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  1. Thanks CJF, I took your advice and pulled out an oldW7 laptop and tested the wall feed. Sure enough, it was fine, it seems that the ethernet cable (Insignia brand) was faulty. I swapped it out and now the switch works normally. My thanks!
  2. Hi all, A long-time reader and lurker, I have learned an immense amount from AS and now I have a current problem related to my Bluesound Node 2 and my home network that I can't figure out what's happening (I'm rather noobish at networking) and how to resolve it, so I'm coming back to the circle for advice and guidance. The scenario: I have a modem and router in the basement that feeds wi-fi and ethernet signals through the house. The ethernet is cabled directly to only 3 rooms via some legacy networking in the house and (among other devices) I run my Bluesound Node 2 and Ela
  3. There are a number of images available of the interior of the Node 2 that clearly show the BurrBrown PCM 5122 chips but nothing I can find so far that shows much of the inside layout of the Powernode 2. I'm not able to tell anything from the single small picture of the board on the Bluesound Powernode 2 website page.
  4. Can anyone tell me if there is any difference in the DAC's in the Node 2 and Powernode 2? I really enjoy my Node 2 but would like to move to either active speakers or the Powernode but I don't want to lose the sound I enjoy from the Node 2 (my CA 752BD universal player also has the same DAC as the Node 2). I've looked around the Web but all I can find is from Bluesound's own description " Bluesound’s 32-bit architecture combined with 8x oversampling, paired with our own innovative HybridDigital™ Amp and DAC platforms..."
  5. thanks, I tried converting by folder with no problems but experimenting with 3 folders in a batch conversion created numerous problems...it appears that like I have to do each folder individually in Foobar.....
  6. Hi all, I'm hoping someone here can help me sort this out. My issue is that my current streaming device for music files from my NAS is my Cambridge Audio 752BD blu-ray player. I really enjoy the sound (it uses twin Wolfson 8740 DAC's) but it does NOT play gapless flac files streamed from my NAS, it will only do that via an attached USB HDD (which kind of defeats the purpose of the NAS). I have almost a terabyte of files on my NAS and it drives me crazy to hear the 2 second gap inserted on recorded concerts or other files where the music flows from one song to another seamlessly.
  7. I'll try Media Server, is this a different software from the one in the DSM packages? I checked the 752's manual and it seems that because I had been pulling up the files directly via the 752's network interface (although I also have BubbleUPnP installed on my phone) it's classified as a DMP vs. a DMR. It only acts as a DMR via a control point app Could that be the issue? I'll change both the server software and try just using the Bubble app tonight to see if I get any issues. I can also change all the cables to cat6, if you think that's beneficial. I'll have to buy a 20-footer for the
  8. Hi Ted, I'm using Cat5E ethernet cable from the DL DIR 850L router to the Synology. I have the CA 752BD attached to the router (as well as an Xbox 360 and a Mini Neo-8H android tv box). There is a Trendnet TEG-550g powered gigabit switch in the path from the router, which the Synology and the laptop are connected to, as both are in a different room to the 752BD. I have only Minimserver running on the NAS (no video, etc.), should I try using Media Server or Audio Station as both are offered in the DSM packages?
  9. In an effort to consolidaate the number of boxes, I recently purchased a Synology DS213J with 2 2TB WD Red HDD's in RAID setup. Te idea is to stream the audio files from the Synology to my Cambridge Audio 752BD for playback through my integrated amp. The 752BD is plugged into a power conditioner (Majik Buss) but the Synology only to a UPS. I'm using Minimserver on the Synology with no other packages (other than Java) installed and it is all connected with Ethernet. My issue is that during playback (16/44 and high-res) I am noticing a sort of "rice krispies" sound in the background, ei.e. fain
  10. HIFiGuy, would it also be possible to ask your Sony Japan ES contacts whether the Z1 will ever be available in black like the S1? I am just about to pull the trigger on the Z1 from Sony Canada but would hold off and wait if there were any plans to provide it in black in the near future as everything else in my setup is black...Thanks!
  11. Thanks, I had tried that, all USB ports were functional. I finally uninstalled the Texas Instruments SOTM W7 driver and re-started and let W8 install its own driver, which worked! I have finally have my music back! Interesting note, II have only 3 programs installed, apart from W8. They are JRiver 18, CCleaner (to clean up the install) and TeamViewer (to get remote access to the headless PC). All worked fine until I installed the latest Fidelizer and ran it in "Audiophile" setting. Immediately I encountered some severe distortion until I re-started the PC. Don't know what it is with Fidel
  12. I've been remiss in not thanking all of you for your feedback. As it turned out the SSD was indeed kaput (according to the computer store). I've bought and installed a different SSD (Intel vs. the previous Samsung 840 pro. Samsung has agreed to "resolve my issue" (whatever that means) after I bring it to a local service center, which, of course, is only open during my work hours....I have now installed the new SSD, re-installed W8, installed the SOTM drivers (which I now understand not to be necessary) but now I can't get any sound at all from the machine. Everything seems to be connected prop
  13. Hi, I've been running a CAPS V3 Lagoon build for about a year now and recently had to change out the DN2800MT mobo for a replacement made by MITAC and it seemed to work well. The Lagoon is powered by a KECES linear power supply which is also linked to a conditioner and the Lagoon runs just W8 OEM 32 -bit, JRiver 19, Teamviewer and Fidelizer. Unfortunately the mobo failure was followed by the failure of the Samsung 840Pro 128 SSD and I'm now looking for a replacement. The tech who diagnosed the failure asked if the drive was constantly being written to as SSD's have an inherent limit (
  14. I'd still love to know the answer to this before starting a CAPS v3 build.....most comments on or about the SoTM USB card refer to USB DAC's not ones that use a converter....
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