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  1. I tried several PSUs before settleling on the SR4T for my SOtM streamer. Even with this rather low-cost streamer (the basic sms-200), the improvement is noticable in aspects of naturalness, realism and PRAT. Some PSUs give a softer presentation, some more harsh (of the ones I tried). The PH is spot on in my opinion. Tried in my friends setup as well and the impact and sense of realism was the same, even on an external clock for his usb-s/pdif converter.
  2. I borrowed a dhlabs power plus cable from a friend. No special connectors or anything.
  3. Got to try another mains cable tonight with my sr4t. Annoyingly, the difference was clear. Better tonal balance, more natural timbre, better control of the bass. Still trying to figure out why a better cable makes a difference on the lps of a streaming device... sigh.. 🤯
  4. Yes, same as normal sr4. Mine has 5, 7, 9 and 12 volts
  5. Any other advice on suitable mains cables? The Furutech DPS 4.1 costs about the same as the SR4T WITHOUT plugs - so cable only. Too steep for my budget 🐵 Mine sounds great out of the box with just a standard cable but I'll definitely try other options..
  6. Yes, it was part of the April batch. Ordered in February. I’m already happy with it. It has great speed and attack combined with finesse in details.
  7. Yay!! My SR4T arrived today!! Looking forward to hearing it with my sms-200 :) With the upooc cable option.
  8. Regarding PSU, I've tried out several LPS options (although none of the options mentioned in this thread 😆). Most of them gave a somewhat relaxed presentation with lots of details but with loss of dynamics opposed to my current favorite: A no-name LPS with a fan (that can be stoped with a paper clips 🙃). This gives the right level of attack and rhythm to the music and makes the sms-200 less soft. Realizing that this was not my final solution, I've finally settled on a Paul Hynes SR4 LPS (after reading much about it). I'm very curious whether it will give the balance between attack
  9. Very cool indeed! I ordered the basic SR4 version mid March with arrival with the April batch (but with some minor delays). I'm very much in doubt whether to change my order - both to the turbo version but also for the cable option instead of the silver option - so I'm very interested in your listening impressions and any recommendations! - changing the order is still possible for me! The reason for my thinking is that I just bought the new audio-gd di-20 so the SoTM sms-200 does not sound a bit 'soft' anymore and the cobber cable option might be a better fit..
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