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  1. John Martyn not widely known in the US? Unbelievable! Solid Air is a desert island disc.
  2. Time Left: 17 days and 28 minutes

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    The Audiolense T&Cs allow the resale of the license. Let me know if you no longer have a need for your XO license.


  3. WTD: Audiolense XO license View Classified The Audiolense T&Cs allow the resale of the license. Let me know if you no longer have a need for your XO license. Seller Iansr Date 11/29/20 Price Category All Others  
  4. Thanks, I get that; you don’t want AL having to cut more than it needs to do. When adjusting the volume control on the subs I guess its better to err on the high side if anything so that AL can cut it down to the target FR. Lets say you have a fully active 2 way system and (like yours) the mid/ tweeter has much higher sensitivity than the woofer. Now I know you use an amp with a lower gain for the mid / tweeter, but what should you do if you are using amps that have the same gain? Is it better to pad down the mid / tweeter with passive components or just let AL make sizeable
  5. Mitch, you mention that you matched the volume level of the subs to your mains by using the volume control on the subs. Doesn’t AL adjust the volume - it surely must do in order to hit the target FR curve ? Or were you just getting the volume level in the right ball park ? This is relevant not just for subs but also if you are using the active XO and have power amps with different gains.
  6. Thank you Mitch. Anybody tried the ASIO4ALL route (pun intended) ?
  7. Thanks for that. I had independently also come to the tentative conclusion that I would have to use the AES 16E and use AES/EBU connections. However Kal’s post about MacOS indicates there may be another solution . . . .
  8. Kal, thank you that is VERY interesting! That sounds like something that may be unique to MacOS - ? I can’t immediately see any reason why this wouldn’t work with other USB DACs as its the routing of the 3 stereo signals that is normally the problem.
  9. Thanks for the suggestion. Not my ideal solution though as I want use the USB inputs of the DACs. Also I note that it performs a sample rate conversion on the input. In my experience the SRC in miniDSP kit degrades the sound (admittedly based on a subjective listening test but the difference was significant.)
  10. I want to use (say) Audiolense for a 3 way active XO, speaker correction and room correction- the full works in other words. I intend to use J River as the convolver engine. My question relates to the 6 channels (3 stereo pairs) of digital output. Let’s say the PC has 3 USB ports, A, B and C. My understanding is that by default the 6 channels would be bundled into one data stream which could be then be exported via one of the USB ports. I would then need something like a HiLo to separate out the 3 stereo pairs and convert them to analog signals. (I understand I could use the analog o
  11. Time Left: 14 days and 2 hours

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    Looking for one of these, Europe only.


  12. WTD: HDPlex linear PS, 200W or 300W or 400W View Classified Looking for one of these, Europe only. Seller Iansr Date 06/29/20 Price Category Power Supplies / Power Products
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