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  1. Outstanding review. I was waiting years for this review. Pitch black, small typo.
  2. Excellent article. Enjoyed the pics, in particular inside Studio A of Capitol Records. Sorry for your lost bag.
  3. From a design standpoint, is not hard to implement full width/dynamic resizing. +1
  4. I like a lot MQA on TIDAL. I think the psychoacoustical analysis of the files in the MQA process helps a lot. Snake oil? I don't know. MQA sounds incredible. I'm scratching the origami folding thing (no more unfolding than TIDAL's own) but the sound quality is noticeable.
  5. I'm facing the same issue. Weird that I cannot see this in Costa Rica.
  6. Chris, I wish you and your wife enjoy today's concert. I never considered DragonFly as a good purchase. I remember disagreed you chose it as Product of the Year 2012 over DAC2X. Now I'm considering buying one.
  7. Add me to the "hope to see y'all someday" list... BTW, I hope DanRubin can make it.
  8. Thank you for your honest and detailed review, Ted. I am a huge DSD fan and was delighted with your thorough review. Personally I think FPGA's are the way to go with DACs (i.e Chord Electronics). All will depend on the firmware, It'll guarantee an easy upgrade path.
  9. I would like Chris compare the RS to the Vivaldi. It is the first time in a heck of a long time I read such an enthusiastic review here.
  10. I know this is "Computer Audiophile"... but I would like a full review of the XA160.5 amps written by Chris.
  11. Hi Mitch, Excellent article. When I read about Acourate months ago, I was skeptical about its capabilities. Software like that in your hands truly shine. Now I can get the whole picture and I just want to buy it to apply the knowledge I got by reading your *amazing* article. Digital XO is the future, now. Thank you again.
  12. It's weird HDtracks and Sony teaming to offer the HUGE Sony catalog in HD audio... Especially non DRM-protected downloads. I'm optimistic anyway.
  13. Excellent review, as always, Chris. One (dumb) question. Does the Rendu support gigabit ethernet?
  14. Dear Bernhard, Not true. VB is flexible enough to be configured as a true music 'server'. You can configure it to stream (depending on the hardware and network configuration) up to 5 'clients' and you can use the Vortexbox player that works with local sound devices attached to your 'server'. Actually, you can use the VB server both ways simultaneously. Regards,
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