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  1. I received my ATX over a week ago. I've hooked it up to my CAPS Zuma. The unit is built nicely. One gripe is that when I removed the top of the unit, one of the screws was just loose. The unit arrived with one of the screw threads stripped (...not on the screw but the whole drilled for the screw in the right side of the unit is smooth...no threads). I don't know if it's possible for Teradak to send a new side with all of the screw holes properly drilled? If not, I can live with it as is. The other thing that is odd to me is that the unit hums loudly when I turn on the CAPS Zuma. After about 10 seconds the hum gets much quieter, but still remains at a low volume. Maybe that's normal with ATX power sources? Beyond those issues, I'm very pleased with what I am hearing initially. I believe it really lowers the noise floor. A much cleaner sound overall.
  2. I haven't hooked up my ATX 210 to my CAPS yet (...want to make sure I'm connecting it correctly). However, I did turn on the ATX to make sure it turned on ok. However, when turned on I didn't see any green LED glow. Therefore, I took the top off with it turned on to see if the LED just couldn't be seen with the top on. Still no LED light. Is this a problem? Does it need to be plugged into the CAPS for the LED to glow? Or, do I need to do something with the fuses that were packed separately in the shipping box? Attached is a picture of the ATX plugged into an electric outlet and power switch on. There's no green LED lights.
  3. I received the ATX tonight. There was no back plate for my CAPS, nor any extra fuses. Ben, I'll drop you a note about this after Chinese New Years. Attached is a picture of what connections I believe I need to make to my CAPS Zuma. I'd appreciate any feedback on whether these are the connectors I should plug in. Thanks!
  4. My ATX 210 is scheduled to arrive Monday. Hooking these types of things up isn't my specialty. I'm using a CAPS Zuma. If anyone has hooked up their ATX to a CAPS Zuma (or other model), could you drop me a PM letting me know what steps were required (or photos of the connections from the ATX to the CAPS). In my CAPS, I'm using a SOTM USB card. Thanks!
  5. Ben, I paid Teradak originally a couple of days after the original buy closed. My paypal account shows that Terdak has been paid. Was it only some of the buys that didn't go through via PayPal?
  6. Great job Ben! Your time and effort to put this group buy together is much appreciated!
  7. Mr Sprout, thanks for the detailed response. I looked inside my CAPS Zuma and there is a "PicoPSU" that appears to plug into the a socket (as you described). So I think that seems ok. I tried to load pictures of it but was able to add pictures to this post (maybe due to size of the photo). Regarding the cabling coming in from the ATX to the Zuma. The opening at the back of the Zuma case is 3/4' wide. So still probably too small for the ATX cable to come into. I'd need to find a metal worker to cut the opening larger. Thanks, Mark
  8. Hello, I just found out about this group buy yesterday and am very interested in getting in for this first round purchase today. However, I have a very limited understanding of electricity/power issues. I hoping someone can give me advice on this yet today (prior to the closing of first group buy opportunity). Thanks for any advice/assistance any experienced user can provide. My setup: I’m running a CAPS Zuma standard setup into a Meitner MA-1 DAC. I will be purchasing a JCAT USB card and will need a power source for that (…which is one of the primary reasons I’m jumping into the group buy). I would want the molex hookup on the ATX ready to plug right into the JCAT USB card. Having the ATX I would like it to power the motherboard and SSD as well, but I’m not sure exactly how that hook-up works. So given my setup and goals for the ATX, I would be ordering the ATX 275. However, I really need assistance on the choices beyond that: Option: voltage requirement Question: I believe the CAPS Zuma description is auto-switching power 110v/220v. Therefore, which do I choose for the ATX (120v or 230v)? Option: (A) 3 x SATA or (B) 2 x SATA + 1 x MOLEX, from the regulators Question: I don’t know exactly what SATA is. I’m guessing I’d want option B so I have a 5V Molex connector to the JCAT USB Card? What does SATA hook up to on a CAPS Zuma? What connects to the mother board and SSD? I’m assuming I would not want to mess with trying to power the Meitner DAC in any way from the ATX. Option: State whether you want the small size or big size back-plate for mounting the DIN connector to your Question: I’m not sure what difference the small or big size makes in the setup? Also, would I need to drill a hole in the top of the CAPS Zuma to bring in the power cabling? Or could I just leave an opening in the back (where the USB Card sits) to bring in the cable? I REALLY want to get in on this first group buy (…so I can buy the USB JCAT and power it). Thanks in advance to anyone who can help guide me in placing the correct order. I’m really in need of guidance from the experts! Thanks! Mark (Username ThomasKott)
  9. Chris, Any chance the CAPS 3 specs will be released in the next couple weeks? I would like to buy the parts and build it over the Christmas break. Having said that,however, if someone has a built CAPS 2 that they are looking to sell, please PM me.
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