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  1. Sorted! 🙂. Stefano was right, I had my audio pc set to public network. Changing it to Private solved the problem. The strange thing is that my Samsung TV also then became discoverable. Why would changing the setting on the PC affect the TV??
  2. @cebolla: my windows 10 PC and my Samsung TV are both wirelessly connected. Neither show up on MConnect. I use a TP Link M4 Mesh system.
  3. I have JRMC running on a W10 PC. The output goes to a USB DAC. I have Tidal on my ipad and I’d like to play it via JRMC whilst controlling playback from my ipad. My understanding is that MConnect should facilitate this. However I cannot get MConnect to “see” JRMC as a player device. I have ticked the DLNA boxes in the Media Network menu of JRMC. Any suggestions as to what might be the problem?
  4. I have 2 subs but one is a Rythmik and the other is a Velodyne. Am I correct in thinking this should not be a problem as Audiolense will just adjust the response of each as appropriate?
  5. The spec sheet says HLC has zero latency. Does that remain true if you are using it as a plug-in with JRiver?
  6. If I already have JRiver and use its convolver to implement filter settings derived from say AudiolLens, would there be any advantage in buying and using HLC? This is a genuine question and not an attempt to slight HLC.
  7. John Martyn not widely known in the US? Unbelievable! Solid Air is a desert island disc.
  8. Time Left: 8 days and 17 hours

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    The Audiolense T&Cs allow the resale of the license. Let me know if you no longer have a need for your XO license.


  9. WTD: Audiolense XO license View Classified The Audiolense T&Cs allow the resale of the license. Let me know if you no longer have a need for your XO license. Seller Iansr Date 11/29/20 Price Category All Others
  10. Thanks, I get that; you don’t want AL having to cut more than it needs to do. When adjusting the volume control on the subs I guess its better to err on the high side if anything so that AL can cut it down to the target FR. Lets say you have a fully active 2 way system and (like yours) the mid/ tweeter has much higher sensitivity than the woofer. Now I know you use an amp with a lower gain for the mid / tweeter, but what should you do if you are using amps that have the same gain? Is it better to pad down the mid / tweeter with passive components or just let AL make sizeable cuts?
  11. Mitch, you mention that you matched the volume level of the subs to your mains by using the volume control on the subs. Doesn’t AL adjust the volume - it surely must do in order to hit the target FR curve ? Or were you just getting the volume level in the right ball park ? This is relevant not just for subs but also if you are using the active XO and have power amps with different gains.
  12. Thank you Mitch. Anybody tried the ASIO4ALL route (pun intended) ?
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