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  1. For sale is my Holo Audio Spring Kitsune Tuned Edition Level 3 DAC. Asking $1,900 shipped to your door via FedEx (using Friends & Family Option) otherwise add 3% to the asking price. The Holo is a strong 9/10. I can't find a mark on it. Original owner with original packing. Regards Randy
  2. For sale is a minty Linear Tube Audio MZ2 pre/headphone amp. This MZ2 comes with the upgraded Power Supply. It comes with the upgraded RCA 12SN7 tubes. However, I am also including Sylvania VT-231's as well as Mullard CV4024's. The pre will ship with the Sylvania and Mullards for safe travel. I will send the original RCA12SN7's boxed up. There is a jumper that will be with the accessories in case you ever want to go back to a 12SN7.(Don't know why you would want to do this...) Not only is this a wonderful preamp, the MZ2 will drive any headphone without a sweat. I am the seco
  3. I have tried the HOLO 3 with a Singxer SU-1 and TedB has allowed me his Intona to try out for a couple of weeks. My take is that I prefer the HOLO sans the Singxer. Last night I took out the Intona and only have the HOLO being fed by the microrendu powered by a LPS-1 PS, along with my music server PC. It sounds better to me this way. More alive. Regards, Randy
  4. I own the Holo and was going through the same exact questions regarding purchasing a new preamp. The pre I am currently borrowing is a Bent passive (thanks TedB!) which can run SE or balanced. I set up the Holo so that I could switch back and forth. I matched the volume as close as possible and lo and behold I actually preferred running SE over balanced! For me and my system running balanced was a bit "in your face" sounding while running SE was a bit less fatiguing to me. What all of this means is that I can now look at some pre's that I have always wanted to try in my system but
  5. I don't disagree with your above remarks. There are many who like the Singxer. I'm not one of them. I don't know if it was possible to do this, but I do think it important to listen to DACS that have been on for at least 24 hours. Actually, I am envious that you were able to listen to the different speakers that your group had on hand... Regards, Randy
  6. I own the Holo, Level 3 DAC. While I applaud your efforts, I will respectfully disagree that I2S is the superior input. I have tried my Holo with the Singxer and I2S and preferred the USB input coupled with the Regen. I have had the 2Qute in my system as well(along with the Hugo). I have not yet heard the Yiggy. The beauty of the Holo is that when using HQPlayer, I can easily try 44.1, 384, DSD 256 or DSD512 on each track. I find it interesting to hear the differences and how I might prefer 44.1 to 384 on a certain track but maybe the opposite on another. I have just started to liste
  7. Thanks. Are you satisfied? Have you tried it with a preamp as well? Randy
  8. Are any current T&A DAC8 DSD owners running their dac directly to their amps using the dac's analogue preamp? Randy
  9. Norman- Actually, the Gustard uses 2 of the 9018 Sabre chips. I copied the specs and have listed them below... In reading the below specs, I do find it interesting that it does state that via USB it only supports up to DSD128. I am currently using a Thesycon driver that allows DSD256 via USB (which sounds very good). Here is another copied blurb from Gustard... "USB 2.0 asynchronous interface can playback 1BIT / 2.8224MHz or 5.6448MHz DSD digital signal sampling rate. That is supported DSD64 and DSD128. Coaxial BNC fiber AES / EBU support DOP64, IIS support DSD64 128 256 512."
  10. With all due respect if you have not heard it then you should not comment on it at all. Look...I am not taking anything away from the Lampizator GG or the T+A DAC8. I will not comment on those as I have not heard them. However, I HAVE heard the Gustard X20U and to be perfectly frank, I could give a rat's behind what chip is under the hood. After 35 years of playing in the Academy of Music in Philadelphia, Carnegie Hall in New York, Severance Hall in Cleveland and other venues, when I hear the accurate yet beautiful tone and timbre of acoustical instruments, I really don't care if I pop the
  11. I have owned the same Exasound E20 MK III with the .082 Clock. This is a very good dac for DSD. I also owned the Lampizator Amber DAC(for a very short period) that did both PCM and DSD. In addition, I had the Chord Hugo in my system. I took a chance and ordered the Gustard X20U DAC and have been pleasantly surprised. This is a very well made DAC. I cannot tell you how it would compare to the T+A DAC 8 but I can tell you that for $799 this DAC is very good. I have performed some mods and tweaks to this DAC and it absolutely shines on classical music. Woodwinds/strings sounds great. (
  12. Up for sale is The Majestic Integrated Amp from Wells Audio. I bought this amp from World Wide Imports up in Canada. The unit was used as their demo. Upon delivery the right heat fins were loose along with some internal wires that became disconnected so I sent it back to Jeff Wells and he fixed what was wrong while going over the entire amp. I must say that Jeff Wells is one of the true gentlemen in this business! He even extended the company's 5 year warranty to me. If anyone is considering any of his products, don't be swayed by the size of his company. This man stands behind what he m
  13. Maybe a dumb question but will I be ok with Windows Server 2012 R2 ? Regards Randy
  14. I contacted the below website who will build the Sigma 11. For a 12v 4.5 amp PS the cost is $450. For a 12v 7amp version it would be $509. The wait for the build is a very reasonable 3 weeks. Being that I already have a HDPlex 100(along with the HiFi 250W, DC-ATX that I bought to power my new CAPS Pipeline that I just built), I plan to use the 12v output to power the Brooklyn. YBM Audio products Regards, Randy
  15. What is specs of the Sigma 11 in regards to v and amps? Did you diy it or did you have the Sigma 11 built for you? Thanks Randy
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