Stream Magic now. A new issue however, you might be able to assist with. Hopefully,this should be the last: As I'm a classical collector, I want to rip the cd's so that they are the same order as the cd. For example, when ripping Beethoven Symphony No.5, there are 4 movements that make up the symphony, so we listen to the entire work with one track following after another in that order. What is happening is that 4 separate folders are showing which means I have to manually hit the tracks that follow-on from the previous one. How do I get the entire 4-movement symphony to appear as that in one folder, for example?
  10. John, Thanks again. I've reached that point you've suggested where I set-up a FLAC Directory. Not having a lot of knowledge of computers, I'm not that sure here. There is an opportunity to set-up a FOLDER called FLAC under Shared Music, but a DIRECTORY? Is that different?
  11. I want to thank both of you guys for your help. It has certainly opened-up a lot for me in this area. John, I just wanted to ask something. I have managed to get to the point where the display shows: My BookLive - Twonky". It is after this point that a lot goes wrong. For some reason, when I choose this, it seems to be picking-up my iTunes library but the albums aren't all there and some of the tracks on those albums that are there, are not in order. It's actually a mess! Any idea what might be causing this?
  12. Hi, I am new to this forum, and hoping someone could please assist me. I'm VERY confused, unfortunately, and not too tech-savvy! I have recently decided to rip my entire classical cd collection to a MyBook Live NAS drive. I have also purchased a Cambridge Audio Stream Magic 6 player. As I own a Mac, I have successfully ripped about 5 cd's to XLD. It is from there that I'm totally lost. The CA 6 is showing "MyBook Live-Twonky" on the display. When this is opened, some of the tracks are dispersed all over the place and all of the tracks from my iTunes library are showing as folders, so that in order to play an entire symphony, I need to open each folder as the previous one stops. It is my intention to abandon iTunes and set-up an independent library employing a different media player with all files in FLAC. I have attempted to download Amarra but the customer service rep informed me that, as the CA6 upscales, their software wouldn't work. The other problem I've encountered is creating a path from Applications to the NAS drive for a different media player than iTunes. The cd's I ripped through XLD seemed to go straight to iTunes/Twonky. As you can see, I'm really lost with all this and would very much appreciate someone's help, although I would ask that you "lead me by the hand" on this. My knowledge of all this is rather limited at present. Many thanks.
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