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  1. This is the current system. PC/Roon/HQPlayer Chord 2Qute Rotel RC-1580 - Roksan Caspian Mk1 Spendor A5R's Martin Logan Dynamo 300 Sub (Any recommendations for the next upgrade in any area appreciated.)
  2. budy

    HQ Player

    Just d/l and installed 3.20.1..... Perfect, as usual. Thanks Jussi.
  3. http://[/url]. Ubvekkny Thanks V V
  4. I initially ran the Gustard x20u on an Asus m/b. After upgrading to a Asrock z270 m/b, I can no longer run my DAC in USB mode. USB Drivers supplied with DAC are not seen by Win 10, can only play in optical, however my other Ifi Micro is running USB without problem. I have tried a number of drivers mentioned on the web without success. Has anybody else had this problem with Gustard and drivers? Thanks Bill
  5. I have just started using the Gustard x20U ? after using the iFi iDSD Micro for the past 12-18mths. I purchased it after reading a number of glowing reports re value for money, audiophonics. I think this DAC is superior to the iFi Micro (which i loved). The soundstage is greater in width and depth and the individual instruments are much easier to place, (and I dont even have my speakers set up ideally). There is greater clarity and substance to individual notes. The music sounds more real. I have just removed the steel bolts holding the transformers and replacing them with nylon after reading
  6. 1. Jimi Hendrix 2. Eric Clapton 3. Jimi Page 4. Peter Greene 5. Jeff Beck 6. Carlos Santana 7. Duane Allman 8. Alvin Lee 9. Ritchie Blackmore 10. Stevie Ray Vaughan (Not necessarily in order) Sent from my Nexus 6P using Computer Audiophile mobile app
  7. Late great, Alvin Lee - fastest guitarist in the west. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Computer Audiophile mobile app
  8. Lightening it up a bit. Trippy.......... Primal Scream - Vanishing Point.
  9. I have used the site. Bought a dozen album downloads. Appears legit. Only had one problem with corrupt file download and flacit recredited my account. Send like it is on the up and up to me. Sent from my Nexus 6P using Computer Audiophile mobile app
  10. Phil, I salute you. I have been considering AO for quite a while, downloaded AO this afternoon and the sound is amazingly good. Using it on Win 10. Have the same problem as billg re Jplay at the moment. Jplay keeps dropping out, but then, so do ifi drivers. Win 10 is the culprit I think. Still that is half the fun, trying to work these problems out. Thanks again for a stunning piece of software. Regards Bill
  11. People might want to try the iFi Micro iDSD. It leaves the giant killer Nano in the shade imho, and the Nano is no slouch.
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