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  1. Thanks for the success reports, I'm gonna have to give it another go after installing latest sonicOrbiter card. It appears I don't need 1.4 model to do this, which is cool. It does beg the question though, of differences in the 1.3 and 1.4 versions. Is this info in this thread somewhere? I can't find it on Sonore site.
  2. Thanks Jesus. Were, or are, there compatibility problems with Schiit? I thought I read it somewhere and I couldn't get mR to see Gungnir. As I recall, I needed to send mine in for updates beyond where the memory card took it. Is that correct?
  3. Jesus or others, I wonder if you could take a moment and catch me up on the latest for microRendu? I don't frequent forums and really don't stay up-to-date, I'm afraid. Truth is, I'm not a constant futzer and for the most part, want things to plug and play. A couple of years ago, I purchased a new microRendu and an Uptone LPS-1. This attached to a W4S DAC2. As I recall it was a little quirky to set up and work with JRiver, but I got it done. I remember doing an update of a memory card, but have never sent it back for further updates. A year or so ago, I purchased a Schiit Gungnir Multi bit gen 5 and had difficultly getting mR to recognize DAC. I tried but failed to get it done and remember reading something about the incompatibility of the two. At this point, I shelved, well actually, drawered it and moved along without it, not willing to futz further. I guess my questions are: 1. Where am I in the evolution chain with mRendu? Is it worth doing anything in the way of upgrades too? 2. Have the communication problems with Gungnir resolved and if so, what do I need to do to get the two to talk? Any and all help appreciated. I'm accumulating too much unused equipment and need to either pare it down or put it to use.
  4. Or my favorite variant " You can lead people to knowledge, but you can't make them think". BTW, no dog in this particular fight. Just passing along a little something for levity.
  5. Hypex Ncore Monoblocks Many will know what these are, but for those who don’t: Hypex Ncore NC400 amplifier modules Hypex SMPS600N400 power supply Ghent Audio cases Homebrew stands/bases These came into a near fever pitch popularity a few years ago and were heralded as a reference quality class D amplifier. Many manufacturers currently use Hypex modules in their sometimes spendy class D amp offerings. Rather than go into adjective slinging depth here which I'm not great at, may I suggest a Google search will net you hours of reading. Reviewed by several, they can say it better than me. I gathered the pieces and assembled these myself. I'm a detail nut so I made every effort to cover all the bases during the build process. Completed in January of 2016. Besides what came in the kit from Ghent, I added DH Labs silver plated wire from amp modules to speaker terminals. The GhentAudio cases are the nicest and best thought out I found for the Ncores. I should add that I'm pretty fussy about audio gear and if there's a mark on these amps, it's escaping me. If it weren't for my constant desire to try new-to-me audio gear, I could happily live with these long term. Last year I built the GR Research X-Oticas and made the bases for the amps to match those. They have a sealed “damping chamber” in upper platform filled with silica sand and lead shot. Threaded inserts in lower base if you like the idea of spikes rather than the spheres shown. If you're interested you can see my blog for that build here: http://www.audiocircle.com/index.php?topic=139529.0 Yours for $1350. I’ll pack these separately as if they were headed for battle. Depending where you are in the conus, I imagine shipping will run around $70-80 for all. I have solid feedback on Agon, Ebay, and some transactions on Audiocircle, which is kinda my haunt. I know it's an old and often hollow saying, but you can trust I treat transactions like this as if there were a promise...and I keep promises...really. Questions? Concerns? PM me. If you’d like to talk directly I’m happy to call you.
  6. Many thanks Boris, I'm ordering one today!
  7. Boris, I'd sure appreciate it. I asked the same question of Pure and have gotten no response. I'd rather not buy one just to find out. Peter
  8. Boris, I wonder if you might be able to answer the following question, given you own this? I'm thinking I'd like one of these for my shop, to stream Pandora (or the like) or access my music hard drive (which lives in the house) wirelessly. I'm doing the above now through my iphone4 with headphone jack out to RCAs on back of receiver. All this gear is in the bathroom so I don't shower it with sawdust. I kinda stumbled onto a "feature" I wasn't expecting, but really like. If my Bluetooth earpiece is on and I get a call, it rings over the speakers and interrupts music until I hang up, then resumes...pretty cool 'cuz I can answer from anywhere in the shop as long as I'm in Bluetooth range. Here's my question: the above works 'cuz phone sees output to receiver as headphones. If I hook up to digital stream out of charging plug will the "feature" still work? I guess it depends on if the digital feed is suspended same as analog output to headphones. Anybody know?
  9. That's funny! On another note, Morphine's name always seem so appropiate. The music was, so....morphine-esque
  10. This is a bios update: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&ProdId=3382&DwnldID=22418&keyword=Intel+Desktop+Board+DN2800MT&lang=eng And Chipset drivers; http://downloadcenter.intel.com/Detail_Desc.aspx?agr=Y&DwnldID=20208&ProdId=3382&lang=eng&OSVersion=%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%09%0A%09%09%09%09%09%09%09&DownloadType= Both found here: http://downloadcenter.intel.com/SearchResult.aspx?lang=eng&keyword=Intel Desktop Board DN2800MT Don't know why those links are not completely highlighted, you'll probably have to copy and paste in your browser.
  11. Joel, I'm afraid I don't have a definitive answer for you, but perhaps some food for thought. I never got the card I had working and have abandoned it for now. There are some chipset drivers available from Intel that might have had an effect. I've since downloaded and installed them, but don't have the card any longer so can't test. If I were to imagine a troubleshooting routine, the first thing I'd do is install the card in my desktop and see if I could get it functional there. If that was a go, I'd attach it with the cable riser to see if if there was a problem there. This would eliminate the (remote) possibility of a cable problem. Assuming those had positive results then I'd have to assume it's either the something in the mobo or header, but more likely a driver or interface problem. Does the card show up in your device monitor? For whatever reason I could never get it too. My patience ran out with the SOtM, but I would really have liked to hear the difference that the card is purported to make. Currently I'm running off mobo usb port into iFi iUSB then to Wyred 4 Sound DAC-2 balance cables to amp. Also using Fidelizer. This setup is significantly better in sound quality than what I could get out of CD player (this is my first music server), but of course, this nutty hobby always has me wondering what I might be leaving on the table.
  12. That's interesting! Can you point me to more info on successful inplementations? WFS won't confirm compatibility and Simple Design just says it's a known issue.
  13. Eloise, I'm told that the card is incompatible with DACs using the M2Tech usb receiver. DAC-2 is one of the "can't-get-there from-here" components Sonore lists on their site. If I'm not mistaken, the only difference between OSs is that Win7 requires drivers for the card and Win 8 doesn't.
  14. I see Newegg has these in stock now. Anybody giving it a whirl? I'm looking at possibly replacing W4S DAC-2 so I can utilize SOtM PCIe card. Would appreciate any feedback.
  15. I was just on the phone with W4S yesterday, they're up to 1.6 firmware now, but still questionable compatibility with the SOtM. My card is on the way back to Simple Design, never did get it working. I didn't know there was more than one version of the card, is it available in the PCIe format?
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