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  1. Steve I agree with everything you tested and I ended of getting the similar setup to "your optimal scenario" There is only one exception. I WAS able to make the Startech SFP and Planet Tech SFP wokrk together. The KEY is to use it in Sonore optical modules. I was able to make it work BOTH ways. Startech to Planet AND Planet to Startech. I was surprised tht it did work well with no isuues, BUT the sound is not as good as the PLanet to PLanet. Startech SFP to Stratech SFP is also great but for the best systems only. It works on my scenario with much , much better focuse and more control.
  2. Did someone compre the Ether Regen with Sotm swich ?also would be interesting to stack them Sotm 2x v ER 2xlastly Sotm + ER andSotm +ER + 10 mhz clock feeding both connected via opitical and via copper What combination would sound best ?
  3. All true. I removed all old swiches and it works both ways now. A to B and B to A. no issues at all. thx Alex
  4. For the totalDAC server / streamer users I had issues with my ER before and aftervthe update. Serious issues. it was permanently loosing the connection after 10 - 30 min with no way to bring it back. My server was dissapearing from network. Or my NAS was not recognized anymore. All was ok immediate after removing ER from the chain. I simply turned the ER the other way, with A side being the output and B side as an incomming signal. It works this way few hours already with no issues . No dropping connection anymore. Also if anyone of you has ethernet on copper longer than 2 m cables please try to use the optical cables with media converter so you have copper exit at the end . I use 2 media converters with 25 km range and only 15 m optical cable . this is night and day . if you add this 2 mods together ( ER and exchanged copper to optical for long connection) you will have very cheap upgrade ( 800 usd) worth more than 10K . I was very very sceptical and was going to return ER yesterday after a week of pain, because I could not use it but now When it finally works I am a great fan of this device. Hope it will keep working correct in my system. Best to all
  5. Thank you I will try to update softwere once I get it. Also will report if this brings the connections back
  6. I got my ER last week. I placed It in my system but SQ was little dissapointing. So I satarted burn in process with hope to get the better SQ. The only thing I got is my totaldac server to dissapear form my mconnect HD app I use as a remote on my ipad. There is no way to bring it back . There must be a softwere issue. Alex could you please help me with this? I hope it is not happening to the others . I cant use it in my system now. Not sure why ? when placed between the NAS and network the same story. nas dissapears from network.....
  7. Can we hear any SQ summary from you John and Alex please ? Everyone here already purchesed ER from you 😄 Would love to see anything you feel comfortable to post here. Alternatively Beta Testers might say something if you let them to share some of their experience.
  8. You are one of the most experienced audiophile I know on this planet. Also Emile respects your knolage and experience in computer audio. I know how fun it is to keep improving SQ. Did it for many years. It is endless pleasure but I got just to tired and spent to much on different twicks. I hope you have as much fun as I had but you will be smarter on spending less than I did.
  9. This is just a tip of the iceberg . the main thing is softwere and the thred management . roon and system for one bank of 6 RAMs and one processor . jplay for other bank of 6 rams and other processor. So it acts like 2 servers in one box. also there are thausends things that are set in Motherboard management, softwere setup, win 10 stripping, Registry setup, . custom supply with Mundorf caps. 1G SFP card for network. Vibration management. Lastly they did some discovery in regards to the clocking being able to set original motherboard clock to work better than the femtoclocks used by others. Also being able to test thausends of options with other components they use , they have probably much more knolege than all of us together. I personally did what you are doing for many many years and stopped. I burned to much time for twicking 3 servers I had. Could probably buy 5 Extreme servers if I would work that time that I was twicking things. Ordering Extreme might give me a chance to focuse on music pleasure not on twicking everything I can.
  10. Alex and John I am impressed by amount of work you did to make the ER reality and working as You wanted. Also thank you for sharing your early general SQ benefit against cisco that is current swich for many of us. I know it is early to ask for this but some of us are in 1G and few are in 10G networks. Do you think it is possible to build in near future the 1G to 1G or 10G / 10G across the moat ? This could be probably done easier with 1G to 1G bacause the A side is already 1G Please be so kind to let us know if this could be done In the future? I am sure there are many who would love to pay if 1G is available.
  11. Please let us know what is the ER SQ improvement over some swiches you have? Also what is the server and DAC You use in this tests ? Hope you had fantastic weekend testing your ER in action.
  12. SR 7 multirail with three separate rails that can be set for any voltage from 3.3 v to 8.3 v is looking for new home.
  13. This could be done by end user . There is no need to sent it to Paul. you can do it yourself or I can do it for you . Paul is genius and designed his boards to be flexible in final voltage so he can use the same board for many customers. there is a blue voltage regulator with screw inside the box for each of the rails, so by simply turning this screws you get any voltage in the range from 3.3v to 8.3 v each of the three rails is regulated separate. just let me know 3 voltages you need and I can adapt it for you.
  14. Thank you. it was not used for last 10 years.... I will try to burn it in. also Topaz is very cold for 1h but after that it gets very hot . I use 5kw Topaz that is capable for probably 8A current for less than 1A current ( DAC only) so nit sure why this gets so hot. is it normal ?
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