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  1. Thanks for the feedback. We will fix it in the next app update.
  2. A new app is currently waiting App Store approval, and should be released in a few days. Hopefully it will solve the iPad Gen 1 issue...
  3. Sorry for the trouble! If possible, please send us the crash log. Please see instruction here: How to Send an iOS App Developer a Crash Report: 12 Steps Please email crash log to [email protected] We will study the problem. On the other hand, if the issue is too hard to handle in the long run, we may be forced to drop iPad 1 support. The first generation iPad has only 256MB RAM, which the iOS itself already takes more than 200MB RAM. It will soon becomes quite impossible to run the full LUMIN app (especially with a decent size of music library) within 50MB RAM! Thanks!
  4. Sorry about the trouble! Sadly the app works fine here with a few iPads running different iOS version. Anyway, a new app is already submitted last week and should be released in a day or 2. Hopefully it will fix the issue...
  5. @ESL, I just checked with a iPad 2, iOS 7.0.3, running LUMIN app 5.01, without any issue. Please make sure your LUMIN player is using the latest 7.0 firmware. And make sure the iPad storage space is not fully used up. If problem persist, please do a full iPad Off/On How to Completely Power Down Your iPad: 6 Steps (with Pictures) Try to run the LUMIN app while the LUMIN player is unplugged, and check if the LUMIN app still self closed in 2 seconds! If all test fail, please PM me for further assistant.
  6. Sorry for the trouble! We still have an old iPad 2 in the office. I will try to test tomorrow. What is your iOS version?
  7. @cebolla, OpenHome does cover TIDAL service. TidalStreamingService - OpenHome
  8. @Distinctive, sorry, I meant the method of accessing TIDAL login/account information is proprietary between Aries and it's controller app, I think! I don't have a Aries, hence I ask if Aries works with BubbleDS Next app for TIDAL integration. If it works, it should work with LUMIN app.
  9. @Distinctive, maybe it's me causing some confusion? We already tried to be more compatible with existing software/hardware on the market, that's why we use the open protocol same as Linn is using. Hence BubbleDS Next app works with LUMIN renderer, and LUMIN app works with Linn renderer. LUMIN app does not work with other pproprietary system (Aries etc) is not really a LUMIN app problem...
  10. @Distinctive, are you using a LUMIN renderer with firmware 6.0? (Or a LINN renderer with latest firmware?) BubbleDS Next TIDAL integration work with LUMIN renderer, meaning after you added and playing TIDAL content on LUMIN, the playlist playback will continue, even you completely killed BubbleDS app or totally shutdown the Android device.
  11. Do Aries work with BubbleDS Next for TIDAL integration? Both LUMIN app and BubbleDS Next app use the same protocol for TIDAL integration. Linn Kazoo app also use similar protocol, but sadly Kazoo also check if it's a Linn renderer, so it won't work on LUMIN renderer!
  12. LUMIN app TIDAL integration also works on a LINN renderer. On Android, you can also use BubbleDS Next app's TIDAL support on LUMIN renderer with the new firmware.
  13. @pisatel, what you shown is the correct behavior! The top left corner "now playing" artwork is displayed immediately, is because the full artwork is already loaded in the app, when the track became the "now playing" track. For example, if the now playing track changes to a new track with a new artwork, you will see the top left corner artwork will take 1 or 2 seconds to be shown, because the app will load the live artwork from the server. But, all the other artwork you see in the app, are just a cached scaled down, size reduced version (in order to save storage space on the iPad and to speed up operation). When you do a tap-and-hold and tap the full screen artwork, the app will again ask the server for a live full resolution artwork, which takes some time. There is no perfect solution. We can either: - always use cached artwork, operation will be faster, but quality may be lower - always store full resolution full quality artwork on iPad, operation will be slower, needs more iPad storage space IMO, I don't think it's a big issue anyway. There are still lots of more important work to be done...
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