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  1. Using Ambre with piCorePlayer here without any issues. As the Ambre has a regular Pi inside Installation is easy via SD Card. PiCore sound can further be improved by applying tweaks published by this guy here: https://soundcheck-audio.blogspot.com/2018/01/raspberry-pi-audio-engine-1-introduction.html?m=1 Most of the tweaks can be applied to the Ambre... Only downside of using it without Roon for me: the blue LED is continuously flashing. I got rid of it by using some black tape to cover it.
  2. The batteries of mine where worn out. After a email conversation with May of SOtM(thanks, very helpful) she send me a instruction for changing the batteries and pointed me to my local distributor (here in Germany). He could source me a set of new batteries. So yes, they can be exchanged. Cheers from Cologne!
  3. Hi, another question: Does anyone know whether the the mBPS-d2s battery psu is compatible with the sMS-200 or if there is a new psu on it's way. I currently use a sms-100 together with a mBPS-d2s and think the pus improves the performance significantly. Thanks & regards
  4. Like the SMS-100 and look forward to the new version. I think the new box will look like this: sMS-200 | Red Dot 21
  5. Hi! Thanks for the info, Jesus R. With both of the settings the DAC suddenly worked ;-) Didn't have enough time for a longer listening session yet, but so far did not notice any problems. Thanks for support Boris
  6. Hi! Thanks for your reply. Im running SqueezeLite and the LMS Server is not running. Unfortunately till now I was not able to get any sound of the SMS-100 / JK Ciunas / Metrum Octave combination. When I use a Squeezebox Touch as source, immediately after boot competition the red light at the dac switches off, indicating that the dac receives a valid signal (even without playing music). With the SMS-100 I did not manage to get the red light switched off yet. As firedog suggested I might drop Jesus R a line… Regards
  7. Hi! Although being (a passive) forum member for about two years now this is my first post here… I apologize to ask for some assistance with a problem I have with a newly acquired SMS-100. I was running a Squeezebox Touch via a John Kenny USB-SPDIF Converter into a Metrum Octave Mk1 DAC with great results in my main system. As a a Squeezebox in a second system died, I decided to move the Touch from the main system to the second one and install a SMS-100 instead I was able to get in almost new condition second hand. The Problem: Although the SMS-100 "sees" the Converter ("combo 384 amaner
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