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  1. I finally got it to work. I am on a mac and am connecting over wireless. I redid the thumb drive even though it was opening the oppo drawer. I put the isoqodsd application with the java guide in my user applications instead of the higher level application folder. Started the oppo put in a sacd and changed to multi and hit execute and everything just worked. Ive ripped 4 discs so far. Go figure!
  2. I have an oppo 103 and an iMac. They are both on my wireless network. I can see the oppo on lanscan. The 2002 port is not open but the 2870 port is open. The oppo drawer opens with the usb stick inserted. When I try to rip nothing happens. On port 2002 I get connection refused. Any ideas?
  3. I have the same problem as edgar007. Mac at work hdtracks downloader works. Mac at home it doesnt. Both run snow leapard and both have latest mac java update. At home I boot my mac into windows download my purchase, copy to usb drive, boot back to mac and copy from usb drive and use max to add flac to itunes. Sure wish they had a better download manager.
  4. I just got an apogee duet 2 usb. I use it for a/d and d/a. I think it sounds very nice. It is capable of 192 and that choice is available on audio midi on my 2010 core i7 imac. When I try and use that the resulting sound cuts in and out. Sound is fine on all the lower choices. Any ideas?
  5. I take record out from preamp to apogee duet ad/da 2 channel converter to mac. I use cd spin doctor to record and then cut up the tracks. I record in 24/96. Works great.
  6. Here is my current system. My music is stored on my macpro and managed with itunes. I use an apogee duet for recording and playback in the stereo/computer room. I am in the process of digitzing my vinyl collection. Via apple tv to an av receiver I have music in the den/living room. Via apple express to an external dac I have music in the bedroom. I can control everything with the remote app on my iphone. The remote app also works on the ipod touch. The sound is great to my ears and I have instant access to my music. I urge anyone who uses a mac and itunes and has an iphone or ipod touch to try it out
  7. You can download the duet manual and it shows how to connect for recording records or that may be a link on their website. I have no level matching problems going from rca out on my preamp( record out) to the 1/4 inch of the duet.
  8. The apogee duet does a great job for me. It is designed to work with the mac. I bought a cable with the correct jacks for my preamp on one end and for the apogee on the other.
  9. I use a 12 foot unbalanced run and I think it sounds good.
  10. I will try saving to wav and see if that is imported properly to itunes. I got the dacmagic before the duet so havent listened to the duet as a dac.
  11. The version of cd spin doctor that comes with toast 9 does not work with 10.5.6. Thet is it records okay but the wave form does not display poperly making the ability to divide into tracks very difficult. I will locate the previous version of spin doctor you are using and see if it will work on my machine since I like it and it is easier for me to use than audacity. By the way check out click repair for removing noise from vinyl rips. I find it works well without damaging the sound.
  12. I just got an apogee duet to use as an a/d converter. It records at 24/96. I use a cambridge dacmagic fed from the mac pro optical output for playback. I am in the process of digitizing my vinyl collection and this combo sounds great and is easy to use. I was using cd spin doctor to record but that is now broken with leopard 10.56. I now use audacity. Anybody know how to save in 24/96 from audacity. I can only get 16/96.
  13. I will feed the output of the behringer to the dac magic and see it it shows receiving a 24/96 signal when I get a chance. I have looked for specs on the mac optical input but havent found any info.
  14. I have a behringer ultramatch pro I use as an analogue to digital converter to record vinyl. It can be set to 24/96. I feed that over spdf toslink to the optical input on my mac. In audio midi the sample rate choices include 48k and 96k. When I try to set 96 audio midi will not hold it there and goes to 48. When I set the a/d converter to 48 audio midi holds 48 just fine. I output 24/96 from the mac to a dac magic. The digital recordings sound fine, I just wonder why I cant set the mac on 24/96. If I use the analogue input on the mac pro and do a/d conversion inside the computer I can set 24/96. Any explanations?
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