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  1. Thanks. This particular Mogami AES says it is 110 Ohm. And at this price range strongly recommended.
  2. What is the experience with AES digital cables who use that setup? I have a dCS Network Bridge connected via AES, in my case quite favorably with a 12 ft Studio grade Mogami Gold AES Digital/Analog XLR Microphone Cable I bought from Amazon. At 76 USD, very good performance for the money. Any other recommendations? I would need a long length, minimum 2 meters or more, since the master speaker and the equipment rack stand apart. Cheers
  3. I don't use the controller as input but just as volume control (aes input directly to Kii from dCS NB) however, reading your post I experimented with where it sits and hey, even in this scenario it makes a difference. Currently there is a sorbothane footer found lying around between the controller and the coffee table which is metal. No cost to try and yes red is beautiful...
  4. I started writing my answer as follows: "Nope. I am using Control just for control purposes, volume control etc. I am using AES as input. So changing the control ethernet cable should not make a difference in my case". Then, I went ahead and changed the long ethernet cable (which came with the Kii's) with others, including a CAT7 SOTM. There definitely is a noticeable difference between cables. Sotm more silent, the original cable more lively. I found best balance in the following Vandesail cable I bought couple of weeks back to try between the speakers. https://www.amazon.com/dp/B015PPQXY6/ref=cm_sw_em_r_mt_dp_U_A8DqDb86FMVRE these performed quite good in between the speakers too. Easy to try and see... I guess the difference should be more profound if one is using the Control unit as input.
  5. Last night I replaced the ethernet cable between Kii Three's with a 5.5m SOTM CAT7. Soundstage is now much more precise, wider, and higher. The whole sonic picture just grew bigger. Also the timbre and detail is at another level. Try to put the best cable you can over there...
  6. This is what I use to a great effect. https://herbiesaudiolab.com/collections/loudspeaker-rack-decoupling-and-isolation Actually these made a bigger jump in sound quality than the feet. I use 3 thin fat dots under each speaker.
  7. Yes. I used them without initially. And the improvement is really good. But is it worth 600usd is another question. Yes for me.
  8. Answer I received from Kii upon my question: The net weights are:single speaker: 19.2 kgsingle speakerstand 21.1kg I have not filled in with sand yet. I can still add another 10 kilos or so sand.
  9. Yes. Stromtank 2500. I had it for my previous frontend but now Kii's are feeding from it.
  10. I use IsoAcoustics Gaia II. Strongly recommended. Some reviews on YouTube, and I conquer with all of them as to how good they are. KK
  11. I think it is not an issue with the cable but wrong usage of contact cleaner on my part. Years of usage and repeated application should have caused this issue. Stabilant has a very good performance so I may have overdone it. Thank you all for chipping in...
  12. I used couple of cleaners over time, Caig Deoxit and Stabilant 22. Can they have such an effect?
  13. Hi all. I have two Audioquest cables, one Diamond, one Vodka. Both connectors on both cables dissolved (the plastic bit at the end carrying the conductors simply broke off). Attached is a photo showing how it looks like. Same thing happened with a friend that is using totally different setup with different electronics. And as you might guess, having paid so much money, I took very good care of them physically. Audioquest says they never faced something like this, so it should be our equipment causing the problem. (dCS Network Bridge in my case and Upsampler for my friend) we are using SOTM CAT7 as replacement and other places in the system with the same connectors so far without a problem. I wonder if anyone else had a similar issue with Audioquest or is it really something specific to our cables/system? Cheers Kunter
  14. @AMP Congratulations on the Mosaic app. Started using it and enjoying it very much. Now that you have a proper solution to play music without the helps of software like Roon, dCS may consider a final touch to perfect the experience. I want to use USB disk directly connected to the Network Bridge, which, when properly powered and connected, gives the best sonic results to my ears, and minimal complication. However, putting new files into the USB drive requires a lot of manual work, and is quite inconvenient. Can the Network Bridge provide a network share of the USB disk attached so that we can copy new files from the network directly? Is this something you can consider?
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